Heavy-Duty Model 300 CNC Gear Hobber from Koepfer


The heavy-duty Model 300 provides for a bigger part diameter, coarser diametral pitch, and bigger hob capacity than traditional Koepfer hobbing machines. The biggest advantage is that it is equally suited to handle both traditional Koepfer parts as well as new increased capacity workpieces.

The Model 300 has nine axes of CNC control with the gantry loading system, allowing for nearly all (parallel-axis or cylindrical) gear cutting applications, including the timing of one gear to another on the same workpiece and the timing of a gear tooth to an external or internal feature. The Model 300 provides a maximum module of 4.0 mm (6.35 DP) with a maximum workpiece diameter of 195 mm (7.677”), and a maximum workpiece length of 500 mm (19.685”) when manually loading (300 mm or 11.811” with automatic loading). The unique Koepfer design concept of symmetrical distribution of cutting forces ensures a long machine life with consistent part quality. The slant design of the hob head provides optimum chip flow for dry or wet cutting.

Other features include a composite epoxy bed, ensuring the highest possible static, dynamic, and thermal stability; direct drive digital work and cutter spindles, providing consistency and accuracy over the life of the machine; quick clamping work and cutter spindles for quick changeover; full color control panel with TFT touch screen; and optional CNC controlled gantry automation system. All of these features combine to create the ultimate, flexible production hobbing machine.

Koepfer America, LLC, specializes in the parallel axis gear industry and offers hobbing machines, gear inspection equipment, automation systems, tooling, cutting tools (including hobs, gear grinding and honing wheels), hob sharpening machines, and hob sharpening services. Koepfer products are used worldwide, and its experience gives it the edge in contributing to the productivity and efficiency of our customers. Koepfer America services the North American market for EMAG-Koepfer, Wenzel GearTec, Tyrolit / MIRA, Monnier + Zahner, Lambert-Wahli, and ims.koepfer cutting tools.

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