AGMA: Driving the Industry Forward


The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) will enter its 101st year with a new vision, mission, and four strategic objectives driving value for its members.

At the recently held board of directors meeting hosted by The Gleason Works, AGMA’s Board adopted the following vision for the organization: AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation.

The new vision places both AGMA members, and the organization itself, at the center of power transmission innovation.

AGMA members have always been at the heart of new technologies and innovation, and the new vision ensures they remain in the driver’s seat to deliver solutions for end users.

What is new is adding AGMA as an organization to the vision. This construct allows AGMA to serve as the key platform where innovation is communicated, shared, and discussed.

The new vision also establishes a clear partnership between AGMA and its members — it signals a strong collaboration between the almost 500 AGMA members and the organization that was created by members to support their needs.

Where will AGMA start to work on collaborating with its members?

That is found in the mission: AGMA is the global network for technical standards, education, and business information for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of mechanical power transmission components.

The mission is focused on what we will focus our energy on, and it touches on AGMA’s historical value driver — standards; its relatively recent focus — education; and a huge opportunity to add value — business information.

To further define AGMA’s focus, the Board is supporting the development of four strategic objectives:

  • Industry Voice: AGMA will ensure that the industry understands the full scope of the role AGMA and its members play in power transmission systems and is aware of AGMA offerings.
  • Emerging Technologies: AGMA will track emerging technologies that affect the business of gearing.
  • Education: AGMA will be the industry source for education and training.
  • Global: AGMA will support members looking to export or grow domestically, wherever they happen to have an office.

What does this mean for AGMA members?

What does AGMA’s new strategic plan mean to you?

Each of the four strategic objectives builds off AGMA’s legacy value drivers, but adds new programs and services to the mix to support the changing dynamics (both opportunities and threats) our industry faces.

Members should expect:

Industry Voice

  • AGMA will share innovation via its communication channels such as Gear Expo and develop alliances with organizations that support the power transmission market.

Emerging Technologies

  • AGMA will track four emerging technologies: robotics, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, and new alloys.
  • AGMA will share news, research, and information that communicate opportunities and threats concerning these emerging technologies.
  • AGMA will provide resources, speakers, and experts to members via our face-to-face programs where members can learn how to adopt these technologies to support their innovation efforts.


  • AGMA will develop new programs that support a technician and engineer to be up-to-speed on all facets of their job.
  • AGMA will begin a process of accrediting its training to build on the success of our current programming.
  • AGMA will consider developing new technical school programs that center on gear manufacturing.


  • AGMA will connect members and customers at global events via networking events.
  • AGMA will work to get its standards into the schools that educate tomorrow’s engineer within our top priority countries (e.g., India, Brazil, and Mexico).


The Board also updated its governance model to support each of these objectives. AGMA has added an Industry Voice and Emerging Technologies Committee to its Business Management division, and we are looking for volunteers.

AGMA attendees enjoyed a tour of Horsburgh & Scott during the recent Strategic Resources Network (SRN) meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

Their role will be to ensure that all the programs developed over the next five years are 100-percent member-focused and will devise success measurements to ensure that the organization’s investments are paying off.
If you want to see how these strategic objectives are already delivering value, visit and go to the “Resources” tab. We have already posted a great deal of information on emerging technologies on that page, and we are promoting our work-in-progress study that focuses on the Industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0).

Attendees to November’s AGMA Strategic Resources Network (SRN) meeting in Cleveland have also seen this strategic objective in action. The event featured four speakers discussing different aspects of three of the emerging technologies we are tracking and included a tour of Horsburgh & Scott and NASA’s John D. Glenn Research Center.

AGMA is changing and evolving into an organization that can support its members who are facing challenging times by delivering new resources and information that add value to the decisions that members are making every day. The new Strategic Plan positions both members and AGMA in the best possible position to be successful as we enter this new era of uncertainty on both a domestic and global basis.

Working together, side-by-side, AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation. Are you ready to join? Are you ready to work with us? AGMA’s Board welcomes you.

Visit or email to learn more.

AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting

March 30 – April 1, 2017 | Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort  | Rancho Mirage, California

The 2017 Annual Meeting marks the start of a new century for both AGMA and ABMA and the introduction of a more robust education program offering 30 percent more than in past years.

Not only has the planning committee expanded the number of presentations, but they have also offered a tremendous amount of versatility, all thanks to you, the AGMA and ABMA members. This program is built 100 percent from your suggestions — suggestions that you offered following the 2016 Annual Meeting. Now, instead of five or six presentations, we will have nine. That’s nine new topics to inspire you and create new discussions, new ideas, and new direction.

This AGMA and ABMA annual meeting will be in the Palm Springs area in California. We are convinced that you’ll leave with a response of “wow!” It will offer incredible value, which translates into a can’t-miss opportunity.

The 2017 business presentations include:


The Internet of Things Has Finally Arrived – (Unfortunately, Manufacturers Aren’t Ready)

John Brandt, The MPI Group

For the first part of this session, Brandt explains why manufacturers aren’t ready for the digital revolution that is about to engulf them and what they can do now to correct that. Brandt will use data from a recent survey of AGMA and ABMA member companies to verify that there is indeed a digital divide in manufacturing between IoT haves and have-nots, and it’s growing larger every day.

