Innovators wanted: AGMA’s direction focused on value creation


AGMA’s strategic plan is not sitting on a bookshelf collecting dust. It hasn’t been placed in the bottom of the filing cabinet, or checked off as “done” after the vote took place in November 2016.

AGMA’s strategic plan is a living, breathing document — re-energizing our 102-year-old association by focusing on critical business challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

AGMA defined a global opportunity where AGMA is present in countries that are significant opportunities. In 2018, this means AGMA will hold its first-ever Steels for Gears class in Mumbai, India, in February. It also means we will take 20-plus members to China on a trade mission to understand our supply chain in October.

AGMA defined an emerging technology opportunity whereby the Association focuses time and energy on disruptive technologies that are both challenges and opportunities. In 2018, this means AGMA will feature a robotics panel at the Annual Meeting; we will collaborate with DMDII to address additive manufacturing capabilities, and we will bring subject matter experts to other events in order to ensure members are aware of what will be affecting them in the coming months.

AGMA defined an industry voice opportunity where we can partner with new and different groups to expand the leading Power Transmission Trade Show in the U.S. to include mechanical, electrical, and fluid power solutions sets, which all customers need to consider in order to innovate their power transmission technology.

AGMA defined an education opportunity whereby we produce new classes that support our design engineers, as well as our line operators. AGMA recently received IACET accreditation ensuring that our programming is now more valuable and can be leveraged by employees to secure continuing education credit.

Bevel Gears India listens to a presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting. (Courtesy: AGMA)

In the past year, we have grown our trade show and will partner with organizations for continued growth while incorporating the customer’s viewpoint on technology.

In the past year, we have produced emerging technology panels, information sheets, and links via that keep members informed in new and different ways.

In the past year, we connected hundreds of professionals together at global events such as Hannover Messe.

In the past year, AGMA has produced two new classes to expand our program to offer more opportunities.

Dean Burrows and Jim Bregi at the 2017 Annual Meeting. (Courtesy: AGMA)

We have expanded communications to include a presence on the major social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and with a new blog called Gears Matter.

The vision for AGMA is that AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation.

I have demonstrated examples of how AGMA is supporting this vision with new and innovative approaches. There is a lot to do yet, and 2018 is the year to make it work.

What we need now is our innovators who want to collaborate with us and keep this momentum going. That is why you will start to see some marketing and communications focused on the “Innovators Wanted” framework. Let us know where you want to jump in to focus on one simple but important thing: Innovation!

Here is what AGMA is planning to do:

  • We are putting members in front of industry leaders and subject matter experts on a global level. We want members to learn from the best, so they can innovate anywhere in the world.
  • We are jumping into the middle of complicated emerging technologies to ensure members can respond with innovative strategies by embracing the opportunities.
  • We are collaborating in new ways with other groups to ensure AGMA events are the platform for engineers to find commercial innovation.
  • We are producing new education programming, so our members’ employees have the tools they need to innovate the products they design.

You wonder how this will benefit your business?

Give it a try. Join a committee and start figuring out why hundreds of AGMA members are participating in one. We have the Emerging Technology Committee, Tradeshow Committee, Annual Meeting, and SRN Committees that many are already involved in. Find out why they are volunteering on the Education Committee, Industry Voice Committee, and Membership Committee, too. And let’s not forget the 23 different Technical Committees we oversee and manage on behalf of our industry. There is something for everyone.

AGMA is driving toward a return on investment for your participation.

We’re helping you sell more.

We’re helping you learn more.

We’re helping you go global.

We’re helping you connect to new ideas and people driving those ideas.

We’re helping you go technical.

All for one thing: innovation.

With an innovation-oriented mindset, you can do anything. It’s the lifeblood of our industry, and it’s what will ensure AGMA, and its members, will be around 100 years from now.

Get involved: Innovators wanted!


It’s annual meeting time!

The 2018 AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting registration is now open.

The 2018 Annual Meeting combines the expert knowledge of the gear and bearing industries with the latest emerging technologies that influence manufacturers and suppliers. More than 300 executives will gather in Naples, Florida, in April to experience the information-packed week full of top-tier speakers. Members will be connected to innovation and opportunities in the industry with potential to strengthen business connections and relationships. Join AGMA and ABMA for an event that is tailored directly for our members to address trends, successes, and future possibilities.

Be a sponsor

Are you going to attend the Annual Meeting? Wouldn’t you like your logo to be visible for all to see? Sponsor one of the many parts to the Annual Meeting and get your company name out there.

All sponsors will receive:

  • Company logo on the annual meeting web page with links to your company’s website from the time of securing the sponsorship through the post-meeting press activities.
  • Your company’s logo will be printed in all materials for the meeting and in the onsite program. The earlier you sponsor, the more times your logo will be seen.
  • Printed signs and video screen recognition during the event
  • Specific recognition for the item/event.

Visit to see the spaces available and fill out the sponsorship form to get started. Please contact Madelaine Morgan for any sponsorship inquiries at

AGMA provides students with new online learning management system

Distance Education does not seem so distant with the new education portal for online courses.

AGMA has implemented Elevate, a new online Learning Management System (LMS) through CommPartners. The system enhances course offerings by providing an online platform that allows interaction beyond the scheduled class dates. The new platform was chosen by AGMA to provide a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for the global community. The goal was for students attending an AGMA online course to receive the same experience as they would in a face-to-face course.

Dean Burrows presents Joel Neidig with the Next Generation Award in 2016 at the Annual Meeting. (Courtesy: AGMA)

Don’t forget to nominate your outstanding employee for the AGMA Next Generation Award

Deadline: January 31

Take the time to recognize your employee who goes above and beyond in our industry. Each year, AGMA recognizes an individual responsible for one or more significant achievements and, through his or her efforts and work, has enhanced or strengthened the gear industry and/or AGMA. We are asking our member companies to make us aware of your stars by submitting a nomination for the AGMA Next Generation Award. Information is available on our website. The deadline is January 31. For more information contact

AGMA to host first international course in Mumbai, India

February 22-23

AGMA has partnered with Ovako, Virgo Communications, and the IPTEX/GRINDEX Show in Mumbai, India, to host its first international course: Steels for Gear Applications. The one-day class will be during the tradeshow at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, and attendees will have the option of attending on February 22 or 23. AGMA will offer this course as the first of many outside the United States as part of its global initiative in the AGMA strategic plan. Make sure if you attend to look out for the AGMA booth.

Register at:

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We have enjoyed connecting to many of you on social media and love seeing the pictures and stories our members share about their businesses and employees. We want to continue to grow our following and see all that is going on out there in the gear industry. Follow “American Gear Manufacturers Association” on LinkedIn, @agma on Twitter and @AGMAGear on Facebook. See all the opportunities AGMA has to offer with education, conferences, foundation items, and emerging technology. Stay connected to AGMA so we can be there for you.

Thank you to our guest bloggers; please send more

Thank you to those who have sent in ideas and articles for the blog. We have had a great response to Gears Matter and we want to keep the information flowing for our readers. We are looking for 300-400 words on any topic that might relate to the gear industry, and what better way than to have our members share their own thoughts or ideas? We have entries on foundations, communications, standards, and emerging technologies, to give you some ideas. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, please contact Rebecca Brinkley at

There are some great events planned for 2018, go to for the full schedule and details.