Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Creating scalable end-to-end solutions

Designing gears can be a mind-boggling complex endeavor, but over the years, that process has been made more efficient — and maybe even a...

NUM Corporation

Whether it’s a new CNC machine that needs an update or an older machine that must have a complete retrofit, the experts at NUM...

Machines: Nidec Machine Tool America

It’s not often that a company makes the leap from buying a product to acquiring the company that makes that product, but Nidec is...

Control plans for polymer quenchants

Polymer quenchants, whether used for immersion quenching or spray applications such as induction hardening, are much more difficult to control than oil quenchants. As...

Oil, lubricant, lubrication – what is this all about?

Two months ago, I presented readers with a primer on lubricants and lubrication. That begins a discussion that can go one of two ways....

Tolerances in gearing

The linguistic origins of the term “tolerance” define it as the ability to bear pain or hardship. In modern use, there are three commonly...

Q&A with Preben Hansen

Platinum Tooling is set to reach an important milestone. In 2022, company President Preben Hansen and his family will celebrate 100 years working in metal cutting and four generations of Hansens in the industry....


Learn more about some of the companies who exhibited at Motion+Power Technology Expo 2021.

With past challenges in rearview mirror, AGMA focuses on future

I have never been much on looking back when it comes to work-related efforts — the future is ahead, and that’s what I can...


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