AGMA Welcomes Its Newest Members


The AGMA membership had a great 2011, with 43 companies joining the association. AGMA now represents some 435 companies in more than 30 countries on six continents. To find out more about these companies, visit their Web sites, listed below.

Bonart Medical Technology, Inc.
Bonart Medical Technology has been developing small dental devices and accessories since its establishment 20 years ago. Being committed to quality and customer satisfaction, the company purchased its own factory in 1994 for greater quality control. Today the company has four factories near the main headquarters located in Taiwan, R.O.C.

Camco Engineering
Based in Western Australia, Camco provides innovative, time critical engineering solutions to some of the largest and most progressive mining, oil and gas, and power generation businesses. The foundation of Camco’s success is outstanding customer service supported by a highly skilled workforce and comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

Carnegie Mellon University (NREC)
The National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) is an operating unit within Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (RI), the world’s largest robotics research and development organization. NREC works closely with government and industry clients to develop and mature robotic technologies from concept to commercialization.

Gearbox Express
Located in Delafield, Wisconsin, Gearbox Express provides assembly, failure analysis, gear repair, and gear testing.

Eaton Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. (division of Eaton Corporation)
Eaton Technologies—located in Pune, India—is a division of Eaton Corporation, a diversified power management company with 2010 sales of $13.7 billion. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, Eaton is a global technology leader with approximately 73,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries.

Panchal Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.
Panchal Engineers is a company with a vast engineering experience of over three decades that has specialized in the manufacturing and supply of precision gears and CNC machined components. Its capabilities range from gearboxes, customized assemblies, cylinders, shafts, mech. frames, cam, spur, and helical gears to worm wheels and CNC machined components.

Pusan National University
Pusan National University represents Korea to the rest of the world, aiming to support the study of profound academic theories and the development of broad and sophisticated applications and to educate and enable students to contribute extensively to the development of the nation and all of humanity based on the core values of freedom, truth, and service.

R&P Metrology
This technology company was founded to fully meet the high demands of a dynamic market environment. It primarily offers engineering services and products in the range of large and special measuring machines for gear inspection and coordinate measuring technology.

To find out more about AGMA and how membership can benefit your company, visit or e-mail

New Staff Member at AGMA
Jill Johnson has joined AGMA as director of member services. She will be responsible for recruiting and retaining members, as well as working with the membership to broaden AGMA relevance on issue and activities. She will also serve as the staff liaison to the AGMA Awards Committee. Jill has worked in association management for over 15 years, concentrating on trade associations with a manufacturing focus and most recently worked for the Grocery Manufacturers Association as director of industry affairs and associate membership. She is a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She can be contacted at and (703) 838-0052.

Trade Mission to India and IPTEX2012
AGMA hosts trade missions to countries outside the United States. These events provide members a high-level perspective of the gear industry within the country visited. Missions include plant tours and meetings with key gear manufacturing contacts. Attendees of past events have come away with new perspectives, new techniques, and new business interests. This month AGMA will take members to India. The delegation of more than 20 AGMA members represents 15 manufacturers from the United States, France, Canada, Japan, China, and India. AGMA worked with the organizers of IPTEX 2012 and Indian-based AGMA member companies to put together a dynamic agenda. The trip began at the IPTEX 2012, February 9-11 at the Bombay Exposition Center in Mumbai.

Following the trade show the delegation will visit 8-10 manufacturers throughout India and have time for networking events and a little sightseeing, too. The delegation will see a mix of Indian firms and open and enclosed drives, as well as some foreign firms with Indian operations as they visit:

• Premium Energy Transmission
• Elecon Engineering Company Ltd
• Shanti
• Hansen
• Meritor Axles
• Bevel Gears India

AGMA’s Web site is hosting a travel blog of the trade mission as the group makes it way across the country. Visit to view photos and entries from the manufacturers the delegation visits.

Training School for Gear Manufacturing Filling Up Fast
Since its inception in the early 1990s, The AGMA Training School for Gear Manufacturing at Daley College has taught more than 500 students the fundamentals of gearing. The next offering of the course, April 16-20 at Daley College in Chicago, and only has a few spots left for new students.

