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Machine Tooling Technology

As machine shops have modernized, many of them still rely on keyseater machines that are used to cut internal shapes and forms for large...

Determining carbon potential for neutral hardening or carburizing

To successfully heat-treat or carburize the many different alloys seen in the heat-treating shop, it is necessary to properly control the carbon potential of...

Dissimilar material and/or hardness as a function of gear size

Some say that metallurgy is a “black art.” Actually, it is a very skilled art, demanding in its precision and consistency. The people who...

Mounting accuracy key issue in gear system design

Some assembly required. These dreaded words are frequently found on the packaging of many weekend projects. Whether it is assembling a desk for that...

Q&A with Joe Wright

Describe for our readers what the Raytech Measuring System is. It’s a simple solution for shop floor measurement. When you start looking at measurement systems, a lot of the options are getting more tactical, higher...

Trade Update: Key trade challenges, opportunities facing the gear industry in 2021

Last year was a momentous year for the gear industry, with COVID-19, a shortage of semiconductors that slowed vehicle production, and rapid swings in...


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