Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Machines Profile: Bantam Tools

When engineers need to prototype a gear or a part and do it quickly, they can’t always drop thousands of dollars on a multi-ton...

Services Profile: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Designing gears can be a mind-boggling complex endeavor, but over the years, that process has been made more efficient — and maybe even a...

Tooling Profile: Ceratizit

When dealing with the world of gearing, it’s important to have the right tool for the right job. At Ceratizit, the company has a unique...

Nitriding of steels

In this column, we will discuss the nitriding of steels. Nitriding introduces nitrogen into the surface of a steel at a lower temperature than carburizing....

Tackling EV noise reduction

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are becoming a larger segment of the vehicles on the road every year, and with government incentives to purchasers...

Are my gears properly centered?

As we settle into the autumn weather, the changing of the seasons brings a sense of calm. The leaves change color, pumpkin spice is...

Jens Beck

What are some ways you see artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) disrupting the manufacturing space? What are some emerging opportunities for the technology in 2023? The concrete examples I see every day are mostly predictive...


Learn more about some of the companies who exhibited at Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021.

IMTS is important, but MPT Expo is still the best place for gear manufacturers

I am writing this while I put my feet up from walking more than 20,000 steps today. I had to take a moment before...


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