Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Solar Atmospheres

Gears and other parts made from metals and metal alloys have to be heat-treated to ensure proper performance, and Solar Atmospheres was born out...

Calibration of refractometers for control of polymer quenchants

In the last column, we described the use of refractometers for controlling the concentration of many different types of fluids, including polymer quenchants and...

The importance of gear inspection and the meaning of the data

A topic near and dear to my heart, I am often tasked with answering the question; “What went wrong?” As we all know, there...

When the coronavirus pandemic is over

When we were making our business plans in 2019, the thought of a pandemic was never a consideration. Business leaders and CEOs were looking...

Q&A with Chris Wellman

Innovative Rack & Gear recently became a part of Avers Machine. What advantages does this bring to Avers Machine? Innovative Rack’s customer list is completely different than our existing customer base. We really do not...

Strong outlook for gear market recovery in 2021, 2022

With recent administration changes, trade/tariff regulations, unpredictable tax laws, and the slow return from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our members and companies in...


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