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Ka-Wood Gear & Machine

It’s not every company that can boast it’s been in business for a century, and that milestone is not something the owners of Ka-Wood...

Back to basics – Toughness testing of material

In the last series of articles, we discussed hardness testing and tensile testing. In these applications, the loading is a static load over a...

The challenges of generic deburring vs. CAVF deburring

Relative to gear hobbing, shaving, and/or post heat-treat grinding to generate accurate tooth morphology there may come a time wherein vibratory deburring is a...

Determining tooth thickness of various gear types – Part III

In order to determine the tooth size of a gear after taking into account the backlash allowance, you first must determine what the nominal...

Q&A with Aaron-Michael Eller

What’s a typical day like for you at Seco Tools? It’s a little bit different now since the Coronavirus hit. We all have a little bit different way of working. There are a lot more...

Gear education is a necessity now, more than ever

Necessity is a funny thing. We have all been guilty of saying that we “need” something, when really, we are talking about “want.” Over...


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