Thursday, September 23, 2021

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United Tool Supply

In today’s manufacturing climate, it’s true more than ever that a business can’t survive if it doesn’t treat its customers right. And that’s been a...

Transformation of retained austenite

In this month’s column, I will discuss the transformation of retained austenite, and its stabilization. In the last column, I reviewed the dimensional changes that...

Angle of approach and angle of recess: What are all these angles?

Geometrically speaking, these two angles have a fairly straightforward definition. The angle of approach is the angle or arc that the point of contact...

Pitch perfect: Standard over custom eases costs

What is perfect pitch? In music, it is the ability to identify notes without any point of reference. It can be best described as...

Q&A with Motion + Power Technology Expo attendees

The Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021 is scheduled to hit St. Louis, Missouri, September 14-16. The show will bring thousands of industry experts and insiders to the Gateway to the West, where they will be...

The start of the fourth quarter is the perfect time for a pep talk

We are fourth and goal, and the mission is simple: finish the year strong, on budget, and, hopefully, with happy customers and employees. There...


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