AGMA expands its market intelligence partners


Among the many lessons that have been learned over the last two-plus years, the “supply chain is fragile” and “information is key” stand out the most. At AGMA, we see that our members need actionable data more than ever and have added strategic partners that are looking at unique sectors to strengthen our overall package of information for members. We started with a solid foundation of the MMTR, GMR, and ORR and have added partnerships and tighter alignment with four other companies. 

At its core, the AGMA program begins with the Monthly Market Trend Report (MMTR). Managed by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), this report is created through domestic AGMA company members entering monthly booking and shipment data of gears and flexible couplings. The information is captured completely anonymously, and the companies that participate have a unique view of the aggregate data and exclusive access to other related information. The industry data is then used by IHS Markit, now S&P, to prepare AGMA’s flagship offering, the quarterly Gear Market Report (GMR). The GMR is a dense document that provides macro- and micro-level information especially relevant to gear-industry professionals. The AGMA Board felt this information was so important that, starting this year, in 2022, they removed the separate subscription fee and made it a full member benefit. Individual members who tie their record to their company membership can download the report from the AGMA online store. They can also attend the annual spring webinar at no additional cost.

The final program AGMA has been offering for the last decade is the Operating Ratio Report (ORR). This report is, again, exclusively available to gear manufacturers in North America. It is the benchmarking report for the gear industry providing information through an annual profitability survey. Eligible members simply fill out a questionnaire and send it directly to our partner, The Mackay Consultants, by June 1 of each year to participate. And they are the only recipients of the aggregate report.

Springboarding off these three solid reports, AGMA saw the need for deeper information in specific sectors. In 2021, AGMA partnered with Interact Analysis to offer members a static version of their Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) tracker. Material handling is a huge piece of work in the gear industry. Interact Analysis’ research covers the automation value chain. They look at goods moving from original sources through warehouse and distribution channels all the way into delivery trucks. Their research pods include industrial automation, robotics and warehouse automation, and commercial vehicles — all areas of importance to our members.

The electric vehicle space is rapidly growing and rapidly changing. For the past two years, AGMA has relied on keynote presentations and specific informational sessions with our Electric Drive Technology Committee with our partners Joe McCabe and Casey Selecman at AutoForecast Solutions. With years of experience in the automotive sector, they are building a unique product called the AFS ePower Pack that forecasts every electrified vehicle built today and the next eight years globally. From understanding the changing face of gears for EV — literally — they have been a great aid to AGMA and the EV committee in answering questions about this fast-changing space.

AGMA has been fortunate for the last two years, and again in 2022, to partner with the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) on the economic front. NFPA offers member rates for AGMA members attending their Industry & Outlook Economic Conference each August. This event provides a comprehensive lineup of speakers for the full market intelligence experience. And NFPA allows our S&P economist to give the Gear Market Report as one of the presentations specifically for our member guests.

We continue to explore other relationships including one of our favorite Annual Meeting speakers, Jim Meil. With his dry wit and accurate data, Jim is a must-have for our Annual Meeting attendees. AGMA is exploring more work with him and ACT Research as they dig into another important sector for AGMA members — commercial vehicle and transportation — specifically the Class 4-8 truck market, which has its own unique pressures in the forthcoming electrification of vehicles.

Our members are seeing that data is king when deciding how to navigate these ever-changing situations of a global market. We are listening to what companies need and want. If you are interested in joining the Market Intelligence Committee or need help with any one of these great resources, please reach out to Mary Ellen Doran at

Upcoming Education

Gear Manufacturing and Inspection
May 17-19, 2022

While function and rating are important factors in a successful gear design, to be truly optimal and successful, the gear designer must also design the gears to be manufactured and inspected. This course will address key factors in a wide variety of manufacturing and inspection processes to enable the gear designer to better design optimal gears considering both rating and the necessary manufacturing and inspection processes to produce the gears as designed. The learner will develop a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears, as well as interpret how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.

Successfully Meeting New U.S. Government Contract Requirements
to Win More Federal Government Business
May 18, 2022

In this webinar, leading government contracts experts will cover the landscape of new opportunities and legal requirements for companies seeking to win U.S. federal government business, including:

  • Buy America Act changes.
  • Qualifying for new infrastructure funding and contractor opportunities.
  • Data security and supply chain security requirements.
  • Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance.
  • Identifying, responding to and managing contract “flow down” requirements.

Hard Finishing Cell with In-Process Gear Inspection
and Noise Evaluation for e-Drive Gears
June 1, 2022

E-Drive gears differentiate from other gears in two essential ways: higher quality and the need for an excellent noise behavior. This webinar will showcase a totally new approach of gear inspection using Gleason’s newly developed GRSL (Gear Rolling System with Integrated Laser Technology).

Analytical Gear Chart Interpretation
June 2, 2022

This course is an introduction to the methodology of analytical gear inspection and the evaluation and interpretation of the resulting data. The application of this information to identify and correct manufacturing errors will be explored. Additionally, it reviews chart interpretation and applies inspection data to understand the causes and cures of manufacturing errors. Many chart examples are used to understand cause and effect.

Networking: Get excited for this year’s SRN

2022 AGMA Strategic Resources Network (SRN)
June 1-3, 2022  |  Nashville, Tennessee

The AGMA Strategic Resources Network (SRN) is a group that brings together AGMA members at all stages in their gear-industry careers. The goal of the SRN is to provide a dynamic, educational, and collaborative forum to help participants grow, both within the industry and the association. The 2022 SRN Meeting is the perfect place for members to gain knowledge on leadership, best business practices, AGMA resources, technology, and professional development. Come for the expert knowledge but stay for the endless networking and connections, all in the exciting city of Nashville, Tennessee.

New AGMA Board of Directors announced

Every three years, there are changes to the AGMA Board of Directors. The changes to the Board of Directors were announced at the 2022 AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The newly added members include:

  • Joe Goral, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bourn & Koch, Inc.
  • Michelle Maddox, Sales & Business Development Manager, B&R Machine and Gear Corp.
  • Nicole M. Wolter, President and CEO, HM Manufacturing.
  • Scott Yoders, Vice President, Sales, Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc.

Calendar of events

May 17-19 — Gear Manufacturing and Inspection — St. Augustine, Florida

May 24 — Metallurgy and Materials Committee Meeting — WebEx

May 26 — Bevel Gearing Committee Meeting — WebEx

June 1-3 — Strategic Resources Network (SRN) — Sheraton Grand Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

June 2 — Gear Accuracy Technical Committee — WebEx

June 8 — Aerospace Committee — WebEx

June 21-23 — Gear Failure Analysis — St. Louis, Missouri

June 30 — Materials and Metallurgy — WebEx

July 12 — Bevel Gearing Committee — WebEx

July 13-14 — Flexible Couplings Committee — Chicago, Illinois

July 19-21 — Gearbox Systems Design — Clearwater, Florida

July 26-29 — Heat Treatment for Operators -— Chicago, Illinois