The course will enable your employees to become more knowledgeable and productive. The training school teaches students to set up machines for maximum efficiency, to inspect gears accurately, and to understand basic gearing. Although the training school is designed primarily for newer employees with at least six months experience in setup or machine operation, it has proved beneficial to quality control managers, sales representatives, management, and executives. This course offers training in: gearing and nomenclature; principles of inspection; gear manufacturing methods; and hobbing and shaping.

Most operator training is informal. A new employee works with an experienced mentor for a while and then is assigned to a machine with little or no real understanding of how gears are made, how to troubleshoot a problem, or how to inspect his/her own work. After completion of this course, students are more competent and motivated. Again and again AGMA hears that employees return with the ability to troubleshoot their own problems, because they fully understand the process. Although all training is basic, it combines classroom training with hands-on training on manual machines, which provides a solid foundation for students to understand the process and the physics of making a gear. To register for the course visit

Introducing AGMA Gear Rating Suite 3.0
The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is proud to announce the release of the all-new Gear Rating Suite 3.0.  Similar to its predecessor, the new GRS 3.0 is the result of several years of dedicated hard work by the members of our Computer Programing Committee whose vast experience and expertise in both gearing and computer programming was essential throughout the project. Building on the effectiveness and popularity of its earlier version, the new GRS 3.0 offers new and improved capabilities, including:
• Incorporates changes to the rating standards including the technical corrigendum to ISO 6336
• Gear mesh visualization
• Simplified input
– Legacy file support
• Enhanced output
-Rich text format
• Additional & updated ratings
– ANSI/AGMA 6011-I03
– ANSI/AGMA 6013-A06
– API 613 – fifth edition
– API 617 – seventh edition
– Power ratings for ISO
– Life ratings
• Continued fidelity to standards

One of the most exciting improvements/additions to the new GRS 3.0 is Gear Mesh Visualization capability. This provides a dynamic graphical visualization of the designed gears. The gears may be rotated and their interactions observed, including any possible interference. Furthermore, the new GRS 3.0 offers users simplified data entry. Input and display can be conducted in many ways; including in SI or U.S. customary units, degrees-minutes-seconds or decimal degrees. Output may be changed at will and tolerances may be displayed for any gear quality or accuracy grade. The program also provides material hardness conversions.

The users of the new program will benefit from extensive geometry checking as part of every run as well as accurate calculation of the Start of Involute Diameter. A useful geometry summary may be displayed, independent of the rating programs. Safety or service factors may be calculated based on the input power or the allowable power may be calculated from safety or service factors. GRS 3.0 incorporates material from the following standards / information sheets:

* AGMA 2000 – Tolerances
* AGMA 2001 – Gear Rating
* AGMA 2002 – Tooth Thickness
* AGMA 2015 – 1 & 2 – Tolerances
* AGMA 6011 – High Speed Gears
* AGMA 6013 – Enclosed Drives
* AGMA 901 – Preliminary Design
* AGMA 908 – Geometry Factors
* AGMA 913 – Profile Shift (x-factors)
API 613 – Special purpose high speed gears
API 617 – Compressors & Expanders
ASTM E140 – Hardness Conversion
* ISO 53 – Basic Rack Tooth Profile
* ISO 1328-1 – Tolerances
* ISO 6336-1, 2, 3 – Gear Rating
* ISO 6336-5 – Materials

AGMA Gear Rating Suite 3.0 may be purchased by itself or combined with a specially priced package of the standards/information sheets indicated with (*). Note: while AGMA Gear Rating Suite 3.0 makes use of the standards easy and provides guidance and warnings related to the standards, the user must understand the standards to apply them properly. It is important that the user have a copy of the standards available for reference. AGMA Gear Rating Suite 3.0 is easy to use and can significantly reduce the time required to obtain gear ratings. It may be used to obtain additional information on gears, such as finding a span measurement when a measurement over balls is given. It can also serve as an effective teaching aid. However, it is designed for use by engineers with an understanding of gears and is not intended for those unfamiliar with the fundamentals of gear design.