Web-based software supports virtual teaching for training purposes

eAssistant cylindrical gear pair: Tooth form for different profile shifts. (Courtesy: GWJ)

It has always been important to GWJ to support and promote teaching and learning. Therefore, GWJ provides the web-based software eAssistant free to universities and other educational institutions for training purposes as well as to students for private use. This gives students the opportunity to work from home without any problems.

Now that the universities have moved from face-to-face classes to online teaching, the web-based application can help ensure continuous learning during the current situation. With the eAssistant, the software application for the calculation, design and optimization of machine elements such as shafts, bearings, shaft-hub connections, bolted joints, or gears, users learn practical skills they can apply immediately and deepen. Integrated functions such as redo/undo or the automatic recalculation after entering values help to explain certain contexts in a way that can be easily understood. A recalculation occurs after every data input. Any changes that are made to the user interface take effect immediately.

This is possible not only for number values, but also for the representation of the tooth form. The effect of the profile shift on the gear tooth form can be quickly understood.

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