Q&A with MPT Expo attendees


The Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019 is scheduled to hit Detroit, Michigan, October 15-17. The show will bring thousands of industry experts and insiders to the Motor City, where they will be on hand with knowledge to take gear manufacturing and more into 2020 and beyond.

Gear Solutions reached out to several exhibitors and asked them to share their plans for M+PT Expo 2019. If you’re going to be at the show, be sure and stop by their booths for more information.


Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT)

Booth #4600

Vasko Popovski, PE, Director of Sales and Marketing

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is exhibiting at M+P Tech Expo to meet face-to-face with engineers and purchasing professionals about the metallurgy of gears and related components, and how AHT can help them overcome their wear, fatigue, and corrosion challenges. Guests will be able to speak with technical and operations personnel to get the heat treat & metallurgy answers they need now.

Diablo Furnaces

Booth #3407 (M+PT Expo, Machine Tool Builders) and Booth #1318 (Heat Treat Expo)

Bill Gornicki, CEO

Diablo Furnaces is a new heat-treating OEM poised for growth. Supporting well-known industrial companies with new equipment, Diablo is exhibiting and conveying “Service” by showing our new Utility Van and how it’s an integral part of our company growth. Service is an extension of every aspect from sales, customer relations, installation, and aftermarket, and what better symbol to showcase than our new service vehicle. The expo is the place where connections happen.   


Booth #3209

Pat Albers, Marketing Coordinator

Euro-Tech will feature precision hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks, a workholding solution for high force applications, plus Frenco GmbH spline and gear inspection systems. MyTec Hydraclamp expansion tools are the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine. Mytec’s line of arbors and chucks feature accuracy down to 0.0004” (mechanical) or 0.00012” (hydraulic) plus high expansion rates up to 0.010” or greater in a stainless steel construction offering an excellent solution for workholding where high forces are incurred or auto load applications where high clearance is required. Frenco’s spline gages provide several methods of spline inspection ranging from attribute, to variable and culminating at fully automatic. We will feature hand gages, concentricity gages, and a double flank gear inspection system. Stop by Booth #3209 to check it out!

Forest City Gear

Booth #3418

Jared Lyford, Director of Manufacturing Operations

Visitors to the Forest City Gear booth often arrive armed with drawings and looking for solutions to some of their toughest applications challenges. In many cases, the gears they really need don’t yet exist. Their journey to the right gear for the job often begins right here. So, we take a different approach from many exhibitors at the M+P Tech Expo. We won’t have commodity products on display or demonstrate off-the-the-shelf solutions. We’ll have plenty of examples of the fine- and medium-pitch precision gears customers throughout the gear industries rely on us to produce.


Booth #3203

Michael Larson, Marketing Director

Clamping solutions for the gear-cutting industry are unique and have special requirements. From our point of view, this is not an ordinary trade show. Attendees come to M+P Tech Expo with a purpose: They are looking for solutions to their gear manufacturing challenges, so be prepared to do business. Highlighting our booth will be the G211 and the MAXXOS mandrels. With our G211, you are relying on a standard segmented mandrel. The rigid and narrow mandrel with optimized tool runout contour is ideal for gear-cutting applications. Three end-stop levels make it possible to use individual workpiece end-stops. The G211 is ideal for gear hobbing, but it can also be used for gear cutting or gear grinding. The new MAXXOS has a hexagonal pyramid shape, perfect for demanding manufacturing.


Booth #3607

Bill Miller, Vice President of Sales and Service

We are exhibiting at MPT Expo to meet our customers and introduce ourselves to new prospects.  We’ll introduce our latest KX500FLEX gear grinder with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which calculates and implements corrections for quality assurance both during setup and in production. Our measuring system KNM 5X will be introduced at MPT Expo. The KNM 5X (like the KNM 2X) is equipped with active air damping and thermal comp eliminating effects of shop floor conditions. Penta Gear Metrology highlights its functional and analytical gear inspection hardware for shop-floor use, as well as the latest generation evaluation software (PentaSoft). Attendees will also learn the technology of superfinishing gears. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.

Booth #4418

Dwight Smith, Vice President

The M+P Tech Expo is the place key decision makers come to find solutions. As a longtime leader in the gear industry, MHIA utilizes the EXPO to develop and maintain relationships with customers and to introduce new products. This year is very exciting, as we will debut our new ZE26C generating gear grinder to the North American market. This innovative machine reduces non-grinding time to increase throughput and productivity while the single table design provides low total cost of ownership. Come see this innovative machine.

oelheld U.S. Inc.

Booth #3803

Stephan Hecht, Executive Vice President

To meet gear-minded friends, customers, prospects, and OEM acquaintances. Motion + Power is always like a happy family gathering with lots of questions asked, news exchanged, and old friendships rekindled; oelheld U.S. Inc., as an innovative and quality-minded supplier to national- and international-operating automotive and specialty-gear manufacturers, will have information material on their best-selling and performing gear-grinding fluids as well as the revolutionary Vomat filtration system at its booth. 

Piselli Enterprises Inc.

Booth #4500

Rich Piselli, President

Piselli Enterprises Inc. is exhibiting at the Motion + Power Expo because we want to get back in touch with all the customers we have missed over the years. By starting this new company, it has given us the opportunity to exhibit and put a face with a name, discuss future gear-machine requirements, and talk about the values of their surplus equipment or continued growth and how we can assist. Maybe a simple glass of Scotch, wine, or beer while you rest your feet at the end of a long day. Stop by, and say hello.

Rotec Tools Ltd.

Booth #3131

Ivo Straessle, Owner and President

Rotec Tools Ltd. (Mahopac, New York) is displaying the Affolter and Diametal product line at their information booth. Affolter Group has a 100-year history on small gear and pinion manufacturing. Affolter Technologies is manufacturing gear-hobbing machines for small-diameter and small-pitch gears, including spur-, helical-, bevel-, and crown-gears. Diametal is a manufacturer of carbide gear-hobs, including rack-cutters and gear-shaving cutters. Their specialty is fine-pitch hobs.   


Booth #3439

Hariet Tischer, Key Account Manager

Exhibiting our products and capabilities at the M+P Tech Expo is a good way of reaching a large number of key decision makers, gear buyers, and engineers within the automotive, truck, and off-highway industry. The show is a great opportunity to network, build relationships, and to have excellent discussions about the automotive industry, current challenges, and the major changes we are facing, such as electrification and autonomous driving. We are all about gears and their key functional area — the toothing.

Southern Gear

Booth #4228

Allan Arch, President

At our booth, attendees will learn why Southern Gear is the go-to source for custom precision gears for industries from aerospace to defense and everything in between since 1957. We look forward to meeting with buyers from industry-leading companies to demonstrate how our skilled workforce with an average tenure of more than a decade, our over-100 modern machines, and our hundreds of thousands of hours of experience making precision gears can work for them to solve their most demanding gear needs.

United Tool Supply

Booth #4614

Curtis Criswell, Director of Operations

We continually look forward to the M+P Tech Expo to reignite the excitement that comes from working within this industry. The constant buzz and optimism of what’s to come flowing through the expo hall reverberates throughout the attendees and exhibitors alike. We are excited to reconnect with our industry peers, take in what other exhibitors have to offer, and spend a few days introducing new and existing customers to our revamped product line. Our booth will be full of our latest product advancements, in combination with the products that have made our business what it’s been for the last four decades.