Expand Your Knowledge at the Fall Technical Meeting


The AGMA 2011 Fall Technical Meeting will be held October 30-November 1, 2011, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The FTM presents a unique opportunity this year as it is held in conjunction both with Gear Expo (Nov. 1-3, 2011) and ASM’s Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition (Oct. 31-Nov. 2). Attendees and presenters from all over the world are anticipated in Cincinnati for these events.

Each year the Fall Technical Meeting provides an outstanding opportunity to share ideas with others on the design, analysis, manufacture, and application of gears, gear drives, and related products, as well as associated processes and procedures. Authors have the opportunity to present the results of their work to an audience of knowledgeable professionals from the United States and abroad, and to participate in discussions with that audience.

AGMA received an unprecedented number of abstract proposals for this event, and the quality of the submissions was high enough to warrant expansion of the program, so for 2011 there will be five technical sessions rather than the usual four. The 2011 FTM will have one session on Sunday and two each Monday and Tuesday. Please note this change, as it overlaps Gear Expo and you should plan accordingly.

The 2011 papers have been organized around the session topics of manufacturing and inspection, design considerations, micropitting, drive design and application, and heat treatment. A preliminary list of papers is included in this section. The final list will be published to the AGMA Web site after August 31.

These presentations are all about recent application-based research in the gear industry. Unlike many technical conferences, where you have to pick and choose which papers you want to hear, the FTM is designed for you to be able to hear all the presentations and take home practical information that may ultimately affect your company’s bottom line. In addition, the meeting provides valuable networking opportunities between sessions and in the evenings to interact with colleagues and meet new experts in the industry.

The AGMA FTM is returning to Cincinnati for the first time since 2000. Cincinnati has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years that makes it a first-class destination. Its blend of big-city sophistication and warm Midwestern atmosphere is distinctly its own. The region offers a surprising mix of history, tradition, and energy that creates great experience. I encourage you to attend the AGMA 2011 Fall Technical Meeting, stay for Gear Expo, and take in the charm Cincinnati has to offer.

2011 FTM Presentations: Session I —Manufacturing and Inspection
• A New Way of Face Gear Manufacturing: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld, The Gleason Works
• Generating Gear Grinding-New Possibilities in Process Design and Analysis: Fritz Klocke, Christof Gorgels, Jan Reimann, RWTH Aachen University
• Towards an Improved AGMA Accuracy Classification System on Double Flank Composite Measurements: Ernie Reiter, Web Gear Services, Ltd.
• Multifunctional Gear Machining: Brian W. Cluff, Star SU LLC
• First international Involute Gear Intercomparison: F. Härtig, K. Kniel, S. Kraul, Physikalisch-TechnischeBundesanstalt

Session II—Design Considerations
• Epicyclic Load Sharing Map-Application as a Design Tool: Avinash Singh, GM Powertrain, General Motors Company
• Gear Tooth Single vs. Reversal Bending Life Evaluation: Joe Chen, SAIC Motor
• The Effects of Helix Angle on Root Stresses of Helical Gears: Donald R. Houser and Aaron Thaler, The Ohio State University
• A Comprehensive System for Predicting Assembly Variation with Potential Application to Transmission Design: Kenneth W. Chase and Carl D. Sorensen, Brigham Young University
• Standardization of Load Distribution Evaluation: Uniform Definition of KHß for Helical Gears: Dr. Ing. Khashayar Nazifi
• New Methods for the Calculation of the Load Capacity of Bevel and Hypoid Gears: B.R. Höhn, K. Stahl, K. Michaelis, and Ch. Wirth, FZG
• Marine Reversing Main Gear Rating Factor vs. Number of Loading Cycles and Shrink Fit Stress: E. William Jones, Steven R. Daniewicz, and Shakhrukh Ismonov, Mississippi State University

Session III—Micropitting
• The Application of the First International Calculation Method for Micropitting: Dr. Ulrich Kissling, KISSsoft AG
• Investigations on the Flank Load Carrying Capacity in the New Developed FZG Back-to-Back Test Rig for Internal Gears: B.R. Höhn, K. Stahl, P. Oster, J. Schudy, T. Tobie, B. Zornek, Gear Research Centre (FZG)
• AGMA 925-A03 Predicted Scuffing Risk to Spur and Helical Gears in Commercial Vehicle Transmissions: Dr. Carlos H. Wink, Eaton Corporation-Vehicle Group
• Micropitting-A Real Damage? Testing, Standards and Practical Experience: Dr. Ing. Toni Weiss and Dr. Ing. Burkhard Pinnekamp, Renk AG
• Gear Lubrication-Stopping Micropitting By Using The Right Lubricant: Michael Hochmann and Hermann Siebert, Klüber Lubrication München KG
• Morphology of Micropitting: Robert L. Errichello, GEARTECH

