Going ‘All In for MPT Expo’ in St. Louis


It’s hard to believe that we’re now more than six months into this pandemic. Back in March, like many of you, I was looking forward to a very busy year of travel — seeing our members, attending meetings, and most importantly, visiting trade shows in a wide variety of industries. The power transmission industry, and especially the gear industry, thrives in the face-to-face marketing environment that trade shows create. But this year, in these crazy pandemic times, we’ve all been forced to live without those marketing opportunities that shows such as IMTS, MineExpo, and others create throughout the year.

Since March 15, almost every in-person event, meeting, and trade show has been canceled, and there are no major manufacturing trade shows on the books for the rest of 2020. All of us were left scrambling on how to best connect with our customers and the rest of our supply chain.

So, what did all the marketers out there do to fill the gap? We at AGMA, like most of you, went virtual. Zoom happy hours, webinars, Teams calls — hours and hours of “connecting” the best we could over the internet. Did it work in a pinch? Yes. Did we figure out that we could hammer out a lot of details over the phone instead of across a table? Yes. Did we build excitement for our products and services? My guess is … no — or at least not to the same degree to which we can convey the passion we have for our services and our industry in person. This just highlights the gap between the virtual experience and an in-person event.

What the pandemic has reinforced to me is that there is no substitution for getting to network face-to-face with peers in the industry. The reasons to attend and exhibit at trade shows will only be more important in 2021, as everyone clamors to get back together with our peers.

AGMA’s Board of Directors, the AGMA Trade Show Committee, and the AGMA community recognize that it is vital to provide an in-person sales channel for the power transmission and gear markets. Fortunately, Motion + Power Technology Expo is perfectly timed to take advantage of that pent-up demand for gathering the industry together — in September 2021. It is a great opportunity for sales teams to hit the marketing trifecta of generating new leads while strengthening key relationships and building brand awareness. For visitors, MPT Expo will be a great opportunity to “kick the tires” of the latest technologies, while checking in with your existing vendors and, most importantly, networking with your peers in the industry.

Over the next few months, AGMA will be unveiling a new “We’re All In for MPT Expo” campaign highlighting all the reasons why the MPT Expo will be the most important sales and networking event for the power transmission industry next year. AGMA invites all our exhibitors, members, partners, and customers to be “All In” with us, too, and plan now to be in St. Louis, September 14-16, 2021.

Motion + Power Technology Expo (and Gear Expo before it) has always been a valuable show that displays the best technological innovations to a focused, high-quality group of buyers and industry leaders. MPT Expo 2021 will be no exception as we all look to build the industry back to pre-pandemic levels.

I am excited to be able to welcome everyone back to the show in person next year and to show off my hometown of St. Louis. I’m All In for MPT Expo — and I hope you’ll be, too.

Motion + Power Technology Expo
September 14–16,2021
America’s Center  |  St. Louis, Missouri

To find out more about MPT Expo exhibits, events, and education opportunities, visit www.motionpowerexpo.com.

Motion + Power Technology Expo Has Industry Leaders All In, Are You?

The Motion + Power Technology Expo, produced by the American Gear Manufacturers Association, connects the top manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and experts in the mechanical and gear power, electric power, and fluid power industries.

  • Where: St. Louis, Missouri.
  • When: September 14-16, 2021.
  • How to Exhibit: Contact Christine von Steiger, P: 703-706-8252, E: agmasales@ntpevents.com.
  • More info: motionpowerexpo.com

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