Tuesday, October 20, 2020


A Hard Turn Toward Efficiency

Since its broader introduction in the mid 1980s hard part turning has evolved considerably as a machining process. Developments of […]

Supplier Relationships Speed Gearbox Delivery

At Stober Drives, customer orders are filled in the fast lane. The company turns around more than 93 percent of […]

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

Surface densified powder metal gears and conventional wrought steel gears were tested using a pulsator and a back-to-back gear tester […]

Special Report: AGMA Objectives

During the Fall Technical Meeting held in Orlando last October, members of the AGMA’s board of directors took time out […]

A History of Excellence: IMTS

The first National Machine Tool Builders’ Exposition was held September 19-23, 1927, in the Cleveland Auditorium. The show occupied 63,000 […]

Gear Mesh Misalignment

Gear mesh misalignment may result in shifts in the load distribution of a gear pair that results in increasing contact […]

Proven Processes for Improving Parts

It’s rare to come across a manufacturing process or method that first promises multiple increases in productivity, and then delivers […]

Cylindrical Gear Conversions: AGMA to ISO

The rational use of the addendum modification coefficient is one of the topics better known by specialists of gears working […]

The Case for a Common Standard

This article is an open invitation to all gear designers and others who specify gear manufacturing tolerances, and those who […]

A New Standard in Gear Inspection

In the June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions magazine we presented an article entitled “An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection.” […]

Motor City Magic

When my flight landed at 4:30 that afternoon, Carla Conner-Penzabene — who is director of sales for the Detroit Metro […]

Designing Gears Through the Years

In the past 50 years, we’ve certainly come a long way in terms of our gear design and problem-solving capabilities. […]

What to Know About ISO

There comes a time when every manufacturer should consider attaining ISO certification. Not only can it lead to greater market […]

AGMA: The Industry’s International Advocate

Editor’s note: In this special feature I’ve decided to depart from our usual format and allow Joe Franklin to speak […]

Determining the Source of Gear Whine Noise

Gear whine noise, particularly in consumer products such as motor vehicles and appliances, is an important and annoying problem. This […]

Inside The ISO Certification Process

Avon Gear Company commenced operations in 1974. The company started as a gear manufacturer in a 10,000 square-foot facility in […]

Harnessing the Internet for Sizzling Service

In 1998, the Philadelphia Gear Corporation — a century-old gearing and power transmission manufacturer — conducted a business evaluation of […]

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