AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting gives members chance to meet face-to-face


In a digital, fast-paced world, it is easy to choose the convenience of online communication over meeting in person. It is proven to be quicker and sometimes easier to email or call to discuss business, but is it really better? While online networking is still a big part of relationship development, it does not hold the same value as meeting your peers and business prospects face-to-face.

According to, “Nearly 100 percent of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.” Not only are you able to shake a person’s hand and read facial expressions, but it allows for a greater sense of trust to develop during the interaction. You are more likely to remember the conversation when you can visualize who you had it with.

The AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting was specifically designed to assist members in building valuable relationships needed in the gear and bearings industries. This annual event is the place to meet and reconnect with like-minded professionals and suppliers to add value to your business. Join us April 11-13 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and let the networking begin.

The AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting was specifically designed to assist members in building valuable relationships needed in the gear and bearings industries.

The Annual Meeting not only provides you a with a way to exchange ideas and develop new business connections with your peers, but you are provided with all the industry experts in one place. Instead of traveling to three difference conferences, you are able to hear about the latest economic trends, tariffs, technology, workforce development, and blockchain to name a few. This unparalleled conference schedule will make coming to the Annual Meeting the best investment you make all year.

Some business presentations include:

Carey Lohrenz, First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot, U.S. Navy: Lessons In Leadership.

Nate Bolin, Partner, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP: Surviving the Trade Tornado: Recent Developments and Prospects for the Year Ahead.

Chandra Brown, Executive Director, DMDII: Every Part Better Than the Last: A Vision for U.S. Manufacturing.

Jim Meil, Principal, Industry Analysis, ACT Research: U.S. Economy and Business Outlook — Can it Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking?

Jack Shaw, Executive Director, American Blockchain Council: The Blockchain Transformation of Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

There are many reasons to attend the 2019 AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting. One of the most important aspects of this meeting is that it was made for you by you. Our Annual Meeting Committee members are gear and bearing industry professionals and suppliers. They know what is important to cover and have guided the associations to make an event that is right for you.  We look forward to seeing you in Scottsdale April 11-13. To register for this event, visit: or

Thank you to the AGMA/ABMA Committee

  • David Goodfellow, Star SU, LLC, chairman.

AGMA Participants

  • Jim Bregi, Doppler Gear Company.
  • Dean Burrows, Gear Motions Inc.
  • John Cross, ASI Technologies.
  • Dave Long, Chalmers, Kubeck Inc.
  • Mike McKernin, Circle Gear and Machine Company.
  • Anne Miner, Machine Tool Builders.
  • Greg Schulte, Bonfiglioli USA.

ABMA Participants

  • Jeff Manzagol, NN Inc.
  • Tony Richey, Specialty Steel Treating Inc.


The Annual Meeting not only provides you a with a way to exchange ideas and develop new business connections with your peers, but you are provided with all the industry experts in one place.

Presentations at the 2019 AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting

Nate Bolin

Partner, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP

Surviving the Trade Tornado: Recent Developments and Prospects for the Year Ahead

Last year was anything but quiet on the trade front, and companies continue to face a range of challenging issues under the rapidly changing U.S. trade laws. This presentation will survey recent major changes in those laws — from Section 301 and 232 tariffs to U.S.-China trade tensions, antidumping duties, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and bilateral trade negotiations with Japan, the EU, and other countries — and how they may affect you. We will also discuss strategies for surviving and even thriving in this landscape and what the prospects are for the remainder of 2019.

Chandra Brown

Executive Director, DMDII

Every Part Better than the Last: A Vision for U.S. Manufacturing

The opportunities presented by digital transformation are great but are too often impeded by a lack of vision, actionable plans, business cases, resources, know-how, cyber assurance, and other factors. U.S. manufacturers are faced with an urgent challenge to seize this opportunity and make wise technology investments, while not being distracted by any and every technological fad. The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute’s (DMDII) Executive Director, Chandra Brown, will talk about building real-time adaptive factory capabilities into existing and new processes, protecting our growing digital advantage and investing in the people and systems needed to realize a vision of “Every Part Better than the Last.”

