Microlution ML-5 optimizes micro-scale holemaking, cutting

The Microlution ML-5 is the ideal machine for micro-scale holemaking and fine cutting. (Courtesy: GFMS Machining Solutions)

GF Machining Solutions offers the Microlution ML-5, a five-axis ultrafast laser platform that takes micromachining beyond the capabilities of traditional CNC machining.

The Microlution ML-5 is optimized for micro-scale holemaking and fine cutting, which it performs without creating any heat-affected zones. The machine’s compact, high-performance, ultrafast femto laser reduces cycle times and tooling costs to enable the production of precision parts in seconds.

This machine combines quick acceleration, exceptional stability, precise part handling, and motion control with integrated part characterization and measurement to deliver unsurpassed accuracy, speed and quality. It is ideal for machining holes of various shapes in products such as more-efficient automotive fuel injectors, complex watch parts, medical catheter tips, and hardened glass screens on mobile devices.

The platform offers up to five axes of motion and accepts multiple laser types for ± 1 µm positional accuracy and ± 0.5 µm repeatability. A granite base provides thermal and inertial stability to enhance reliability and repeatability. Granite-mounted ironless rails and linear motors support a high-precision beam delivery system. The Microlution ML-5 also features high-resolution Heidenhain glass scale encoders, along with an in-line workpiece touch probe, integrated power meter, and high-speed optical camera.

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