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The Strategic Resources Network Conference was AGMA’s first in-person event since the pandemic. Attendees were almost giddy and relieved to walk around the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, mask free with industry peers (friends) they hadn’t seen in years. There was never a dull moment in conversation, and it was obvious to any onlooker that everyone missed the personal touch of doing business with a handshake.

Groups discussed lessons learned during the hard times of the previous year and a half. They nodded in agreement as people talked about the difficulty of either downsizing their plants or competing for their workforce with the government stimulus packages. Couple the human capital struggle with the supply chain delays and materials shortages, and those in the room looked tired from fighting for their businesses. Many proudly shared they have come out the other side a stronger company, and all believed the next year or two were going to be very promising.

The AGMA staff that worked the event were glad to see everyone together, as it is our association’s job to gather our members and provide the venue to connect businesses. We also couldn’t help but note the amount of people who shared how their very conservative budgets over the last year have left some money to spend for the company in regards to hiring, marketing, and, hopefully, expansion. This message was important because it is the reason AGMA has consistently remained “ALL In” for the Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo).

Tradeshows have had a slow start in 2021. There is hesitancy from domestic and international companies to travel; no budget planned for the in-person event, and lastly, leaders in the power transmission industry have just got their feet back on the ground — coming out of survival mode has left tradeshows on the backburner. That is where we come in.

The MPT Expo is September 14–16, when most of the traveling restrictions will have been lifted; people already have been traveling for sales and vacation throughout the U.S., and cities are pulling out all the stops to get your business. This is also a time where that leftover budget for expansion really can be put to tangible use. One of the largest issues facing manufacturing right now is supply. But market forecasts demonstrate that gear industry demand is up 13 percent, and bookings are reaching 35 percent growth. Our exhibitors have the supplies you need. Not to mention that, statistically, 50 percent of tradeshow attendees will buy what they see in-person within 12 months of attending the show. So, whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee, MPT Expo is the place to be this fall. You won’t be able to replace this in-person event with numerous sales visits by the end of the year.

There are still many opportunities at MPT Expo to get your name in front of your customers. If you have not signed up for a booth, we encourage you to join the hundreds of others who know our tradeshow produces quality leads. Want to bring your staff for convenient on-site education? We have many course offerings that will help develop your workforce. And, if you want to get your product in front of thousands of people for an exclusive presentation, we have a Solutions Center that will allow your team to share the latest innovation at your company.

Visit www.motionpowerexpo.com to see all that we have to offer, and contact Christine von Steiger at agmasales@ntpevents.com to reserve your booth space.

Upcoming Education

Basic Inspection for Operators (In Person)
August 10-11, 2021

This course will provide a solid foundation for anyone going into gear inspection. Learn the common, current, and basics of the tools and techniques used to measure and inspect gears. Understand the four main categories by which a gear is evaluated and classified. Gain proficiency in understanding gear quality by learning the numerical scale on which gear design, manufacture, and inspection are based and more.

*This course is taught at Daley College. A shuttle bus is available each day to transport students to and from the hotel. Class are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each day.

This course is IACET accredited and worth 1.3 CEUs.

Reverse Gear System Engineering
August 19, 2021

We will discuss the basic types of reverse engineering projects (e.g. upgrading an existing system to increase power or extend operating life or improve noise level; replacing a gear that has simply reached the end of its otherwise successful useful life; emergency, short term, interim gear replacement resulting from an unexpected failure; responding to a system that is not providing acceptable performance, etc.).

The need for understanding the operation of the system in which the gears will be used, the conditions that led to the need for the project, and especially, the specific nature of the failure that occurred, if that is the reason for the project, are key, often ignored, elements of the process.

*A webcam on your computer equipped with a microphone and speakers/headset are required for participation. Space is limited to 20 participants per course. Hard-copy course materials will be mailed in advance. Please make sure to indicate your preferred mailing address in the registration process.

This course is IACET accredited and worth 0.3 CEUs.

Upcoming Webinars

When Discussing Electric Vehicles You Must Talk About the Consumers
Wednesday, August 4, 2021 | 1-2 p.m.

We continue to discuss the paradigm shift in automotive manufacturing. The future is uncertain. In order to have a comprehensive picture, one must include the consumers. Escalent’s EVForward™ is the largest EV study of the next generation of EV buyers. Mike Dovorany and his team talked with 10,000 new vehicle buyers. Come and listen to what they discovered from this research as we work to move forward in this space.

AGMA’s Emerging Technology Efforts – What’s Next?
September 1, 2021 | 1-2 p.m.

The goal of the AGMA Emerging Technology committees is to identify, investigate and inform AGMA members of emerging technologies that may disrupt or significantly affect the power transmission industry. As we enter our fourth year of work in this space, join us for an overview of what we have accomplished and a roadmap of where we hope to go next.

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Why Attend Motion + Power Technology Expo

Make powerful partnerships, preview, touch, and learn about emerging trends and technology, and take home proven solutions for the year ahead. Read more about who attends, what you’ll see and do, and why MPT Expo is a “don’t miss” on your calendar of events.

All Motion and Power Transmission Industry Sectors

Motion + Power Technology Expo covers the full range of power transmission solutions using mechanical power transmission, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric motors, and drives. Read how professionals from each industry sector will benefit from attending.

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Calendar of Events

August 17 — Powder Metallurgy Committee Meeting — WebEx

August 18 — Lubrication Committee Meeting — WebEx

August 18 — AGMA Board of Directors Meeting — Alexandria, Virginia

August 19 — Nomenclature Committee Meeting — WebEx

August 20 — 3D Printing Committee Meeting — WebEx

August 24 — Metallurgy & Materials Committee — WebEx

August 24–26 — Detailed Gear Design Course — Chicago, Illinois

August 31 — Robotics & Automation Committee Meeting — WebEx

September 1 — Emerging Technology Webinar — WebEx

September 9 — Gear Accuracy Committee Meeting — WebEx

September 14-16 — Motion + Power Technology Expo — St. Louis, Missouri

September 20-24 — Basic Training for Gear Manufacturing — Chicago, Illinois

September 21 — Lubrication Committee Meeting — WebEx

September 28 — Gear Grinding for Operators — Chicago, Illinois

September 30 — Metals & Metallurgy Committee Meeting — WebEx

September 30 — IIoT Committee Meeting — WebEx