Q&A with Maeve McGoff

Sales & marketing coordinator, Cincinnati Gearing Systems


What do you do with Cincinnati Gearing Systems?

My responsibilities include marketing, video production and graphic design, product videos, company videos, print and web advertising, social media outreach, website maintenance, sales and marketing forecasting, customer relations, trade show coordination, customer surveys, industry trends, and tracking.

Having graphic design and video productions skills in-house, CGS is able to produce dedicated advertisements and projects. As opposed to outsourcing creative services, I am on site at all times to see and learn the product from start to finish, whereas outside commercial agencies are not as informed in product specific, industrial marketing. Due to CGS’ custom capabilities, every job is unique. In-house marketing allows continuous manufacturing.

Not only do advertising efforts benefit from my constant documentation, customers do as well. In some cases, I shoot, edit, and send video and photo timelines of a project to keep the customer up to date. Customers have been extremely receptive and appreciative to this method because not only does CGS say the project is on time, they can watch and see the status for themselves.

What has made you an emerging contributor and innovator in the gear industry?

  • Taking advantage of the multiple opportunities provided by AGMA and CGS such as the sales and marketing forecasting meetings, webinars.
  • The ability to respect and understand the fact that manufacturing is considered an “older trade” yet, conservatively enhancing and introducing marketing methods while maintaining industry integrity. 
  • Marketing gears and gearboxes is different from advertising typical consumer products. It’s not like you can go to aisle three at your local grocery store to pick up a bull gear or epicyclic gear set. Rather, it is more targeted and planned approaches that take time.
  • It is important to bridge the work force age gap:
  • With a refreshing outlook and marketing methods, it is easier for CGS to connect to the younger generations.
  • If we look at our phones, Apple and Android, the settings icons are gears. Gears have always been in the background of social interaction; it’s time to change that setting to the foreground. Manufacturing is old technology; the internet is new technology, and neither will survive alone.

How has working at Cincinnati Gearing Systems helped you become a gear industry leader?

  • Cincinnati Gearing Systems has an extremely talented and experienced workforce that I often reference while editing product videos or designing print materials. Having an in-house engineering department provides technical accuracy.
  • I am very fortunate to work within a sales department that exemplifies how to be successful, thorough, organized, knowledgeable, and still have fun. 
  • Cincinnati Gearing Systems is a founding member of AGMA. After understanding and appreciating the history and achievements of the gear community, I am devoted to honoring the past and committed to continue the future of American gear manufacturing.
  • Cincinnati Gearing Systems has provided great creative freedom for my position and thanks to the experienced and talented colleagues, CGS’ advertising and promotional methods not only inform and deliver value in a factual sense, they are also creative and appealing for a common consumer.
  • The Cincinnati Gearing Systems family is the gear industry leader; I am just a component. Every department and employee within production, machining, estimating, purchasing, quality, engineering, assembly, shipping, administration and, of course, sales are all gear teeth that just happen to mesh.

AGMA recently named you a Next Generation award recipient. What does it mean to you to be recognized?

First, I want to congratulate co-award recipient, Benjamin Sheen of the Eaton Corporation, as well as the previous winners.  I would like to thank Patrick Potter, director of sales for Cincinnati Gearing Systems for nominating me, everyone at CGS and other companies that have made an impact on my gear industry career and of course, AGMA for the recognition. Previous winners have been males with engineering backgrounds; therefore, being the first female with a marketing background to receive the next generation award is a distinct honor. There are more women in the male-dominated gear manufacturing industry than one would think, so I hope being the first female to receive this award will open opportunities and encourage more women to step up to be the leaders that they are.

What does it take to be successful in the gear industry today?

Keeping up with the trends, attending trade shows, conferences, constant updates. When it comes to this industry, it is vital to get to know your customer and product needs. Follow and measure leads, be realistic. Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising, so it is important to establish a good name and maintain healthy customer relationships. Never be afraid to try something new, even if it is a risk.

Where do you see the industry in the next 10 to 20 years and Cincinnati Gearing Systems’ — and your — place in it?

There is still a slight blue-collar stigma about manufacturing that needs to be eliminated. Online presence will continue to grow which in turn hopefully attracts younger people. I would like to see more trade-school recruitment and apprenticeship programs and an overall increase in course offerings for technical and engineering programs. 

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