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Sinto America, Inc.

Every Sinto America employee takes pride in ensuring the best possible outcome for any challenge that comes its way. As a matter of fact,...

Precipitation hardening stainless steels

In this column, we will discuss precipitation hardening steels and their physical metallurgy. Precipitation hardened stainless steels are a class of stainless steels that can...

The importance of gear inspection and the meaning of the data

A topic near and dear to my heart, I am often tasked with answering the question; “What went wrong?” As we all know, there...

Maximum allowable torque

When participating in a competitive sport, there is a strong desire to maximize the physical output of your body. Whether it is running faster...

Q&A with Steve Young

What makes CT inspection and metrology important, particularly for the gear industry? The key to CT scanning is the ability to see 100 percent of the part. A typical inspection device is a single-point tactile...

Why a trade association might be that missing piece for your company

Is there something missing in your business strategy? Do you find that you have a great product, a strong workforce, and some advertising channels,...


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