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April 2024

Horsburgh & Scott

Horsburgh & Scott engineers and manufactures a wide range of small to large gears and gearboxes, then supports them with value-added services to keep its customers up and running.

Gears, by their very nature, are complex structures that have inserted themselves quite literally into almost all aspects of everyday life. And as the gearing industry constantly evolves to fit the needs of a changing technical environment, it can often become a challenge to ensure those essential gears are performing optimally. The experts at Horsburgh […]
Kenneth Carter

Mathematical model of a straight bevel gear on the straight bevel Coniflex generator and gear flank correction

Although the Coniflex cutting system is widely applied for SBG production because of its design and manufacture, no mathematical model of its tooth surface has previously been available. This article establishes such a model by building coordinate systems between two interlocking cutters and a work gear on a straight bevel Coniflex generator.

Coniflex cutting, a popular mass production method for straight bevel gears, employs two giant interlocked circular cutters to generate tooth surfaces. By controlling the tool pressure angle, Coniflex cutting enables profile and lengthwise crownings that result in advantageously low assembly sensibility. Coniflex gears are therefore widely used in the manufacture of a variety of gearboxes. […]
Yi-Pei Shih, Yu-Cheng Hung, Bor-Tyng Sheen, Szu-Hung Chen, Kuan-Heng Lin

Power skiving for gears: Advanced solutions and contributions

Power skiving has revolutionized the gear manufacturing industry by enabling the production of high-precision gears with complex geometries.

Gears are fundamental components in various industries, ranging from automotive to aerospace, where precise and efficient power transmission is crucial. Power skiving has emerged as an innovative machining method for the production of high-quality gears with complex geometries. Sandvik Coromant, a leading provider of cutting tools and solutions, has been at the forefront of advancing […]
Mark Briel

What the term ‘conjugate gear tooth flanks’ stands for

Production and application of gears with conjugate tooth flanks enables one to increase the gear accuracy and to reduce the noise emission that originates from gear transmissions.

This article deals with conjugate gear tooth flanks. An evolution of the gear tooth flank geometry is briefly outlined, and the key accomplishments in the field are indicated (with the names of the corresponding researchers who deserve to be granted with a certain discovery in the area of interaction of conjugate tooth flanks). Gearing of […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

March 2024

Federal Broach and Machine

Federal Broach and Machine offers a complete selection of custom broaching machines, broach-cutting tools, and gear-cutting tools engineered to meet the industry’s most challenging production demands.

When a company gets so good at making an essential product that other companies take notice, it only reinforces the need of that company’s unique place in a competitive industry. Federal Broach’s innovative strides in doing helical broaching put the company on the map, and, serendipitously, gained the attention of Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial (MHI), which […]
Kenneth Carter

Power-skiving tool offsets and the feasibility of using a calculator for manipulating the resulting geometry

This project successfully initiates the development of a calculator designed to predict how positional offsets applied to the tool in the power-skiving process affect the geometry of the produced gear within a limited design space.

Within this article, the power skiving process of gear tooth machining was evaluated and developed with respect to cutting tool orientation. The impact of minor variations to the orientation of three factors related to the cutting tool were explored to determine the effect of cutting tool orientation on the output metrics of finished gear geometrical […]
Bethany Cousins, Prof. David Curtis, Michael Farmery, Ben Cook

Sustainable additives: Assisting with reducing the carbon footprint of lubricants

Lubrication experts share guidelines on how to determine if an additive is sustainable.

The ongoing trend to sustainability is prompting lubricant manufacturers to determine how their products are sourced, manufactured, used, and then, hopefully, recycled, so they can continue to provide benefits even in a different application. This “cradle-to-cradle” approach provides the best opportunity for lubricant manufacturers to minimize their carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. The hopeful […]
Dr. Neil Canter

February 2024

Euro-Tech Corporation

Since 1993, Euro-Tech Corporation has provided German-engineered solutions for the aerospace/aircraft, automotive/transportation, gear-manufacturing, and small-engine industries.

As the gear industry continues its march toward specialty projects and products within the automotive and aerospace industries, it becomes an absolute necessity that companies think outside the box to develop methods that create those essential high-precision parts. Euro-Tech Corporation, along with its sister companies Frenco and MyTEC, has been busy over the last few […]
Kenneth Carter

Noise analysis for e-drive gears and in-process gear inspection

It is important to have analysis tools capable to detect potential noise issues and to distinguish between manufacturing and design reasons.

E-drive gears differentiate from other automotive gears by two essential points: higher quality and the need for an excellent noise behavior. Gear noise can have many causes. When gear noise issues occur, many people start to look for the causes in the manufacturing process only. However, this is not always the root cause. In order […]
Dr. Antoine Türich, Klaus Deininger

Inspection of the accuracy of gear tooth flanks: An alternative approach

An alternative approach for the inspection of the accuracy of gear tooth flanks is discussed; the approach is based on the evaluation of the variation of the angular base pitch of the gear (and that of a mating pinion) from the operating angular base pitch in the gear pair.

This article deals with inspection of accuracy of functional portions of gear tooth flanks. The functional portions of the tooth flanks are those that interact with one another when the gears rotate. Deviations of the actual gear tooth flank, Gact, from the desirable tooth flank, G, in geometrically-accurate gears are considered below only within the […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

10 areas gear manufacturers might see an impact from AI

With enhanced AI capabilities, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing and recognizing patterns in vast amounts of data.

Few technologies have changed the gear-manufacturing industry as much as ERP software. From automated scheduling to precision inventory management, automated purchasing, real-time job costing and more, ERP simplifies production processes so gear manufacturers can work faster and more efficiently while delivering a quality product on time every time. The next transformative technology — artificial intelligence […]
John Davis

January 2024

Speedgrip Chuck Company

Speedgrip Chuck Company designs and creates workholding products for customers in every industry where metal cutting is a part of the manufacturing process.

Workholding is an essential part of manufacturing accurate gears of all shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s important to have the best high precision workholding solutions available. To that end, Speedgrip Chuck Company has been offering those workholding solutions for 75 years and counting. “We’ve held every imaginable gear type/profile from spur and helical to […]
Kenneth Carter

Laser-material processing for the production of bronze coatings for tribological applications

Laser-deposition brazing is a reliable production technology for the manufacture of bimetal components where very high quality can be achieved.

Bronze has proven itself as a highly functional material in tribological systems for numerous applications. The different bronze alloys offer an adaptation of the material properties to a wide range of loads. Bronze can be used as a solid material in the component or applied locally only as a functional layer in bi-metal components. The […]
Hannes Freisse, Timo Schudeleit, Dominik Keller

Making sense out of gear materials

Different materials make gears suitable for the desired application. The key involves identifying the right recipe.

If you have ever sat down for Sunday dinner in a traditional Italian-American home, you know not to question the red sauce known as “Grandma’s Gravy.” This tomato-based elixir coating your pasta is a gift from heaven itself. But the ketchup served with your French fries at the local fast food drive-thru is also a […]
Brian Dengel

Reimagining the steel production process

The Department of Energy funds new center that will develop a cost-effective method for decarbonized manufacturing for steelmaking without a blast furnace.

Steel has a major impact on everyone’s lives and our economy. It is crucial to cars, trucks, airplanes, buildings, and more. However, there is a significant issue with its production process. Globally, it accounts for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $19 […]
Joseph E. Harmon