KISSsoft sets series of events to share knowledge

(Courtesy: KISSsoft)

In the second half of 2019, KISSsoft is offering numerous opportunities to deepen know-how.

Whether in a regular training course, during which users can explore KISSsoft calculation programs according to the appropriate level of knowledge under the guidance of experts and with practical examples — or in one of the web demos, which provide an understanding of a topic such as KISSdesign (in September), or e-Mobility (in November) in a 45-minute form.

KISSsoft set up four speeches at the International Conference on Gears in Garching, Germany, September 18-20. Under the topic, “High Performance Plastic Gears” it compares the strength evaluation of plastic gears in order to create a new international standard. A second paper discusses the layout of profile modifications for symmetric and asymmetric plastic gears. For manufacturing, there is a lecture on the inclusion of manufacturing decisions in the gear design process. And the fourth presentation deals with the derivation of tooth stiffness of asymmetric gears based on loaded tooth contact analysis.

Finally, all are welcome in Switzerland in October to take part in the KUM International 2019, which will be held in English for the first time. On October 23, KISSsoft will be offering lectures by developers on the innovations in KISSsoft and KISSsys as well as contributions from companies such as CNH, Atlas Copco, SKF, Humbel, and others who use KISSsoft calculation programs in their everyday work. There will be a workshop day on October 24, which will conclude the KISSsoft User Meeting.