IoT Executive Panel

Executives from member companies within AGMA and/or ABMA will sit on a panel and discuss IoT. They will react to the results of the MPI Survey, discuss how their companies are moving toward IoT, and provide best practices for those moving into this space.

The Election Is Over – What Now for Manufacturers?

Aric Newhouse, NAM

The unpredictable chaos for the 2016 election is finally behind us. By the end of March, a new administration and Congress will be settled into Washington. What does this mean for your company? What is on the horizon for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and current/future health care options for your employees? Are there any anticipated changes to the tax code that would affect more of the bottom line? Will OSHA increase inspections?


CEO/Owner’s Guide to Successfully Exiting or Selling Your Company
Gerald O’Dwyer, Blackmore Partners, Inc.

Most people will only sell one business in their lifetime. Every CEO or owner wants to sell to the right purchaser, at the right time, for the best possible price. The potential financial and personal implications of a sale are enormous, so it’s natural to have some anxiety as you approach the process. In this session, O’Dwyer will outline the process and answer these questions:

  • How do you separate your identity from your business?
  • How do you find the right buyer?
  • How do you identify external factors that will meet your goals?

How Millennials and Gen Y Employees Can Grow Your Business

Curt Steinhorst, Center for Generational Kinetics

Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are the fastest-growing, largest employee generation in the workforce today. Along with timely skills and valuable ambition, they bring a unique employee mindset that can frustrate the most experienced leaders and managers. Join Steinhorst as he reveals exactly what drives millennial and Gen Y employee performance in a multigenerational workforce. This presentation will solve your biggest millennial challenges with innovative strategies and proven actions.


Endeavor to Succeed

Captain Mark Kelly, Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Mission & Space and Aviation Contributor for NBC News/MSNBC

A combat pilot in Iraq, an accomplished astronaut, and the commander of the final flight of space shuttle Endeavour, Captain Kelly is a homegrown American hero who exemplifies effective leadership and courage under pressure. Now, he draws from his in-the-trenches career experiences to deliver disciplined takeaways and lessons on teamwork, communication, persistence, and leadership in dynamic environments. Captain Kelly will provide applicable strategies for overcoming challenges as he outlines his foundations for success in any high-stakes setting.


Is 2017 the Year the Economy Comes Back?

Jim Meil, ACT Research Co.

Now, after seven years of slow economic recovery, the question remains, “When will we finally break away from lackluster business markets?” Meil will return to share his perspective on the overall economic conditions. He will focus on the manufacturing sector, offering forecasts and insights on key markets such as machinery, motor vehicles, off-highway equipment, and capital goods. Historically, Meil’s presentations have always been one of the most highly rated sessions. Returning AGMA/ABMA attendees can attest that Meil’s data is solid and offers one of the best “take home” aspects of the meeting.

Innovation and Technology in Aerospace

John Palumbo, Senior VP of Operations, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

The use of military and commercial aircraft can be a key component to any manufacturing company’s future forecast. Join Palumbo as he shares some of his thoughts on the aerospace supply chain, quality control within Sikorsky, and the future of its aircraft marketplace.

Innovating with Trends: The Coming Age of Disruption

Richard Sear, Partner and Senior Vice President of Visionary Innovation, Frost and Sullivan

The concept of exploring the future has occupied us for centuries with grand notions of space exploration to far flung galaxies — and a hot beverage materializing in our hand at the mere thought of a coffee. But in reality, this is a practice that should be far removed from the image of “novelty” research. In this presentation, Sear will discuss data-driven, thought-provoking content based around key trends driving global change and how they can be used to drive transformational and sustainable growth for your company — both in the near and long term. Sear is a global thought-leader and speaker who has consulted in more than 70 countries. Using this global business environment, Sear brings a well-rounded perspective to these mega trends that drive change, ranging from social issues to mass urbanization and the future of computing.

AGMA Offers Two New Courses in 2017

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) will offer two new courses in 2017. The courses are “Fundamentals of Gear Design and Analysis” and “Steels for Gear Applications.”

“Fundamentals of Gear Design and Analysis” will be April 19-21, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana. This course provides a fundamental understanding of gear geometry, types of arrangements, design principles, the basic gear system design process, and gear measurement and inspection techniques. It is designed for powertrain engineers, engineering directors and managers, component suppliers, vehicle platform powertrain development specialists, and those involved in the design and application of geared systems and assemblies. The course will be facilitated by William “Mark” McVea, Ph.D., P.E., the president and Principal Engineer of KBE+, Inc. where he and his team design and develop complete powertrains for automotive and off-highway vehicles.

“Steels for Gear Applications” will be October 4-6, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia. This course provides detailed information to make use of steel properties in a system solution and understand the potential that different steel options can offer for various applications. Students will explore how the production of the steel can affect the performance of the material and the final component and system. The course will be facilitated by Lily Kamjou, a senior specialist in Ovako’s Industry Solutions Development department. It is an advanced level course and qualifies for those individuals pursuing the Advanced Gear Engineering Certificate.

Both of these courses have member and non-member rates as well as discounts for multiple registrants from the same organization. In addition to these new courses, AGMA will be offering the “Bevel Gear System Design” course, which was not offered in 2016.