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Machine Retrofitting/Rebuilding

Piselli Enterprises

Piselli Enterprises is based out of Statesville, North Carolina and serves the gear industry for high-quality new and used gear […]

Advanced Cutting Tool Systems

40 Years of Innovative Cutting Tool Solutions Advanced Cutting Tool Systems is a world leader in the special design and […]

Diablo Furnaces

Diablo Company Products & Services Diablo Furnaces provides New Standard and Customized Furnace equipment such as Roller Hearths, Internal Quench […]

Choosing a Resharpening Resource

On a per-unit basis, the overall cost of cutting tools in a gear cutting process boils down to only a […]

Sinto America

Sinto America, Inc. is the North American group holding company, of Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan. The Sinto group of companies has an […]

Machine Tool Builders

MTB provides rebuilding, re-controlling and the maintenance of gear manufacturing equipment. We invite you to explore the possibility of allowing […]

Solar Manufacturing

About Solar Manufacturing Solar Manufacturing stands out above our competition. Our vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces are designed to [...]

New England Gear

Welcome to New England Gear. If you’re in the market for a late-model Fellows gear shaper, look no further. New […]

Mitsubishi Gear Technology Center

Shifting Into a New Gear This is no time to slow down. We are already a world leader in machine […]

Colonial Tool Group, Inc.

Colonial Tool Group, Inc., has been in the machine tool business for over 70 years. We were previously owned by […]

Broaching Machine Specialties

THE BMS WAY The BMS Way means the customer is at the center of the process at every step of […]

Five Ways To Extend CNC Spindle Life for Gear Manufacturing

For most manufacturers, including those that produce gears, the productivity of their CNC equipment can be measured in fractions of […]

Polymer Composite Bases for Machine Foundations

A properly designed base foundation is crucial to the success and longevity of the machine. Designers have historically resorted to […]

Special Report: New England Gear

According to Jeff Barnes, founder and president of New England Gear, there’s a very good reason why his company is […]

Recommendations for Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a necessary activity in the modern industrial world. Rather than mount a defense against those who label […]

Bearing Reliability in Rebuilt Gearboxes

Fifty years of ongoing development has given SKF a bearing vibration analyzer that can probe deep into rotating bearings while […]

Estimating Gear Fatigue Life

Fatigue failure of gears can lead to the catastrophic failure of equipment, taking into account that gears are important elements […]

Special Report: A Firsthand Look at Buying Rebuilt

A company was bidding on a project and soon realized it couldn’t win if it had to buy new equipment […]

Reverse Engineering the Right Way

Reverse engineering — the deconstruction and analysis of an object for the purpose of constructing a copy or replacement of […]

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