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NORD Gear Corporation

For customers of NORD Gear Corporation, the company has 20 million reasons why it’s the right fit for their needs. “NORD’s philosophy to the gear...

Back to basics: Austempering and its advantages

In the previous articles, we discussed the processes of quench and temp, and martempering. In quench and tempering, the part is heated to the...

Magnetic particle testing and evaluation of AMS AQ test samples

Aircraft quality (AQ) testing of steels per AMS 2300, 2301, 2303, and 2304 requires specialized sampling and specimen preparation prior to final evaluation using...

I graduated; now I am an engineer!?!

In my previous columns, I tried to connect real-world experiences with concepts of gearing in order to entertain and educate you, the reader. In...

Q&A with James Richards

What’s a typical day like for you at James Engineering? I usually get up and get in here a couple of hours ahead of everyone, so I can have my time when it’s peaceful and...

AGMA and Chicago college partner to help build the industry’s future

In April, the American Gear Manufacturers Association and Richard J. Daley College, one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago, entered an agreement to...


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