Session IV—Drive Design and Application
• Longitudinal Tooth Contact Pattern Shift: John Amendola, Sr., John B. Amendola, III, and Dereck Yatzook, Artec Machinery
• Convoloid Gearing Technology-The Shape of the Future: Bernard E. Berlinger, Jr. and Dr. John Colbourne, Genesis Partners, LP
• Case Study Involving Surface Durability and Improved Surface Finish: Greg Blake and Jeff Reynolds, Rolls-Royce
• Gearbox Service Life-A Matter of Mastering Many Design Parameters: Hans Wendeberg, SKF
• Simulation of Wear for High Contact Ratio Gear-A Mixed FE and Analytical Approach: G. Venkatesan, M. Rameshkumar, P. Sivakumar, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, Ministry of Defence
• Bearing Contribution to Gearbox Efficiency and Thermal Rating-How Bearing Design Can Improve the Performance of a Gearbox: Armel Doyer, SKF

Session V—Heat Treatment
• Integration of Case Hardening into the Manufacturing Line-One Piece Flow: Dr. Volker Heuer, Dr. Klaus Löser,Gunther Schmitt, Karl Ritter, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
• Induction Hardening of Gears with Superior Quality and Flexibility Using Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF): Christian Krause and F. Biasutti, eldec Schwenk Induction GmbH and M. Davis, eldec Induction U.S.A.
• Controlling Gear Distortion and Residual Stresses During Induction Hardening: Zhichao (Charlie) Li, and B. Lynn Ferguson, Deformation Control Technology, Inc.
• Atmosphere Furnace Heating Systems: John Gottschalk, Surface Combustion, Inc.
• Manufacturing and Processing of a New Class of Vacuum Carburized Gear Steels with Very High Hardenability: Chris Kern, Jim Wright, Jason Sebasitian and Jeff Grabowski, QuesTek Innovations LLC, and Trevor Jones and Don Jordan, Solar Atmospheres Inc.

You have the opportunity to come for the entire event or to just attend individual sessions. All FTM attendees will receive a free pass to Gear Expo 2011.


Early Bird Member (until 9/16)         $835
Regular Member                              $935
Single Session member                    $235
Early Bird Non-member (until 9/16)  $1,185
Regular Non-member                       $1,285
Single Session Non-member             $330

AGMA Foundation Begins Annual Campaign
The AGMA Foundation, the only foundation dedicated solely to the gear industry, kicked off its Annual Campaign in July with its “Call for Champions,” and the campaign will continue though August and September.

The Annual Campaign is an important source of funds for the foundation. These funds are used for the foundation’s research grant program and workforce education program, as well as its operating expenses. “We hope that you will join your fellow AGMA members in the support of your industry, and your foundation,” says Joe C. Griffin, 2011 Annual Campaign chair. “The foundation is grateful for all its generous supporters and recognizes them on its Web site and in its displays at Gear Expo and the AGMA/ABMA annual meeting.”

The foundation funds projects to advance gear science, standards, and education. To make a pledge, or for more information on the foundation and the campaign, please visit www.agmafoundation.org.

Submit Nominations for AGMA Next Generation Award
Do you know an up and coming gear industry star? The AGMA Board of Directors is currently accepting nominations for the 2012 Next Generation Award. The award is aimed at recognizing emerging leaders who have no more than 12 years experience in the gear industry. It will award innovative work by an individual responsible for one or more significant achievements that through his or her effort has enhanced or strengthened the gear industry and/or AGMA. This award honors individuals who are emerging as contributors, innovators, and/or leaders in the gear industry and serves as an incentive for others in the next generation of gear industry talent.

The achievement or contribution by the nominee shall be evaluated for its positive impact on the gear industry and/or the AGMA. The achievement can be for technical, organizational, or managerial activities. All nominations must be received by AGMA no later than October 14, 2011. The AGMA Next Generation Award nominations will be reviewed and evaluated by the AGMA Awards Committee before the end of the year. Multiple recipients may be selected by the committee in any one year. The award will be presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting, and the winner will receive a plaque and a voucher to attend an AGMA sponsored education program. AGMA encourages you to nominate your rising stars today.

For more information, and the nomination form, visit www.agma.org.