PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Ipsen’s MetalMaster Furnaces Shipped to Customers Worldwide


Ipsen has recently shipped five MetalMaster® vacuum furnaces to companies in locations around the world: Washington, South Carolina, Mexico, and China. Comprised of both horizontal- and vertical-loading systems, these shipments will be used to process parts for the commercial heat treating and aerospace industries — a market where Ipsen and its equipment have a strong reputation and presence.

These customized furnaces also varied in size, ranging from 36" x 48" x 30" (915 mm x 1,220 mm x 762 mm) all-graphite hot zones with a 2,000-pound (907 kg) load capacity all the way up to a 72" x 156" x 92" (1,829 mm x 3,962 mm x 2,337 mm) all-metal hot zone with moly heating elements and a 20,000-pound (9,072 kg) load capacity. These heat-treating systems are also capable of providing tight temperature tolerances with DigiTrim® controls settings and meeting applicable AMS 2750E requirements.

The MetalMaster furnace’s design has maintained ultimate performance and reliability for more than 45 years, with over 500 installations worldwide. It delivers the cleanliness and uniform cooling that customers request while also providing a cost-effective, versatile, and adaptable vacuum furnace system.

MetalMaster furnaces may also be ordered with several high-productivity options including specialized instrumentation, increased pumping capability, and material handling systems.