Q&A with Lewis Weiss

CEO, founder and president of All Metals & Forge Group and Manufacturing Talk Radio


Since this weekly live Internet talk show launched in 2013, you and Tim Grady have discussed breaking news, business trends and economic forecasts in the manufacturing industry for manufacturers of all sizes across America. Why did you two start this online radio channel?

The idea popped into my head at 2:30 in the morning on October 13. I said, “How can I reach more of my market, including where my competition is empowering me?” I woke up and said, “A radio show! That’s what we’ll do. A radio show!” There’s myself and Tim Grady, who is the co-host and works with me in this project. He’s in Atlanta, and I’m in New Jersey. So, we do a lot of marketing, and I’ve done a lot of marketing to appeal to the manufacturing sector. We’ve done 50 shows now since this started. We’ve done research on it, and, frankly, I don’t think there’s anyone out there doing it. It was by the third or fourth show that we said, “You know, we’re really doing something here.” We got into the idea of conveying information to our client base and our manufacturing base, especially since 2008. It’s been a hard time getting out of the dump. Companies were experiencing everything from financial to marketing to HR issues. We decided then that this was a pretty good idea for us to create Manufacturing Talk Radio and get people talking to the people. It’s really been a wild success.

How does this talk show serve its audience and listeners?

Information is what it is all about. I feel as though that we’re doing something good for the manufacturing sector.  We have over 100,000 total listeners in a year and potential manufacturing listeners of 35 million.  So, we have our work cut out for us.  But from the responses we are receiving, out listenership should grow exponentially.

Who does your radio talk show serve, and what do they have to benefit from tuning in? How will this benefit the manufacturing industry?

Well, everybody has problems. We’re about giving information and helping. We don’t attack our customers and friends and manufacturers all over the country. The whole idea is that it’s like a high-level infomercial in that we get to convey the message that the listeners need to hear. We’ve had Exim Bank on it. They even came back to us and said that people have come contacted them from the show; that they’ve found that they have another potential lending source to be able to borrow money for their business operations for exports. We let people know what’s going on in various sectors of the industry; not only with small business, but with large corporations as well. We’ve had several women entrepreneurs who have been on the show and who have talked about the trials and tribulations that women face still today in the business world. So, there’s no one topic. It’s whatever seems to make sense and if we can make a story out of it and find the right candidate to be an interviewee, we go for it. Actually, we’re pretty much booked out through January. There hasn’t been one person who we have approached and given the 2-minute elevator pitch and then the 5-minute hard push who has refused to be on the show. That’s really saying something, and it amazes me every time it happens.

What do you expect to come from this radio program? What are your goals for this talk show?

It’s possible that this could be taken over and expanded. We’re looking at the possibility of presenting the idea to certain radio networks; maybe even satellite networks, and see where we take it. We’re involved with a radio business development consultant just recently, and that’s the main question that I’ve asked him. Where can we take this? I’ve been in the metals field for over 50 years, and now all of a sudden, I’m a radio rock star. So, I wear my Hawaiian shirt and I’ve got long hair and a beard, but where am I taking the radio show? I’m not exactly sure.

How can people tune into your show, and how can they get involved?

We do a live 1-hour broadcast every Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST. Listeners are invited to send their questions and comments to live@mfgtalkradio.com during the broadcast to be answered live on the air. Upcoming shows will include owners of manufacturing businesses, officials from government departments that impact the industry, and other experts with actionable information to help guide listeners from management to the shop floor. You can listen live on the day of the show on any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you missed the live broadcast, visit our website and browse our library of previous shows. To receive information on future live broadcasts or on how you can be a guest on Manufacturing Talk Radio Live, email us at info@mfgtalkradio.com.

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