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It is already August. For those of you who run off the fiscal year, you have about one month to get all your hopes and dreams down on a spreadsheet to secure funding for next year’s projects. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the economy right now, so anything deemed “frivolous” most likely won’t make the cut. As someone who talks to gear manufacturers and suppliers on a daily basis about the benefits of joining the American Gear Manufacturers Association, I can assure you what we offer is not frivolous but a solution to many of your critical needs. 

Check out some of the main reasons (but not all of them) why you should join AGMA and how putting membership in your budget will be the best investment you make all year:

Meet Your Industry Peers, Grow Your Network

Our members not only are immediately brought into the fold of hundreds of other gear-industry professionals, but they also get to go to AGMA member-exclusive events. Events offered include: Annual Meeting in the spring, the SRN in the summer, curated tours at manufacturing events, the FTM in the fall, and our tradeshow every other year. Joining AGMA automatically puts you face-to-face with industry.

Get Education Discounts, Access to World-Class Instructors

AGMA offers IACET-accredited courses so all levels of your company earn CPUs while they are improving their skillset and professional development. AGMA offers online and in-person courses to suit your travel and budget needs. Your team has the opportunity to learn everything from the basics to high-level engineering material.

Do you have a large team that needs special training? AGMA can help with that by curating on-site courses with our instructors at a discounted price.

Exclusive Access to Join One of 23 Technical Committees to Develop Standards and Work with the Industry’s Top Engineers

Standards are the backbone of AGMA and as gear manufacturers and suppliers, our members deserve to have a say in how they are developed. By joining our technical committees, you get a front-row seat to making an impact on your own industry.

Download the only Gear-Focused Economic Reports Curated by S&P Global

The Gear Market Report is a quarterly report included with membership. Industry data is gathered by the experts and compiled to offer members the latest information on bookings, shipments, demand, economic conditions, forecasts, and more. This report is only available through AGMA and can really help your team discuss real data about what to expect in the coming quarters.

Exposure in our Publications

Gear Technology and Power Transmission Engineering are our publications and by becoming a member, you get discounted rates and exposure through both of our renowned publications. We want to get the word out about your latest innovations.

Stay on Top of the Latest Technology Trends

AGMA prides itself on carving the path to the future by continuously learning. Our Emerging Technology series is focused on keeping our members in the know about where the tech world is going. From EV to IIoT and automation to 3D printing, we have gathered experts from all over the world to share the most up-to-date data about where our industry is headed. Check out our white papers.

Opportunities for Real Sales Leads

No one comes to MPT Expo by mistake, which means this intimate show allows for real leads, exclusive access to buying authorities, technical innovators, and the future of gearing. The entire supply chain for the power-transmission industry comes to this show for solutions — your competitors are already signed up. Get ready for 2023’s show in Detroit, October 17-19.

Free set of standards (23K value), free trade webinars, free committee involvement, free curated tours at emerging technology events, unlimited access to a staff that is ready to help you, and the understanding that when you belong to AGMA, you are part of a family. If you want to make a solid investment for this next year (75K in benefits) or even join now to get the last section of the Gear Market Report, contact Rebecca Brinkley at

Upcoming AGMA Education

Involute Spline Design & Rating
August 15-16 | Anywhere | Online Course

This course will address both geometry and rating of involute splines of various types. The types of spline joints and their applications will be discussed. Spline configuration variations, including half depth, full depth, and special function designs, will be addressed. Both fixed and flexible spline configurations will be examined in terms of usage and design. Lubrication methods, including grease, oil bath, and flowing oil, as well as coatings appropriate for various spline applications, are examined. Shear and compressive stress rating methods are discussed with analyses methodology presented in both equation and graphical methodology via various rating charts.

Detailed Gear Design – Beyond Simple Service Factors
August 22-24 | Alexandria, Virginia

There is a distinct difference between “designing” a gear and “optimizing” a gear design. In this course, we will address the optimization process via an understanding of those factors beyond basic banding and pitting ratings. Optimization may focus on load capacity, economy of production or minimization of overall gear-system envelope. In this course, attendees will learn how to improve gear designs via optimization and gain new insight into concepts presented through illustrations and demonstrations. Explore all factors that go into good gear design from life cycle, load, torque, tooth, optimization, and evaluating consequences.

Basic Gear Inspection for Operators
August 23-24 | Chicago, Illinois

This course will provide a solid foundation for anyone going into gear inspection. Learn the common, current, and basics of the tools and techniques used to measure and inspect gears. Understand the four main categories by which a gear is evaluated and classified. Gain proficiency in understanding gear quality by learning the numerical scale on which gear design, manufacture, and inspection are based, and more.

Bevel Gear Systems Design
September 6-7, 13-14 | Live, Online

Learn how to design and apply bevel gears systems from the initial concept through manufacturing and quality control on to assembly, installation, and maintenance. Engage in a practical hands-on guide to the bevel gear design, manufacture, quality control, assembly, installation rating, lubrication, and, most especially, application.

Become an AGMA Member

AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation — it’s a bold vision, crafted with care by members, for members, as we collaborate together and shape the future of AGMA and our industry. The question is: What can AGMA do for you? Contact Rebecca Brinkley at to find out more about how joining AGMA can increase your leads, provide your employees with incredible industry education, connect you to your peers, and inform you with the latest news, market intelligence, and avenues to grow your brand.

Registration for 2023 Motion + Power Technology Expo Now Open!

The 2023 Motion + Power Technology (MPT) Expo will be in Detroit, Michigan, October 17-19. Registration for the event is now open. The Motion + Power Technology Expo is a three-day show that connects professionals looking for motion-power solutions with manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers.

Find new power transmission parts, materials, and manufacturing processes. Buy, sell, and get business done with organizations in aerospace, automotive, agricultural, energy, construction, and more. Forge partnerships at one of the largest gatherings of CEOs, owners, engineers, sales managers, and other professionals in the electric, fluid, mechanical and gear industries.


Calendar of Events

Aug 15-16 — Involute Spline Design & Rating — Online Course

Aug 16-17 — Wormgearing Committee — Bubikon, Switzerland

Aug 17 — Gear Accuracy Committee — Webex

Aug 22-24 — Detailed Gear Design — Alexandria, Virginia

Aug 23-24 — Basic Gear Inspection for Operators — Chicago, Illinois

Sept 6-7 — Bevel Gear Systems Design (1/2) — Online Course

Sept 12 — Design Basics of Spur & Helical Gears — Online Course

Sept 12 — Helical Enclosed Drives High-speed Units Committee — Webex

Sept 13-14 — Bevel Gear Systems Design (2/2) — Online Course

Sept 14 — Emerging Tech EV Committee — Webex

Sept 18-22 — Basic Training for Gear Manufacturing — Chicago, Illinois

Sept 26 — Gear Accuracy Committee — Webex

Sept 27 — Powder Metallurgy Committee — Webex

Oct 3 — Helical Gear Rating Committee — Webex

Oct 4-6 — Operator Hobbing & Shaper Cutting — Chicago, Illinois

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