Carey Lohrenz

First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot, U.S. Navy

Lessons In Leadership

As the first female F-14 fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure, extreme environments imaginable. In 1994, when Lohrenz was deployed to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, there were fewer than five female aviators on a ship of 5,000 male crew members. Facing uncharted waters in an intensely male-dominated environment, Lohrenz learned vital lessons in leadership that followed her into the corporate world. The most successful leaders share a common foundation of principles used from the flight deck to the front office. The greatest leaders from all corners of the world know how to inspire, use good judgment, take initiative, and make powerful decisions — with integrity. In this keynote, Lohrenz shares the fundamentals that helped her win in the cockpit at Mach 2 and can help your team win in business.

Jim Meil

Principal, Industry Analysis, ACT Research

U.S. Economy and Business Outlook — Can it Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking?

When the AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting convenes in April 2019, the U.S. economy is likely to be in record-setting territory for business cycle expansion length. Having started in June 2009, it will be celebrating a 10th birthday in just two months and will be the longest span in the post-World War II period without a recession.

But the path hasn’t always been easy, and 2019 may not be a slam dunk. Tariffs, regulations, dysfunctionality in the D.C. Beltway, a slowdown in China and Europe, plus rising interest rates could put growth in jeopardy. Most of the businesses served by AGMA/ABMA members are highly sensitive to the economic cycle. Insights into the pace of the economy and particularly its duration are critical for effective business planning. Jim Meil’s analysis has helped meeting attendees determine the momentum of the domestic economy, and the direction of interest rates, capital spending, manufacturing activity, international economic strength, and business confidence, all key to members, suppliers, and customers.

Alberto Moel

VP, Strategy and Partnerships, VEO Robotics

The End of Fear: How Collaborative Industrial Robots Will Change Durable Goods Manufacturing

Increasing mass-customization and shorter product cycles intensifies the need to integrate human ingenuity and flexibility with the strength, precision, and speed of robots and machines in manufacturing. But because automation can be dangerous to humans, humans and robots are currently kept apart by cages and other safety devices. Although there have been advances in the development of collaborative robots, these robots sacrifice performance for safety. Alberto Moel will provide insight into how Veo Robotics is developing solutions that allow traditional industrial robots to understand where they are in a work cell, identify workpieces and the humans working around them, and take safe and effective actions when interacting with humans.


Stan Shoun, President of Ranken Technical College; Dr. David Girzadas, Dean of College to Careers at Richard J. Daley College; Kimberly Jones, State Director, Illinois, U.S. Department of Labor; Franco Dutto, VP Human Resources, Compliance and Sustainability at Tsubaki Nakashima

Panel Discussion: Practical Solutions for Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow’s Workforce

Finding, training, and nurturing the workforce of tomorrow is the single largest threat facing all manufacturers, no matter what size or product scope. According to Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, over the next decade, we can expect nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed, and 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap.

Join education and labor experts from Ranken Technical College, Daley College, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Tsubaki Nakashima for this panel that will share pragmatic and successful strategies being deployed at the technical school and industry levels to secure employees. You will learn how to work with local schools, organizations, and extend your reach into your communities to find the right employees for your company. Get all the tools you need to grow the future of manufacturing at every level.

Jack Shaw

Executive Director, American Blockchain Council

The Blockchain Transformation of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The world will change more in the next five to 10 years than it has in the past 50. And perhaps no technology will drive that change more than Blockchain. It will affect every organization in every industry — just as the internet has. Executives are becoming aware that Blockchain is important, but it is still not well understood by most.

The enabling technology underlying the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain lets people and businesses have trustworthy interactions without requiring costly third-party intermediaries. They can create and maintain cryptographically secure, completely immutable, totally verifiable records of transactions, ownership of assets, authentication of identity, exchange of digital currencies, and smart contracts.

