Ohio State Gearlab Offers Basic Gear Noise Short Course


The OSU Gearlab will be offering its Basic Gear Noise Short Course September 16-18, 2008. A feature of this course is the interspersing of demonstrations within lectures. The extensive measurement and computer software capabilities of the Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory allow us to do this in a simple and non-commercial manner. On the first day the lecturers discuss why even perfect gears make noise. They present, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, how gear design parameters and manufacturing errors affect noise. The concept of gear transmission error, one of the major contributors to gear noise, is presented along with methods of predicting transmission errors from design and manufacturing data. Participants get a clear physical insight into the problems they face and how they may apply current knowledge to help solve their gear noise problems. On the second day lecturers concentrate on gear system dynamics and acoustics, gear rattle, and advanced signal processing. The third day’s lectures briefly discuss gear rattle and the activities of the Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory, as well as spending several hours in the case history workshop. The registration fee for this course—an Advanced Short Course will be offered in 2009—is $1,590.00, and a special discount is available to GearLab Consortium Members.

To learn more contact Jonny Harianto at (614) 688-3952 or harianto.1@osu.edu. Go online to [www.gearlab.org].