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April 2021

Machine Tooling Technology

With more than 30 years of experience, Machine Tooling Technology offers compatible parts and tooling for the keyseater industry.

As machine shops have modernized, many of them still rely on keyseater machines that are used to cut internal shapes and forms for large gears. Some keyseater machines still in operation are decades old, and, since a new one can cost upwards of $1 million, it’s essential to keep these used machines running. Although Machine […]
Kenneth Carter

Hob quality basics

Hob quality is critical to high-quality gear manufacturing, and this concept begins
with the purchase of certified, high-quality hobs that meet AGMA standards.

The quality of a hob directly affects the final quality of the gear it generates. AGMA has developed a standard covering the allowable tolerances for fine and coarse pitch hobs. This standard is ANSI/AGMA 1102-B13, Tolerance Specification for Gear Hobs, which is the latest revision of AGMA120.1. If there is a quality problem in the […]
Adam Gimpert

Perfect Pitch

A new fixture design minimizes runout and helps ensure greater accuracy for hard finishing and inspection.

Gear manufacturers are turning to workholding to help reduce costs without compromising quality. Pitch Line Fixtures, for example, can be used to provide a more precise relationship between the pinion/gear member datums and the gear teeth, thus reducing the amount of runout on those datums relative to the pitch diameter (pitch line) of the gear […]
Brian Baldeck, Ian Schickling

Predicting Gear Sliding Losses

Incorporating the effect of lubrication characteristics, gear geometry, surface finish, and operating conditions into an algorithm can accurately predict sliding losses over a range of operating conditions for a standard set of gears.

Gearbox efficiency is becoming increasingly important for vehicle manufacturers to help achieve their overall fuel savings goals. Enhancing gearbox efficiency is also critical in saving the up-front cost and overall unreliability of gearbox cooling. It is well known that at high power levels, for current low-speed gears, gear sliding losses dominate the overall gearbox losses. […]
Parviz Merati, John Bair, Carlos Wink, Farrukh Qureshi

March 2021

AIMS Metrology

AIMS Metrology is an original equipment manufacturer that builds its own CMM models, which, in turn, benefits its customers by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ and a CMM supply company.

When customers come to the experts at AIMS Metrology for their inspection and measurement requirements, they can count on one thing: The solution will be a team effort. “We attack every project  as a team,” said Mark Gearding, vice president and co-owner of AIMS. “It’s not just one person. We have a cross-trained group of […]
Kenneth Carter

Lubrication and its role in gear-failure analysis

It’s important to employ best practices in order to identify gearset problems before they fail.

When gears fail, it is most often due to fatigue and overloading. The most common form of distress and failure is actual breakage, but other modes of distress include surface fatigue known as pitting, normal and abnormal wear, and plastic flow. What distress and failure look like depends on the type of gear. Gears that […]
Lawrence Ludwig Jr., Mary Beckman

Selecting a worm gear lubricant

Viscosity, load, material compatibility, noise emissions, component life, and the recommended service temperature range of an application should all be considered prior to selecting a worm gear grease.

To compete in the marketplace, engineers across all industries are being tasked with increasing gearbox efficiency. Modern designs therefore must achieve high-power transfer without generating noise or excess heat. Gears have been pushed to design limits as they are required to run at higher speeds, under heavier loads, and for longer periods of time. Lubrication […]
Brian Kinkade

Power Skiving with integrated cutter resharpening

Power Skiving – a viable alternative to hobbing and broaching – is establishing new quality and cost benchmarks with integrated resharpening, which revolutionizes the manufacturing process and current tooling concepts.

Gear manufacturing by Power Skiving takes the traditional approach: After a cutter has reached its maximum wear, the operator changes the cutter, adjusts the cutter data, cuts the next workpiece, transfers it to the inspection room, waits for the first part inspection, and – if necessary – corrects the process by adjusting the machine parameters […]
Dr. Edgar Weppelmann

February 2021

Nordex Inc.

Nordex designs and produces fully integrated turnkey subsystems for medical, laboratory and industrial analytical instruments, factory automation, power transmission, robotics, defense and aerospace, and the semi-conductor OEM industries.

