MTB provides rebuilding, re-controlling and the maintenance of gear manufacturing equipment. We invite you to explore the possibility of allowing MTB to become a great resource to your gear operating environment.

MTB Applications Engineering Manager Yefim Kotlyar and Software Engineer John Waxler discuss MTB’s latest gear-grinding developments on a Pfauter P400G. (Courtesy: Machine Tool Builders)

Many customers find comfort in the good business decision of improving their existing machines through technology upgrades and rebuilding. Achieving higher productivity with less expenditure and faster lead-times are not only their main goals, but the exact benefits they receive.

For 20 years, MTB has focused on the modernization and up-keep of all types of gear cutting equipment on behalf of an impressive array of customers. During this period, we have earned a solid reputation of technical competence and outstanding value offering. From the smallest service call that gets your equipment up and running ASAP, to the most complex rebuild that breathes new life into your old iron, MTB has the ability and the track record  of helping you with excellent results.

We feel confident in summarizing our value offering with one promise: Your gear production environment will benefit in many ways, by allowing MTB to share its expertise. You too, can take advantage of what many other customers have already discovered in our services. Our stellar reputation for offering the highest value for the money, along with excellent customer satisfaction and outstanding integrity in business dealings, will not disappoint you.

Before and after Pfauter P900 hobbing machine rebuilt and converted to CNC. (Courtesy: Machine Tool Builders)

Machine Tool Builders (MTB) has expanded its capabilities to better align ourselves with supporting customers’ changing requirements. We continue to tackle challenging new projects, pushing our resources and expertise to enable customers to be competitive in their respective markets. As a customer’s strategic machinery partner, we look forward to working with you.

MTB conversions / Rebuilt Equipment
We convert and rebuild shapers, hobbers, grinders, thread mills, worm-gear hobber, VTLs and many other types of machines. We convert mechanical linkages to CNC (full or partial) or maintain its mechanical OEM design.

MTB Recontrol
Full or partial PLC or CNC recontrol packages are available. Gear machines and large capital equipment warrant the investment of recontrolling, extending a machine’s life by 15 years or more. Our software and solutions are proven.

Burri Gear Grinders
Burri Gear Grinders are built on the Reishauer platform, thus providing faster productivity, excellent gear quality, and use of your existing tooling. Manufactured in Germany, available through MTB, and priced at an exceptional value.

D+P (Donner + Pfister AG)
DPAG gear checking and measurement systems are considered the most accurate and precise measurement systems available, with the flexibility of mobility. Manufactured and serviced in Switzerland, available through MTB.

Customer Testimonials
“Ken Flowers and his team at Machine Tool Builders are one of the key reason why my company is so successful in the gear industry. Gear technology has shared a long and valued relationship with Machine Tool Builders. I can say without hesitation that they, by far and away, offer the best value and customer service of anyone I have ever been associated with.”
Tom Marino, President
Gear Technology

“MTB has become a trusted gearing machine tool rebuilder for us here at Caterpillar in East Peoria, IL and their reputation among the gear community is very strong.  Whether the task has been an electrical recontrol, mechanical rebuild, or complete remanufacture, MTB has come through for us and has done an outstanding job at meeting our deadlines and exceeding our expectations.  Their detail to quality, technical aptitude, and ability to meet our ever changing needs is extremely impressive.  Also, their all-inclusive service and operation documentation coupled with their after-the-sale support and service call responsiveness have allowed us to quickly and effectively maintain all of the machine tools they have remanufactured for us.”
Mike Baumann, Manufacturing Project Engineer