Pandemic didn’t keep AGMA Technical Committees from working hard


Despite the coronavirus and switching to only virtual meetings, AGMA Technical Committees forged ahead in 2020. Thanks to our many hardworking volunteer committee members, 2020 saw the publication of seven newly revised documents and the reaffirmation of 14 documents. Newly published revisions include an updated Wind Turbine Gearbox standard, ANSI/AGMA 6006-B20, which provides more concise requirements and introduces a reliability calculation method. It also includes ANSI/AGMA 9009-E20, a dictionary of flexible coupling nomenclature that aligns definitions across other AGMA documents and update definitions from the 2002 edition. New revisions published in 2020 include:

AGMA 915-2-B20: Inspection Practices — Part 2: Cylindrical Gears — Radial Measurements.

AGMA 945-1-B20: Splines — Design and Applications.

AGMA 945-2-B20: Splines — Design and Applications (Inch Edition).

ANSI/AGMA 6002-D20: Design Guide for Vehicle Spur and Helical Gears.

ANSI/AGMA 6102-D20: Design Guide for Vehicle Spur and Helical Gears (Metric Edition).

ANSI/AGMA 6006-B20: Standard for Design and Specification of Gearboxes for Wind Turbines.

ANSI/AGMA 9009-E20: Flexible Couplings — Nomenclature for Flexible Couplings.

In 2021, AGMA technical committees will continue work on 17 open projects. Highlights include: 

A new revision of ANSI/AGMA 2101, Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth.  Members of the gear industry should be very familiar with this standard because it is AGMA’s go-to source to rate gears being cited by many other AGMA standards.

A new revision of ANSI/AGMA 1106, Tooth Proportions for Plastic Gears. This revision updates formatting, the basic rack definition, and includes the latest practices.

A new document numbered AGMA 947, titled Gear Reducers — Thermal Capacity Based on ISO/TR 14179-1. The plan for this document is to take the latest industry practices and combine that information with published information in both ISO 14179 parts 1 and 2.  The committee then hopes to submit the document to ISO as a starting point to update ISO 14179 parts 1 and 2.

In addition to the projects noted, the following AGMA documents also will be worked on in 2021:

  • AGMA 911, Guidelines for Aerospace Gearing.
  • AGMA 923, Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing.
  • AGMA 925, Effect of Lubrication on Gear Surface Distress.
  • AGMA 929, Calculation of Bevel Gear Top Land and Guidance on Cutter Edge Radius.
  • AGMA 943, Tolerances for Spur and Helical Racks.
  • AGMA 946, Test Methods for Plastics Gears.
  • AGMA 955, Information sheet on gear lubrication.
  • ANSI/AGMA 1012, Gear Nomenclature, Definitions of Terms with Symbols.
  • A new revision of ANSI/AGMA 1103, Tooth Proportions for Fine-Pitch Spur and Helical Gearing, to update formatting, clarify the language, and include the latest practices.
  • ANSI/AGMA 1103, Tooth Proportions for Fine-Pitch Spur and Helical Gearing.
  • ANSI/AGMA 2116,  Evaluation of Double Flank Testers for Radial Composite Measurement of Gears.
  • ANSI/AGMA 6008, Specifications for Powder Metallurgy Gears.
  • ANSI/AGMA 6034, Practice for Enclosed Cylindrical Wormgear Speed Reducers and Gearmotors.
  • Adoption of ISO 10064-1, Code of inspection practice — Part 1: Measurement of cylindrical gear tooth flanks.

AGMA technical committees are also the vehicle through which U.S. companies can be involved in international ISO standards. ISO has eight projects under development, not counting the ISO Gear Calculations working group that will be meeting in 2021 to flesh out ideas for a new document.  These open ISO projects include:

  • ISO/AWI 10300-1, Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears — Part 1: Introduction and general influence factors.
  • ISO/AWI 10300-2, Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears — Part 2: Calculation of surface durability (pitting).
  • ISO/AWI 10300-3, Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears — Part 3: Calculation of tooth root strength.
  • ISO/PRF TS 10300-20, Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears — Part 20: Calculation of scuffing load capacity; Flash temperature method.
  • ISO/PRF TR 10300-32, Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears — Part 32: ISO rating system for bevel and hypoid gears — Sample calculation for scuffing load capacity.
  • ISO/DIS 10825-1, Gears — Wear and damage to gear teeth — Terminology.
  • ISO/WD 21771-1, Gears — Cylindrical involute gears and gear pairs — Concepts and geometry.
  • IEC/AWI 61400-4, Wind turbines — Part 4: Design requirements for wind-turbine gearboxes. 

Additional information on AGMA technical committees, including a scope of their activities, can be found in the Technical Committees section of the AGMA website, To join AGMA technical committees or ask questions about standards and information sheets, please contact the AGMA Technical Division at

The expert knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and consensus-building skills of our volunteer members who work hard in the background to develop the standards often goes unnoticed. The benefits of their work, however, are front and center to the gear industry and gear users every day. For all the valuable contributions of our committee members to help the gear industry and gear users everywhere, we thank you.

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