Thursday, September 24, 2020

Failure Analysis

Effects of Asymmetric Cutter Tip Radii on Gear Tooth Root Bending Stress

By Dr. Abdullah Akpolat, Dr. Nihat Yildirim, Burak Sahin, Omer Yildirim, Bulent Karatas, and Fatih Erdogan Tooth root fillet is the […]

Extending gear life in demanding applications

Although gears and other precision components are generally made of hardened steel or metal alloys, those used in high load […]

Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection company, providing NDT and metrology services using advanced imaging equipment. […]

Circle Gear & Machine Company, Inc.

About Circle Gear & Machine Company, Inc. Complete Machine Shop, Reverse Engineering, Breakdown Service ALL PITCHES AMERICAN & METRIC 1 […]

Proto Manufacturing, Ltd.

Since its founding in 1967, PROTO Manufacturing has been involved in the development of instrumentation for the characterization of materials. […]

Cincinnati Gearing Systems

Cincinnati Gearing Systems is a recognized leader in precision gear and transmission design and manufacturing. More than just  a gear […]

Broadwind Energy, Inc.

To be the preferred provider of integrated solutions for global energy and infrastructure customers. Mission Through the technical expertise and […]

The Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Gear Tooth Friction

The most exhaustive experimental study quantifying gear tooth friction is by Yoshizaki [1], in which spur gears with various geometries […]

The Efficiency of a Simple Spur Gearbox — Thermally Coupled Lubrication Model

Introduction The efficiency of drivetrain components is quickly becoming a significant research area pushed by the intensifying quest for improved […]

Optimization of Gear Tooth Contact by Helix Angle Modification

Introduction Gears that are smaller, cheaper, and equipped with more efficient power transmission are the ongoing objective of gear designers. […]

Gear Failure Analysis and Lessons Learned in Aircraft High-Lift Actuation

The high lift system of an aircraft, including trailing and/or leading edge slats/flaps, increases lift for takeoff, controls flight during […]

Improving Gearbox Reliability by Analyzing Axial Cracking on Bearings and Recommending a Solution

Introduction As the growth of wind energy continues, the average size and capacity of wind turbine generators is also increasing. […]

Using Integrated Computational Material Science to Create Virtual Simulations of Gear Fatigue Lifetime

Material science is the oldest of all science and engineering disciplines. It is not an overstatement to say that materials […]

Crack Testing and Heat Treat Verification of Gears Using Eddy Current Technology

While eddy current technology was initially developed for testing of bar, tube, and wire, advances in electronics, automation, and coil […]

Analyzing Bearing Failure

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is imperative to prevent repeat failure and additional expense. Rolling bearings are precision […]

Troubleshooting Wind Gearbox Problems

As the growth in wind energy continues, the average size and capacity of wind turbine generators is also increasing, stretching […]

Gearing Up for Land, Sea, and Air

As with many other industries, ongoing advancements in the precision gear industry are bringing about a paradigm shift in the […]

Investigating Epicyclic Gear Whine

Gear whine is a major source of unwanted noise in automotive applications. It is tonal in nature, which makes it […]

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

Surface densified powder metal gears and conventional wrought steel gears were tested using a pulsator and a back-to-back gear tester […]

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