Ganesh Industries provides its customers with complete satisfaction by providing high-quality, well-engineered machines, and outstanding after-sale service.

Humble beginnings as a small family business are still the driving force behind Ganesh Industries, even though the company has grown exponentially since it opened its doors in 1985.

And that means that — as well as offering quality machines — Ganesh offers quality customer satisfaction, according to Kamal Grewal, marketing/sales director for Ganesh Industries.

“Whatever the customer wants, we will deliver to them,” he said. “It’s not like we just sell the machines. We sell it, and after that, we’re still there for their service needs or anything like that.”

Part of that customer service is evident with Ganesh’s machines.

Three-year Mitsubishi CNC Control Warranty

“The best part of this is on the Gen Turn SL-42Y2 and the Gen Turn 52-TTMY along with another GenTurn and GenMill series, is that we have a Mitsubishi CNC control on them. Mitsubishi CNC control comes with a three-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty,” Grewal said.

In addition to the Gen Turn SL-42Y2 and the 52-TTMY, other machines Ganesh offers for the gear industry are a range of CNC multi-axis machine tools that include the SL-20Y2, 32-NCY, 32-CS, 32-GT, 52-GTS, 52-BY2, 52-65 MSY, 52-MSY, and the 78-TTMY.

These CNC lathes and turn-mill centers come with an assortment of shaping tools and spindles that let operators carry out a myriad of different procedures while providing greater flexibility.

The Gen Turn 32-CS is Ganesh’s bread and butter. (Photos courtesy: Ganesh Industries)

Ganesh is set up to be a one-stop shop for any machining needs, providing multi-tasking turning machines, CNC machining centers, 5-axis milling centers, CNC Swiss screw machines, big-bore manual and CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, CNC slant bed lathes, and manual and CNC tool room lathes and milling machines. All of the company’s machines are manufactured in its ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan with many critical components for the machines manufactured in Japan.

Ganesh has added several machines that are ideal for the gear manufacturing industry since the company began more than 30 years ago.

“We brought two to three machines,” Grewal said. “We have sold to gear manufacturing a Swiss machine 7-axis Gen Turn 32-CS, and the second is a Gen Turn 52-TTMY twin-spindle, twin-turret machine with the gear hobbing on it. Those are the machines that are only for gear manufacturing shops. And we brought another one in that is a Gen Turn SL-42Y2 hybrid Swiss machine.”

Lifetime training

Not only does Ganesh back up its products with a one-year machine warranty, the company also offers free lifetime training for its machines as well, according to Grewal. And he means free training for the life of the machine.

The Gen Turn 78 TTMY.

“If a customer wants to buy a machine, we have free lifetime training at our facility in Chatsworth, California,” he said. “We give three-day training at no charge as long as you own the machine. And if they sell a machine to some other company, if that company wants the training, then they can come over here, and we give free training to them.”

Customer collaboration

Working with customers to make sure they get the most out of their machines starts before a machine makes it to its final destination, and with a Ganesh distributor in every state, it’s often a simple matter of making sure a customer gets the right machine for the right job, according to Grewal.

“Some customers have no idea what kind of machine they’re looking for,” he said. “For instance, they may be looking for a turnmill kind of machine. But there are, like, five different kind of turnmills — there’s a 7-axis, 8-axis, 12-axis, etc. — so we call the customer, and we ask for the print. What kind of a part do you want to make on the machine that you are looking for? Once they send us a print, our application department takes a thorough look, and they tell us what is going to be the best machine for this customer. Then we submit the list price and all the options and send it to them with the recommendation from our application department.”

The complete process from start to finish usually takes about three to five months, according to Grewal. For smaller machines the process can take about a month after the customer makes the initial contact.

Industry changes

Even though Grewal said he has been with Ganesh for about 10 years, he said he has seen a lot of changes in the industry and is proud of what Ganesh brings to the industry, particularly for gears.

“Our greatest product achievement is our Gen Turn 32-CS,” he said. “That machine is our bread and butter. That’s an excellent, good-quality machine. That machine really brought Ganesh into the multi-axis market. That is our No. 1 achievement.”

The Gen Turn SL-42Y2.

Ganesh has sold machines to many big companies including Boeing, Raytheon, L3, BMW, Honda, as well as to colleges and universities, according to Grewal.

“And we offer machines even to U.S. Government facilities,” he said.

Ganesh has managed to grow over its three decades from a 4,000-square-foot facility to its third and current location that spans 40,000 square feet.

And as Ganesh Industries continues to offer its quality machines, Grewal said even more expansion is definitely in the company’s future.

“Now that we have an investment group with us, their target is to expand Ganesh to different countries,” he said. “We sell machines to Mexico and Canada, but we want to expand into the Asian continent as well as possible expansion into South America and South Africa. That’s our next goal.”