Networking at All Levels of the Industry


Networking is a fundamental part of doing business, especially in the gear industry. Our mission as the Association for the gear industry is to foster networking by connecting employees of AGMA member companies at every level, not just our executives. Sometimes this can be easy, but sometimes it is challenging. Companies are different; they have different structures and consequently have employees with varied job descriptions.

At AGMA we have created technical seminars for researchers and engineers that cover a variety of advanced topics. We also offer courses for sales teams and those new to the industry who benefit from immediate take-home knowledge. We recognized that our education covered a wide swath of member-employees, but what was missing were opportunities for younger middle managers to gather, network, and foster professional growth among the new leaders in the industry.

To meet this need, a grass-roots effort was formed at AGMA that focused on the younger executives. Initially called The Future Leaders Conference, it was renamed the Strategic Resources Network (SRN). This group brings a commitment to leadership development and a strong belief in unity that has fostered their growth over the past several years.

As with a lot of great things, the SRN started as one thing but has slowly morphed into something more powerful. The initial mission was to provide leadership training to new committee members, arming them with incentive and skills that would encourage their appointments to more advanced volunteer roles at AGMA. Ultimately, they would grow to the point of serving on the board of directors. While many of the current board members can trace their history to the SRN, over the last few years this group has grown and now provides one of the most dynamic networking opportunities for those in and around the gear industry.

The SRN Steering Committee has been instrumental in gathering middle managers to regional meetings where the emphasis is threefold: relevant presentations with take-home benefits; plant tours; and great stand-alone networking opportunities. The group continues to be dedicated to these objectives. When combined the objectives are powerful enough to provide exciting experiences rather than just your typical meeting.

Over the last four years, SRN attendees have travelled to the Carolinas; Washington, DC; Erie, PA; and Ontario, bringing together its core group and a nice mix of local manufacturers. Plant tours have included trips to General Electric, BMW, Ajax Rolled Ring & Machine, Ontario Drive and Gear, Linamar, and Meritor. In 2011, the SRN made a special visit to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress, sharing the challenges they face as small businesses. While attendees will remember being in the historic GE Thomas Edison building watching the assembly of locomotives in Erie, or attending Oktoberfest in Canada, it is the business connections that have become their most valued asset.

These more intimate meetings provide invaluable networking opportunities. It is quite possible that an attendee could meet a sales rep from a forging company; a technical engineer; an advanced gear manufacturing technology manager from a huge corporation; and/or the head of a small job shop. The benefits are enormous. Not only do the SRN attendees leave with increased knowledge and great memories, they also a leave with a pocket full of business cards to use as new resources when problems arise.

The next SRN regional event is scheduled for September 23-25, 2014 in the Chicago area. The event includes plant tours at Scot Forge and Overton Chicago Gear Corporation. Presentations are on the topics of heat treat and metallurgy, steel market update, stellar customer service, and coatings. And not to disappoint, we are providing an interesting Welcome Reception, and a rooftop networking event overlooking the last regular-season Cubs game at Wrigley Field. We invite the middle managers from the all AGMA members to join us. Get engaged in the dynamic educational opportunities. Your personal and professional growth will be exponential.

New Information Sheet on Fine-Pitch Gear Specification Data
AGMA 910 consists of a series of printed forms for gear drawings that contain the appropriate data to be tabulated by the gear designer for the gear manufacturer. It also includes a series of definitions of the various tabulated items. This information supersedes AGMA 910-C90.

AGMA 910-C90 was a revision of AGMA 114.02, which updates the style and formats for spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, wormgearing, face gears and racks.

The new AGMA 910-D12 updates the information relative to the ANSI Y14.5 definitions for toleranced, basic and reference dimensions and clarifies previously ambiguous terminology. The new information sheet is available for purchase, in electronic format, on AGMA website at, click on the “STORE” button.

The AGMA Fine Pitch Gearing Committee dedicates the new document to Irving Laskin. His inspiration and dedication to the Fine-Pitch Committee’s work over many years lead to the development of this information sheet. In addition, the committee wishes to thank all participants for their valuable contributions during the development of this new information sheet.

To find out how you can get involved with any of the AGMA committees which actively serve the industry, contact Headquarters at for details.

New Information Sheet on Aerospace Bevel Gears
The AGMA Aerospace Gearing Committee recently completed the development of the new information sheet AGMA 937-A12 “Aerospace Bevel Gears.”

This information sheet covers aerospace bevel gears for power, accessory, and actuation applications. It provides additional information on the design, manufacturing, and quality control unique to the aerospace environment.

AGMA 937-A12 was developed to fill the void following the withdrawal of AGMA 431.01. It expands the scope to include all applications of aerospace bevel gearing. The information sheet was created by reviewing existing practices specific to aerospace bevel gearing. In general, this information sheet is a consolidation of the most common practices and standards currently in existence.

The new information sheet is available for purchase, in electronic format, on AGMA website at

AGMA Announces Staff Changes
Jenny Blackford has been promoted to vice president of marketing. She has a proven leadership track in her organization of the marketing and communications of the association and her direction of Gear Expo 2011, 2013, and 2015. She will be the staff lead in the 100th AGMA Anniversary Centennial Celebration.

Amir Aboutelab has been promoted to vice president of the technical division. Amir has led more than 500 technical committee meetings in his years of service for AGMA. He looks forward to this new leadership role and the international work with ISO standards for our industry.

Justin Sikorski is the new staff engineer for AGMA. Justin graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton (Ohio). He spent three years working for Honda Engineering North America in Marysville, Ohio before moving to the Washington, DC area. His most recent work has been for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. Justin joins the AGMA Technical team to work with standards and software development within the technical committees.

Is Your Company Listed?
The new AGMA Marketplace provides a great resource for those looking for products and services in the gear industry.

Find gear manufacturers that can produce products you need for your current project, or find services to assist with your gear manufacturing plant.

The Marketplace replaces the product directory that was previously available through the AGMA website. All those with listings must create a new account to be listed again.

AGMA members are afforded a free listing in this Marketplace. For complete information send an email to AGMA’s Web Communications Manager: