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Penta Gear Metrology

Making a gear can be delicate work, so it’s important that manufacturers have the proper equipment and have access to the best services in...

Jergens Manufacturing

When machining a job consisting of a mixture of hundreds of gears, time is literally money. So, the ability to quick change fixtures for...


As with any industry evolving through the decades, there’s always room for improvement, and gear manufacturing is no exception. To that end, REGO-FIX, a toolholding...

Measuring retained austenite

In this column, we will discuss the different methods of measuring the amount of retained austenite in a heat-treated steel sample. Retained Austenite Previously we...

Vibratory bowl media attrition: Part 2

In my previous article, I introduced you to the inefficiencies caused by the result of media attrition when vibratory processing gears. If you recall,...

Load, speed, and torque

When I was a child, one piece of equipment that was found on every playground was the merry-go-round. It was a simple device consisting...

Q&A with Michelle Maddox

Please tell me a little about your background. B&R Machine and Gear Corporation is a small, family-owned manufacturing facility with a focus in replacement gearing. We are approaching our 50th year in business, and I...


Learn more about some of the companies who exhibited at Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021.

Is there a good time to take time off?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average national amount of paid time off (PTO) per employee is 10 days after one year...


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