ABA-PGT Expands Sales Applications Engineering Team


ABA-PGT, a world-class injection molder and mold builder specializing in plastic gears and critical-to-function precision motion transfer components, is pleased to announce that Richard R. Kuhr has joined their sales and applications engineering team. Kuhr brings over 30 years of gear design and manufacturing experience to ABA-PGT.

A mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana, he began his career in the manufacture of all types of metal gears including spurs, helicals, worms, worm gears, straight, spiral, and hypoid gears. He has held positions in production control, purchasing, manufacturing engineering, and heat treating as manager, chief engineer, director, and vice president. In these positions he set up various departments, managed capital plans, and was responsible for tool design. This broad background proved essential for his move from manufacturing to the software development and gear design consulting fields. In this capacity he served many industries. He trained engineers in gear design for the aerospace industry, automotive market, and a variety of other industries. In addition to the United States and Canada, he has conducted training in Europe and Asia. Plastic gear design training and consulting projects gained more of his time and interest. This was because of the unique issues associated with plastic gears coupled with the desire to avoid problems and consider the value of design optimization.

Kuhr has presented numerous technical papers at professional conferences and has published articles of interest in professional magazines. His most recent article covers the topic of conversion of metal gears to plastic designs that result in significant reduction in unit costs. He is known in the industry for his strong customer support and his ability to aid in the development of new plastic gear applications. He also has a keen awareness of the composite and analytical inspection results as they relate to NVH issues.

Kuhr will be located in ABA-PGT’s Chicago office and can be reached at (630) 956-1126 or rkuhr@abapgt.com. The company’s Web site is [www.abapgt.com].