Smart contracts are created using computer code on a Blockchain rather than written language. Jack Shaw will help attendees make sense of Blockchain and how it can be used in a manufacturing setting. He will discuss how Blockchain technologies extend the concept of digital transformation beyond individual process and specific geographical locations. They enable the digital transformation of entire business and social ecosystems. This means a radical transformation of how all aspects of procurement and supply chain management will work in the near future.

Jack Uldrich

Global Futurist, Speaker & Author

Business as Unusual

As Yogi Berra once famously said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” He was right. In fact, the future is going to be downright unusual. This begs the obvious question: How do you prepare for an uncertain and unpredictable future? The answer is that you and your organization must think and act in unorthodox ways. In this unconventional keynote presentation, Jack Uldrich helps his audience unlearn the barriers holding them back, so they can unlock new levels of creativity and innovation. He concludes by guiding participants through a series of tangible actions that will unleash their ability to create their own future and, in the process, achieve uncommon levels of success.


Special Networking Events at Annual Meeting

First Timers’ Reception

If this is your first time attending the Annual Meeting, please let us know by clicking the First Timer box on the registration form. This will grant you access to the First Timers Reception on April 11, which is open to only first-time attendees and their spouses and guests. This wonderful reception is where you will be paired with an Annual Meeting veteran who will contact you prior to the reception to answer any questions you might have.

This invitation-only event offers first-time attendees an intimate gathering place to meet other first timers and AGMA and ABMA leadership. We look forward to welcoming you to the community!

Welcome Reception

So much of the Annual Meeting revolves around networking and the opportunities to reconnect with friends and colleagues while making new acquaintances. This year’s reception is on the resort’s Northern Sky Terrace overlooking picturesque mountain views and local scenery. Join us for a cocktail to kick off the first networking event of the 2019 Annual Meeting.

A golf tournament will benefit the AGMA scholarship fund.

Golfing for Scholars!

String and Mulligan Sales will benefit AGMA Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Golf beginners, experts, and everything in between are welcome to join the annual Golf Tournament at The Westin Kierland Golf Club. To follow the new tournament style developed in 2018, the players will be divided into three teams to compete in larger groups. This will generate some healthy competition and provide a more exciting pace of play. Each team will be divided into foursomes and play the “best ball” format. The difference is that you earn points as a team as opposed to points earned for each stroke. The scoring is done by hole rather than cumulative score for each round to accommodate the wide range of handicaps and skill levels.

A cornhole tournament is back by popular demand.

Cornhole Tournament

Back by popular demand, join us for a fun and competitive afternoon of the popular tailgate game. Grab a teammate, design your uniforms, and get ready to compete in our second annual tournament. If bean bag tossing is not your thing, spectators and cheerleaders are welcome to join in for refreshments and sideline games. Prizes will be given for both skill and team spirit, so bring your A-game!

This year’s theme-night reception features casino-style games.

Casino Night

Annual Meeting attendees have hit the jackpot with this year’s theme-night reception. Join us for a fun and glamorous Casino Night featuring a variety of table games, Las Vegas style entertainment, and fabulous food and drinks. Players will be given game currency for open play and additional currency will be available for purchase with proceeds benefiting the AGMA Foundation. Shake, rattle, and roll your way over to this unforgettable event!

Closing Dinner

As we wrap up another successful Annual Meeting, the Closing Dinner is your final opportunity to spend time with old and new friends to recognize some outstanding members of the AGMA and ABMA community during our annual awards ceremony. Dinner guests will leave inspired by our motivating speaker Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy!


Be a sponsor for the Annual Meeting

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All sponsors will receive:

  • Company logo on the annual meeting web page with links to your company’s website from the time of securing the sponsorship through the post-meeting press activities.
  • Your company’s logo will be printed in all materials for the meeting and in the onsite program. The earlier you sponsor, the more times your logo will be seen.
  • Printed signs and video screen recognition during the event.
  • Specific recognition for the item/event.

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