NIST and RadTech announce Roadmapping workshop for October


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and RadTech, the non-profit industry association for UV+EB photopolymer chemistry are partnering to organize Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Workshop: Roadmapping a Future for Stereolithography, Inkjet, and Beyond, October 29-30, 2019 at NIST in Boulder, Colorado.

This workshop is the first of its kind for photopolymer additive manufacturing and draws on the experience and future plans of end-users, OEMs, resin suppliers, and researchers, to provide critical insights and perspectives on current capabilities, challenges, priority R&D needs, and future opportunities, especially as additive manufacturing innovation accelerates.

NIST has been instrumental in the growth and development of U.S. technologies and this new push into photopolymer additive manufacturing, led by Dr. Jason Killgore and Dr. Callie Higgins, materials research engineers at NIST. This workshop will build on their ground-breaking additive manufacturing and 3D printing work to bring technology leaders together. The meeting agenda targets the definition of state-of-the-art characterization techniques for resins and printers; determining where additive manufacturing technology is heading; and identifying measurement and standards barriers (opportunities) to achieving technology goals. A NIST facility tour to experience their research and resources is also planned. Please mark your calendars to ensure your organization has a “seat at the table,” as NIST, in partnership with RadTech — The Association for UV+EB Technology will post the meeting agenda and registration details in August.