With a constantly changing industry, it’s of utmost importance to remain on the cutting edge of gear manufacturing and design, and Nordex has ridden the crest of that cutting-edge wave for decades. “We’re an engineering-driven company,” said Dan Agius Jr., CFO, General Counsel, and part owner of Nordex Inc. “We’re staffed with gear experts, and […]
Kenneth Carter

A new approach for the calculation of worm shaft deflection in worm and crossed helical gear drives

The available approaches for calculating the worm shaft deflection of worm gears compared with different calculation approaches and experimental tests show large deviations between existing calculation models and experimental results.

Worm gear drives are characterized by a simple design, which allows the realization of a high gear ratio within one stage. Furthermore, they are characterized by low vibration and noise behavior. For these reasons, they are used both as power transmissions and servo drives in various drive solutions. The allowable load and the lifetime of […]
Philipp Norgauer, Gerhard Keinprecht, Michael Hein, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Stahl

The commonalities and differences between helical ‘low-tooth-count gears’ and ‘multiple-start worms’

Worm gearing that features line contact between tooth flanks of a worm gear and thread surfaces of a mating worm has a tremendous potential of application in today’s industry as it fits the requirements of high-power-density transmissions.

The article deals with geometrically-accurate worm gear pairs that feature line contact between tooth flanks of a worm gear and thread surfaces of a mating worm. Worm gearing of this kind can be viewed as a reduced case of  R — gearing (R — gearing was proposed by Prof. Radzevich in about 2008). At the […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

Multi-sensor metrology advances

New advancements in multi-sensor platforms combine the best features of vision and touch-probe gear inspection for maximum accuracy and speed.

Demand for accurate gears delivered on tight schedules is increasing. To keep pace, technology is continually advancing, enabling manufacturers to do more in the same amount of time. Add in competitive global market pressure, and the need for efficiency is more important than ever. To sustain profitability, companies need to keep up with market demands, […]
Greg Maisch

Documenting defects with greater accuracy

A digital visual inspection station can improve quality control and protect operators.

We are in an era where modern technology and automation are rapidly evolving and pushing out conventional hand-operated tools. The LED magnifying glass lamp is among the instruments being phased out of quality inspection operations and replaced with new high-definition digital visual inspection stations. Top gear makers, among many types of manufacturers and quality control […]
Fady Guirguis

January 2021

Gear Motions

Gear Motions specializes in supplying custom-cut and ground gears for OEMs across the globe and is capable of manufacturing all types of custom gears.

Even with a history that stretches across more than a century, it’s been an important part of the success of Gear Motions to continue to keep a solid eye on the future. “Our evolution has been dramatic at times and incremental at other times,” said Dean Burrows, president and CEO of Gear Motions. “We were […]
Kenneth Carter

Finding the ideal materials for gears

When designing and manufacturing gears, the materials used will depend on what type of gear is being made and how and where it will be used.

When designing an individual gear or a gear train, the choice of material will either be the primary factor on which the gear geometry is based or the gear performance will dictate the proper material selection. There are various raw materials that are commonly used in gear construction, and each one has a sweet spot […]
Brian Dengel

Nonlinear dynamic characteristic analysis of a coated gear transmission system

The nonlinear dynamic characteristic of a DLC-coated gear transmission system is analyzed by using a numerical integration approach, and the effect of the coating elastic modulus on the dynamic response is investigated.

Coatings can significantly improve the load-carrying performance of a gear surface, but how they affect the vibration characteristic of the system is an urgent issue to be solved. Considering the nonlinear factors such as the variable mesh stiffness, friction, backlash, and transmission error, a six-degree-of-freedom spur gear transmission system with coatings is presented. Meanwhile, the […]
Yangyi Xiao, Liyang Fu, Jing Luo, Wankai Shi, Minglin Kang

Electrification in the automotive domain

Electric vehicles are set to disrupt automotive industry trends over the years ahead, which will have an effect on gear manufacturing.

In the modern world, there is no limit to the varieties of vehicles available in the market. From variations in engine types such as gas and electric to diverse drivetrains such as four-wheel or front-wheel drives, the options for automobiles are nearly endless, designed to fulfill ever-evolving consumer needs. Despite the diversity in terms of […]
Saloni Walimbe