The real investment for next year begins now


Budgets are coming due soon, and right now is the best time to put down that you want/need to join AGMA. Not only is your competition already a member, but with our latest partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, you need to be a member with AGMA for any contracts that involve gearing. Our members are viewed as the experts because they have access to our standards and resources — it is time you do, too.

Check some of the main reasons (but not all of them) why you should join AGMA and how putting membership in your budget will be the best investment you make all year:

Year-round events

Our members not only are immediately brought into the fold of hundreds of other gear-industry professionals, but they also get to go to AGMA member-exclusive events. Events offered include the Annual Meeting in spring, the SRN in the summer, the FTM in the fall, and our tradeshow every other year. Joining AGMA automatically puts you face-to-face with industry.

Get education discounts and access to world-class instructors

AGMA offers IACET-accredited courses so all levels of your company earn CPUs while they are improving their skillset and professional development. AGMA offers online and in-person courses to suit your travel and budget needs.

Exclusive access to join one of AGMA’s 23 technical committees to develop standards and work with the gear industry’s top engineers

Standards are the backbone of AGMA, and as gear manufacturers and suppliers, our members deserve to have a say in how they are developed. By joining our technical committees, you get a front-row seat to affecting your own industry.

Exposure in AGMA publications

Gear Technology and Power Transmission Engineering are our publications and by becoming a member, you get discounted rates and exposure through both of our renowned publications. We want to get the word out about your latest innovations.

Stay on top on the latest technology trends

AGMA prides itself on carving the path to the future by continuous learning. Our Emerging Technology series is focused on keeping our members in the know about where the tech world is going. From EV to IIoT and from automation to 3D printing, we have gathered experts from all over the world to share the most up-to-date data about where our industry is headed.

Access to your customers

MPT Expo was one of the only tradeshows to happen in person in 2021, and that is because we are dedicated to making sure our members have an event where they can make deals happen. No one comes to MPT Expo by mistake, which means this intimate show allows for real leads, exclusive access to buying authorities, technical innovators, and the future of gear. Get ready for 2023’s show in Detroit, October 17-19.


Free trade webinars, free committee involvement, free curated tours at emerging technology events, unlimited access to a staff that is ready to help you, and the understanding that when you belong to AGMA, you are part of a family. If you want to make a solid investment for this next year, or even join now to get the last section of the Gear Market Report, contact Rebecca Brinkley at

Upcoming Training Events

Manufacturing And Remanufacturing of Metal Parts Using Laser-Blown Powder
August 3 | 1-2 p.m.

This free Emerging Technology webinar, presented by Dr. Bhaskar Dutta, president & COO of DM3D Technology, will cover the capability development and advancements of metal additive manufacturing as they pertain to the gear industry. Discussion of topics will include cost reduction, innovation acceleration, and high-performance gear-design manufacturing that was not possible before additive manufacturing.

Basic Gear Inspection for Operators
August 10-11

This course will provide a solid foundation for anyone going into gear inspection. Learn the common, current, and basics of the tools and techniques used to measure and inspect gears. Understand the four main categories by which a gear is evaluated and classified. Gain proficiency in understanding gear quality by learning the numerical scale on which gear design, manufacturing, and inspection are based, and more.

AGMA’s Emerging Technology Efforts – What’s Next?
September 7

The goal of the AGMA Emerging Technology committees is to identify, investigate, and inform AGMA members of Emerging Technologies that may disrupt or significantly affect the power-transmission industry. This year was filled with discussions about electric vehicle drivetrain, new drives in the robotics space were introduced, and we talked with many IIoT companies to help you on your shop floor, and we will recap our tour of the RAPID 2022 show floor and update you on advances in the 3D printing space.

Design Basic for Spur and Helical Gears
September 8

Learn how to develop and understand customer gear drive application specifications and target performance expectations. Review, calculate, and select basic gear terminology variables and design parameters that define tooth bending and contact rating safety factors on two real-life examples. Learn how to fit new gear designs and ratios into existing center distance. Use commercially available software to calculate and optimize gear set power density. Discuss time and cost of more than 20 other gear drive component functions and drive development steps through prototypes to shipment of compliant assembled production drives. There will be an opportunity to discuss gear design challenges that may be unique to participant industries.

Networking: Join us at this year’s FTM

2022 AGMA Fall Technical Meeting (FTM)
October 17-19, 2022 | Chicago, Illinois

Technology is fundamentally changing manufacturing. To keep up in today’s marketplace, designers and manufacturers need to follow the emerging trends and communicate the latest ideas with their fellow experts in the field. AGMA’s annual Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) is the perfect forum for this.

Each year, 30 authors are selected by AGMA to write peer-reviewed technical papers on topics relevant to the gear industry. Topics include: design, analysis, manufacturing, quality, materials, metallurgy, heat treatment, operation, maintenance, efficiency, and gear failure. Authors present the results of their papers in a single-track conference, which means you don’t have to pick and choose which presentations to attend. With a full registration you receive copies of all papers, are able to see all the presentations, ask questions to all the presenters, and network with your peers over three days.

Calendar of Events

August 23 — Bevel Gearing Committee — WebEx

September 8 — Design Basics for Spur and Helical Gears — Online

September 8 — Wormgearing Committee — WebEx

September 15-16 — Wormgearing Committee — WebEx

September 19-23 — Basic Training for Gear Manufacturing — Chicago, Illinois

September 21 — Helical Enclosed Drives High Speed Units Committee — WebEx

September 29 — Gear Accuracy Committee — WebEx

October 5-6 — Operator Hobbing and Shaper Cutting Course — Chicago, Illinois

October 12-13 — Wormgearing Committee — WebEx

October 12 — Aerospace Committee — WebEx

October 13 — How to Read & Interpret a Gear Inspection Chart — Virtual Course

October 17-19 — Fall Technical Meeting — Rosemont, Illinois

October 18-20 — Gear Materials Course — Chicago, Illinois

October 25 — Metallurgy & Materials Committee — WebEx

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