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Allen Adams Shaper Services

Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc. was formed in March 2002 to provide you with service on your Fellows Gear Shapers. […]


  How did Hainbuch get started? It’s a very innovative company that’s been in business since 1951. It started out […]

A Look at Expanding Mandrels for Gear Workholding

In the gear manufacturing industry, the final inspection process is the last step before the gear is shipped to the […]

TOOLING & WORKHOLDING: Working with Workholding Suppliers

There have been and continue to be many technical improvements in the workholding industry. These improvements keep up with the evolution […]

Taking the Wait out of Workholding To Speed Up Bevel Gear Development

The bevel gear manufacturing landscape has changed extensively in recent years, particularly for producers of driveline components for the light […]

TOOLING & WORKHOLDING: Large and Small Gear Processing Reaps Benefits from Modern Workholding Synergies

Gears — both large and small — have similar issues when it comes to manufacturing. Whether that means high volume […]

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Customer Need is the Impetus for Design Evolution

Good quotations can sum up the jewels of life’s wisdom. They often come from people with significant and prolific accomplishments […]

Rigid, Accurate, and Dependable Workholding

As I sit down to write this article, I realize that in one week I will have spent 35 years […]

Hobbing Large Gears with Custom Workholding Let ROI Blossom

Savvy gear manufacturers not only look at new machines and cutting tools but also focus on and invest in their […]

Workholding: A Vital Component of Gear Manufacturing

Never assume gripping a gear is easy. Gear workholding is possibly the most complex workholding challenge we face because of […]

Streamlining Production with Premium Workholding

In an era of domestic and international competitive pressures, gear manufacturers with fabrication sites throughout the United States and internationally […]

Gripping Systems for Increased Versatility

Those in the automotive industry who want to stay flexible in manufacturing need space for gripper storage stations and changing […]

Clamping Onto Increased Production

In order to efficiently manufacture more than 12,000 toothed parts with a wide range of dimensions, having lot sizes of […]

Clamping Large Turned Parts

Increased demand for large-size parts such as gears and turbine blades, mostly coming from the energy sector, requires machine shops […]

Workholding That Works

Like most manufactures, gear manufacturers today find themselves with the challenge of maintaining viability, maximizing profits, and enhancing productivity. Most […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part III

To conclude our three-part series on the principles of workholding we will begin with an overview of inspection devices, both […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part II

This is the second installment of a series of articles devoted to presenting and/or introducing the various designs — and […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part I

This article is the first of a mult-part series intended to inform, guide, and assist the gear manufacturing industry in […]

Workholding Made Simple

In the past, generations lived from cradle to grave with little noticeable difference in lifestyle. Today, as you well know, […]

Taking Hold with Hydraulics

For over 60 years Hydra-Lock Corporation has been the leader in hydraulic work and tool holding. We are the originators […]

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