Failure Analysis

Gearing Up for Land, Sea, and Air

As with many other industries, ongoing advancements in the precision gear industry are bringing about a paradigm shift in the […]

Investigating Epicyclic Gear Whine

Gear whine is a major source of unwanted noise in automotive applications. It is tonal in nature, which makes it […]

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

Surface densified powder metal gears and conventional wrought steel gears were tested using a pulsator and a back-to-back gear tester […]

The Methodology of Metallurgy

The study of metals (metallurgy) address material selection, failure analysis, heat treating, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, metallography, and material characterization. […]

The Fundamentals of Honing Filtration

In today’s manufacturing environment it is essential that every process be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Operating costs […]

Determining the Source of Gear Whine Noise

Gear whine noise, particularly in consumer products such as motor vehicles and appliances, is an important and annoying problem. This […]

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