With over 80 years of combined experience in the gear-cutting industry, father and son Frank and Robert Carmona and the people at Carmona Gear are here to serve those in need of their gear knowhow and expertise.

There’s something to be said about a small company with big aspirations. It’s ambitious, hard working, and dedicated to catering to the needs of its customer base. Carmona Gear Cutting in Rockford, Illinois, is that small company, and it has been serving businesses in need of gear-cutting expertise since 1985.

Founded by Frank Carmona nearly 30 years ago, Carmona Gear brings both the experience of working at a big-name company and the customer service associated with smaller businesses to the table.

“My dad worked at one of the major machine tool makers in the area,” Robert Carmona, president and son of Frank, said. “It made more than just gear cutting machines. They made textile machines, lathes, small motors and more. He was in charge of the hobbing division. Then, they sold that gear-cutting line. He decided to go out on his own and start up his own gear cutting business in 1985. So, he just started there. He bought one machine, and now we’re up to 25, including hobbing machines and gear shapers.”

Frank Carmona accumulated roughly 30 years of experience before going out on his own to start Carmona Gear, where he still works on a semi-retired basis, and his son holds 29 years of gear-cutting experience to his name. Aside from Carmona and his father, there are five family employees working at the Rockford facility. But don’t let those small numbers fool you. The people at Carmona Gear are responsible for the manufacturing and shipping of all of their products for both local companies and those outside of the Midwest.

“We do gear cutting service for a number of businesses,” Carmona said. “We do service for gear cutting companies in this area with their overflow or gears or splines out of their capabilities. We are capable of doing small to large quantities from one piece to production. We meet their requirements on their print. If not, we are capable of reverse engineering, too, where the customer provides us a sample. If they have a breakdown and don’t have a print, we will reverse engineer it to make it per sample. We’ll make it work so they can get running again.”

Whether they’re manufacturing gears and cutting teeth for midwestern businesses closer to home or shipping gears to clients in other parts of the United States, Carmona Gear’s mission to the customer remains constant.

“We’re providing service through gear cutting and for different industries, including the automotive, aerospace, food and printing industries,” Carmona said. “We’ve done a number of prototypes for different industries. We provide clutch plates and pressure plates for the agricultural industry. We cut custom gears for racing when racers want to change the ratio in their gearing to get more torque. We’ve cut custom axels and also shafts for hydraulic pumps, too. Really anything that needs a drive on it. That’s what we do. We specialize in cutting the teeth.”

Carmona and his company are here to serve the gear manufacturing industry, whatever the specific needs of each customer may be.

“We’re here to provide services for anybody who needs it,” Robert said.

For More Information:
Contact Robert Carmona at (815) 963-8236 or email him at carmonagear@yahoo.com.