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When a robot arm is executing a delicate maneuver in the harsh vacuum of space, it’s imperative the gears necessary for success be created...

Application of optical refractometers for the control of concentration

Optical refractometers, analog and digital, are widely used in industrial practice to measure the concentration of coolants, polymer quenchants, and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, and...

An overview of differential function and gearing

This month’s article is going to take a slightly different point of view and discuss the use of a particular type of gear compared...

I have a question about your gears!

The concept of using a wheel to redirect motion has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. The simple design of...

Q&A with Karen Malin

What types of gears and gear manufacturing processes does Southern Gear excel at? What are you best known for? Southern Gear excels at making complex, precision gears for the aerospace and defense industry, among others....

AGMA is all in for Motion + Power Technology Expo – here’s why

I realize that many people are tired of talking about how COVID-19 has hit the global economy, and as someone who runs a manufacturing...


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