Friday, October 7, 2022

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Forest City Gear

When a company’s gears are literally tooling around on another planet, then to say those gears are “out of this world” is not just...

Spencer Pettus

Gearing is often complicated and complex, and, more often than not, OEMs cannot meet customers’ specific needs. When that happens, the experts behind Spencer Pettus...

Liebherr Gear and Automation Technologies, Inc.

When a company has been in business for more than 70 years, the list of extensive services and innovations it can offer is both...

Stress relief is a key step in parts manufacturing

In this column, we will discuss the process of stress relief and compare it to the effects of annealing. During the manufacturing process, residual...

Coordinate transformation and why it is important to gear measurement

Often, the results from different measurement systems must be combined to provide useful results in terms of our measurements. The coordinate transformation is used...

Rotational vs. linear motion with gearing

Spur gear pairs, helical gear pairs, bevel gear pairs, and worm gear pairs all transfer rotary motion from one shaft to another. In the...

Q&A with Rodney Soenen

What’s a typical week like for you at Involute? Generally, I travel every other week for a few days and one week in the office. In the mornings, I take about two or three...


Learn more about some of the companies who exhibited at Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021.

Fall Technical Meeting: The international gear conference that delivers quality

Innovation seems be one of those buzz words that has lost some of its original meaning due to overuse. To innovate, or to create...


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