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May 2022

Small worm – great potential

Extensive expertise and state-of-the-art solutions are required for the production of e-gearboxes that offer more than the technical standard of gearboxes used in conventional combustion engines – generating grinding using small tools is one of the building blocks.

Gearboxes used in electric vehicles are not only designed for high speeds and high torques, they are also very compact. This is not only true for the automotive sector, but also — and above all — for innovative types of applications such as e-bikes. These small but high-power and electrically driven gearboxes inspire design engineers […]
Martin Witzsch, Ralf Dremel

The advantages of shifting from machining to grinding gears for EV

Grinding can reduce noise and vibration and can help improve gear efficiencies for electric vehicles.

With the ever-increasing cost of gasoline and growing desire to help the environment, it is no wonder that the move to electric vehicles is gaining tremendous momentum. Auto makers are actively pushing to roll out their all-electric offerings even sooner than the initial target date of 2040. To support the push to electrify, the supply […]
Andrew Biro, David Goetz

Benchmarking photo chemical etching for precision metal applications

PCE can produce finer detail than is possible with stamping, and there is no degradation and deformation of the metal being processed and no burrs or defects produced.

There are numerous metal cutting technologies available to OEMs, including  everything from oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting, all the way through to laser cutting, punching, stamping, and EDM.  Some of the “less common” metal processing technologies suffer from an inability to process a significant number of materials, or they do not provide the accuracy and precision […]
Jochen Kern

April 2022

Jergens Manufacturing

Since 1942, Jergens Manufacturing has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standard tooling components, vises, and other workholding equipment.

When machining a job consisting of a mixture of hundreds of gears, time is literally money. So, the ability to quick change fixtures for heavy jobs becomes paramount. To that end, the experts at Jergens Manufacturing have been developing workholding solutions to ensure practically any job can be done quickly and efficiently, pushing the company […]
Kenneth Carter

An accurate method of generating tool paths for helical gears

A new method was developed to generate and simulate tool paths for conventional 5-axis machines to create helical gears with crowning following the generation principle.

To manufacture gears, special machine tools and corresponding processes such as hobbing, shaping, planing, profile milling, and broaching are usually needed. However, the huge investment in such gear machining is prohibitive for manufacturers, who only produce the gears in small batches on an annual basis. To overcome this economic problem in the manufacturing of gears, […]
Fei Shen, Luis Vega, Mohammadrafi Marandi, Christoph Kossack, Joshua Tarbutton, Gert Goch

Another breakthrough in power skiving

Power skiving with integrated tool resharpening establishes new quality and cost benchmarks, revolutionizing manufacturing process and tooling concepts for hard gear finishing.

For the past decade, Gleason has been building power-skiving machines at its Gleason-Pfauter facility in Ludwigsburg, Germany. As the many benefits of this technology have become widely recognized, Gleason’s series of power-skiving machines has grown to include different sizes for internal and external gear cutting and finishing, up to 800 mm in workpiece diameter. A […]
Dr. Edgar Weppelmann

Equipment-as-a-service: Understanding all the moving parts

From buzzword to buzzworthy, here’s how your business can succeed with a new revenue model.

By this point, those within the industrial market have likely heard the buzz surrounding equipment-as-a-service (EaaS). This model has been around in one form or another for more than five decades. With the challenges facing the industry (inflation, continuing supply chain issues, ongoing war for talent, global trade risks, and a need to conduct business […]
Krishna Yarramasu

March 2022


Since 1950, REGO-FIX has offered precision toolholding solutions such as its ER collets, but the company is looking to make inroads within the gear industry with its innovative powRgrip System for 5-axis gear milling.

As with any industry evolving through the decades, there’s always room for improvement, and gear manufacturing is no exception. To that end, REGO-FIX, a toolholding manufacturer based in Switzerland, has been making precision products such as its ER collets for holding drills and mills since the 1950s. However, the company is looking to take a […]
Kenneth Carter

Transient friction and wear simulation of worm gears during running-in

Due to substantial sliding in tooth contact, friction losses are an issue in worm gears, but a simulation tool can be used to study the behavior between two interacting tribological measures – friction and wear – during the running-in of worm gears.

