Diablo Company Products & Services

Diablo Furnaces provides New Standard and Customized Furnace equipment such as Roller Hearths, Internal Quench (IQ) Furnaces, Tempers, Box, Car Bottoms, Rotary, Pit, Mesh-Belt, and many other types. Retrofits are handled at purchaser’s plant or in-house at Diablo’s manufacturing site. Diablo provides service, maintenance (PM), parts, controls, installations and other services assisting large and small companies. Solutions range from turnkey furnace design and installation to a door modification. Working with an impressive portfolio of major manufacturers in Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial heat treating, Diablo Furnaces has taken extreme measures to ensure their customers are serviced speedily.

Need a Safety Upgrade on Your Existing Internal Quench Furnace?

Safety standards change yearly, so upgrading your IQF to meet current NFPA standards is critical. Whether it is flame relays for burn-offs or adding closure block valves, Diablo Furnaces is your source. We even upgrade furnaces that are only 5-years old to meet new NFPA standards.

Some Safety Upgrades Include:
  • Update flame safety guards to meet standards
  • Add flame relays for quench burn-offs
  • Mount additional switches on side of J-boxes
  • Route open wiring into conduit to protect from excessive heat
  • Add proof of closure block valves
  • Add high/low gas pressure switch
  • Kick plate for gantry platform
  • Electrical and re-piping for respective areas
Other Upgrades Include:
  • Reline IQF furnace with new brick (including hard-brick hearth)
  • Four-piece castable hearth
  • Controls
  • Electrical
  • Gas to electrical conversion
  • Combustion upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Service