Monday, November 29, 2021

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Machines: Nidec Machine Tool America

It’s not often that a company makes the leap from buying a product to acquiring the company that makes that product, but Nidec is...

Services: Zygo Corporation

Zygo takes its core philosophy of bridging the gap between academia and industry seriously. How seriously? Zygo is Latin for “bridge.” With that bridge in...

Tooling: TSA America

Offering the correct tool can involve many complex steps. Designing and manufacturing the optimum tool takes a company with years of expertise. This is...

Different methods of aqueous polymer concentration control

In this article, I will discuss the two different methods for controlling the concentration of polymer quenchants. This is applicable to either induction spray...

Oil, lubricant, lubrication – what is this all about?

This month I want to slide into a column discussing lubrication (Sorry). We all intuitively know that we must lubricate any “joint” where there...

Reverse engineering a gear

All of the great literary detectives have that “eureka” moment when the facts they have observed allow them to reach a solid conclusion regarding...

Q&A with Drew Shemenski

As metrology specialists, what types of gear testing solutions do you offer your customers? We offer traditional stand-alone CNC gear testing equipment, along with CMM-based gear inspection solutions. Our systems can handle a variety of...


Learn more about some of the companies who exhibited at Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021.

In-person Fall Technical Meeting to highlight cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research

After more than a year of disruptions and inconsistency, now is a vital time for you and your company to stay up to date...


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