The load capacity of worm gears strongly depends on the size of the contact pattern. Worm wheels are often manufactured by using an oversized hob, which results in a relatively small initial contact pattern. Wear on the worm wheel with a softer material during the running-in process increases the contact pattern and thereby the load […]
K. Daubach, M. Oehler, B. Sauer

Combined lubrication of surface texturing and copper covering for a broaching tool

Proper surface texture can reduce the friction of the tool-chip interface, and the cutting fluid is stored to form micro-pool lubrication, which leads to a reduction in cutting force and temperature.

The broaching tool is an efficient and precisely heavy-loaded metal-cutting tool, widely used in the mass production of key components related to the aerospace and automobile industries. However, the heavy load, intense squeezing, and friction in the tool-chip contact area prevent the cutting fluid from entering the desired location. Consequently, insufficient lubrication gives rise to […]
Jing Ni, Kai Feng, Kai Zhuang, Zhiqian Sang, Zhen Meng, Md Mizanur Rahman

February 2022

Avers Machine and Gear

Avers Machine and Gear provides its customers with a variety of precision machined components and gearing in materials including aluminum, tool steel, plastics, high-alloy steels, stainless steels, brass, and bronze with an emphasis on quality of product made to customers’ specifications.

Don’t let Avers Machine and Gear’s short history fool you. Despite its young age, the company’s expertise spans decades — performing tasks from machining existing parts to designing and creating the gears themselves. “Originally, we were a CNC turning and milling shop, and we had relationships with other gear companies, and we would turn a […]
Kenneth Carter

Integrated optimization of gear design and manufacturing

The integration, optimization, design, and manufacturing of gears using state-of-the-art software allows cutting tools to be harmonized.

The word “optimization” is becoming fashionable, also with regard to gear design. It is applied to both macro-geometry and micro-geometry. The approach can be of various types: analytical pre-optimization with different objectives, bulk generation of variants, multi-objective and multi-disciplinary commercial optimizers, generative optimization, and even artificial intelligence. Sometimes, the best solution is presented directly; other […]
Dr. Massimiliano Turci

In gear with metrology

As gear production demands increase, lead times need to be decreased without compromising quality; therefore, the ability to confidently perform everything ranging from quick checks to in-depth QC inspections in seconds has never been more important.

The gear is one of the most widely used manufacturing parts in the world. The number of real-world applications of gears is nearly limitless: from time keeping, to automotive, to medical and aerospace, to helping humans gain a mechanical advantage in labor. As a result, there is hardly an industry that doesn’t use gears in […]
CW Moran

January 2022

Creating scalable end-to-end solutions

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence works with its customers to improve productivity with software solutions for gear production, including design, engineering, manufacturing, quality inspection, and more.

Designing gears can be a mind-boggling complex endeavor, but over the years, that process has been made more efficient — and maybe even a bit easier — with the creation of innovative software solutions. Those software solutions can often mean the difference between success and failure, which is why optimal gear design has become an […]
Kenneth Carter

Comparative study of the usage of SAE 8620 and EN 36C in an automotive differential

Using a differential gearbox design, a comparison between two popular case hardening alloy steels shows that EN 36C offers significantly better tool strength, wear resistance, and fatigue properties.

An automotive differential gearbox is a critical component of the powertrain involved in the transmission of power and its appropriate distribution to the wheels. The gears of a differential are subjected to high stresses over multiple cycles making durability and reliability a significant concern to designers and manufacturers. Case hardened alloy steels such as SAE […]
Saurav Kambil, Ankur Miglani

Case study: Heading to the High Torque© finish line

Minority-owned Preco Manufacturing achieves superior finishes for aerospace applications while overcoming V-flange CNC milling problems via JM Performance Products’ high-torque retention knobs.

More than most industries, today’s aerospace, defense, and automotive-component manufacturing is challenged with machining a lot of exotic alloys and hard metals. This can take a toll on the carbide cutting tools used, and the result is that the tools must be changed out more frequently as they dull or break. Tool replacement, not to […]
Craig Fischer