ControlPro by Konecranes Increases Uptime and Effective Planning


Konecranes, a global leader in the manufacturing of overhead lifting equipment, offers a wide range of innovative solutions for crane and hoist safety, condition, and performance control. ControlPro, by Konecranes, is a control system that is ideal for managing heavy loads safely with a high level of productivity, and it provides valuable information for effective maintenance planning and increased uptime of equipment.

ControlPro increases personnel and equipment safety by protecting against overloading and allowing customization of maximum load limits. Other key benefits of the ControlPro include improved control in less time, and continuous control.

ControlPro Perform improves safety and productivity. This feature allows the operator to adjust the speed for faster positioning and smooth load handling. In two-speed hoisting applications, ControlPro offers the smoothest starts, stops, changes in speed, and changes in direction possible. In addition to faster and safer load handling, the wear and mechanical stresses on equipment are substantially reduced.

ControlPro Lifetime provides valuable information. Versatile measuring, calculation, and monitoring functions provide valuable information detailing the actual usage of a hoist. With this information maintenance can be planned based on the actual use of the hoist, rather than on calendar time. Planning ahead increases valuable uptime.

ControlPro Optic keeps you informed at all times. Get improved control in less time. The pendant controller is equipped with an easy-to-use and read display that shows load and other pertinent information. ControlPro Optic allows you to check the usage and condition of the crane at any moment, without climbing up the crane. This feature allows you to save time, reduce risks, and enhance performance.

ControlPro Multicare offers continuous control when there are several hoists on a crane. The sum of the load of each hoist on the bridge is vital, especially in applications where the capacity of a crane is less than the lifting capacity of all the individual hoists together. The operator can read and receive the information from each hoist from any pendant controller equipped with ControlPro Optic display.

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