Piselli Enterprises is based out of Statesville, North Carolina and serves the gear industry for high-quality new and used gear machinery along with associated manufacturing equipment. Founder Richard Piselli utilizes his 30 years of expertise and knowledge in supplying machines and helping customers quickly assess their needs and find solutions. We are the company to call when you have a project for a gear, spline, or gearbox that you need manufactured. Our contacts are extensive in the gear industry, and we truly know what many companies’ capabilities are, so we can easily put companies together with good symbiotic relationships.

As the founder of several manufacturing companies, Piselli has been in the business of selling machinery and becoming one of the largest dealers worldwide. He purchased the G&E gear manufacturing company in 2005 and produced the new gear gashing machines, which utilized the new form milling cutter technology. He’s also experienced in importing and distributing several lines of new high-quality gear machinery from Europe and Asia.

Piselli has served two terms in the AGMA Foundation, while keeping up with industry technology changes. He owned and operated Several production companies and is back to his core passion of selling gear machinery and gear companies.

Piselli Enterprises has the ability to offer many machines right off the production floor, eliminating the worry of the buyer in not seeing the machine running or the opportunity to run test parts. This is due to Piselli’s past ownership of many manufacturing companies. The company also plans to grow its auctioneering business.

Piselli Enterprises utilizes a 150,000-square-foot facility located just 40 minutes from the Charlotte airport. Primarily, Piselli Enterprises serves the gear industry, however, the company also assists manufacturing companies with turnkey solutions for their gearing and gearbox needs.

Services for Your Equipment
  • Brokering Equipment– We are Happy to assist Customers in selling their Surplus Equipment for a commission.
  • Trade-Ins– We take Trade-In Machines against the purchase of our selection of machines.
  • Technical Assistance– Piselli is able to source the proper technical assistance for your particular Gear machine needs.
  • Consulting– Piselli can assist in assessing your equipment needs for a particular project, as well as offering competitive alternatives in the industry.
Parts, Arbors, Fixtures & Tooling

At Piselli Enterprises we continue to buy gear machinery & Equipment. We have been acquiring over the years. Thousands of parts; change gears, arbors, electrical components and cutting fixtures. All these items are available for purchase at very reasonable pricing.

Part Out-Sourcing
  • Outsourcing the manufacturing of gear parts and components. Gear Cutting and overall Gear Manufacturing has been one of Piselli’s major focal points throughout his career. Knowing which company has special talents and equipment to accomplish certain tasks allows him to recommend the right company for your specific job. Piselli represents specific manufacturers in the gear field to source gears, gear parts, and components. We also represent a top quality forging group located in the North East to supply you complete forgings and forgings Rough machined to keep you competitive.
Purchase of Your Surplus/Selling Your Business
  • We purchase all types of used and remanufactured surplus gear equipment. We can purchase individual machines or large machine packages.Piselli has sold and assisted many businesses in selling their companies and assets. We have a unique talent for finding the synergies for both companies and machinery. “Putting people and companies together is our greatest asset, and my personal Passion.”  -Rich Piselli

For any inquiries contact reach out to rich@pisellient.com.