Q&A with Joe Wright

General manager and technical expert at Exact Metrology


Describe for our readers what the Raytech Measuring System is.

It’s a simple solution for shop floor measurement. When you start looking at measurement systems, a lot of the options are getting more tactical, higher end, and more expensive. The Raytech Measuring System is just a grassroots, simple, shop-floor, easy-to-train type system.

They are one-op machines, so they’re custom built. Most of them are on casters, so they’re portable. And it’s basically built to the customer’s needs.

As far as what I like about it, it is the simplicity of the whole thing. You have a hand measurement on a table. You’ve got a table that is squared with just a digital readout that is driven by a handler, if you will.

As far as training, you don’t have all the software issues, and the learning curve with this is very simplistic in its approach.

When did Exact Metrology see the need to add the Raytech Measuring System to its inventory?

It’s one of those gap fillers. It’s better than a caliper because of the size and things that you can get. It falls between that and a portable CMM or a full-blown CMM with the software and the reporting.

It’ll give you basically just straight dimensioning, linear-type measurements. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of going for portable metrology equipment, this can fill that gap.

What specifically do you feel makes the system unique?

Again, it’s being total customizable to what a customer needs. And I guess that’s kind of where I’m at. When we go to a customer and they say “Hey, I need to measure this, but I don’t need a million-dollar machine or a hundred-thousand-dollar machine to grab this measurement. I need it very quick. I need it very easily.” And then some of these guys, they’ll have maybe a little higher turnover. And the appeal is, I don’t have to spend two or three weeks training a guy on how to run it. I can literally show you how to run it in 10 minutes.

The Barstock Table is designed for checking bar stock materials. (Courtesy: Raytech Measuring Systems)

The Raytech Measuring system can use a single-axis or 3-axis configuration. What kinds of jobs are ideal for those two modes?

It can be used with barstock and sheet metal. That’s kind of where I’ve been seeing it used. They can do plastics, window frames, doors. It’s pretty versatile in what you’re looking for.

Since our audience is mainly made up of the gear manufacturing industry, could you give me a real-world example of how the system could be used for gears?

You could use it to measure your blanks and if you’re looking at quick OD/IDs on the linear hub type stuff. Any linear dimension you’re looking for is really what they’re doing.

What’s been the market response so far to the system?

Fairly positive, but so far, most people don’t realize that the system is even out there just yet. It’s one of those where you walk into the customer base, and they’re looking for a simple solution. And the reaction is, “What are you talking about?”

In addition to articles like this, what ways are you getting the word out?

A lot of it is word of mouth and going to visit customers. Obviously, we’re doing some marketing pushes here. Before COVID, we did a trade show with the right type of people, so we’re getting the word out through just the normal channels. A lot of it, it’s revisiting old customers and just letting them be aware that we’re out here.

Do you expect to display it at some trade shows this year when that becomes a viable option?

Let’s hope so. But until then, we’ve updated our website, and there are some things on our website on there for Raytech as well. 

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