Samputensili Appoints Deniz Sari as New Gear Technology Manager


Samputensili announced the recent appointment of Dr. Ing. Deniz Sari to the newly created position of gear technology manager for Samputensili and its joint venture Star SU. According to the company, Deniz is a talented leader and industry expert who brings significant experience, knowledge, and passion for gears to the business.

In his new role of gear technology manager, Deniz will analyze all best practices from Samputensili and Star SU manufacturing plants around the world, combine them, and optimize all production processes from design to shipping — not only from a technical but also from an organizational point of view. In this sense, he will be responsible for supporting the international sales structure by developing solutions, systems, and synergies across the company and helping to establish seamless consumer experiences worldwide.

“As our organization continues to expand and evolve worldwide, talented professionals like Deniz help us grow and strengthen our position on the market,” said Teodoro Ceglia, general manager of Samputensili Cutting Tools. “In particular, Deniz’s extensive experience with production processes, technological solutions, and industry experts will make our training programs stronger and more valuable for our customers who attend.”

Born in Aachen, Germany, Deniz holds a diploma degree and a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from the RWTH Aachen University. After his study, he has worked first as a researcher and then as the leader of the Gear Manufacturing Group of the WZL of RWTH Aachen University.

“Aachen University and the WZL represent state-of-the-art education and process development in gear manufacturing technology,” said David Goodfellow, president of Star SU LLC. “We are very pleased to have Deniz Sari become part of our global gear technology team to help us develop gear manufacturing technology for the next generation.”

After an extensive training of several months in Italy at Samputensili, Deniz will move to Star SU’s headquarters located in Hoffman Estates, Chicago, Illinois.

“I am excited to join the company in a position where I can share my knowledge and skills,” said Deniz. “After working for the WZL of RWTH Aachen University, I look forward to putting my experience to work and implementing best-in-class systems across the company, including a strategic focus on the innovation of gear cutting tools, which will help customers grow their profits and efficiency.”

I am enthusiastic of the opportunity to connect people all around the world through ideas and technology.”