KHK USA offers large selection of metric screw gears

KHK’s screw gear selection includes stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and nylon. (Courtesy: KHK USA Inc.)

KHK USA Inc., distributor of market-leading KHK® brand metric gears, has an extensive line of metric screw gears, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan.

KHK’s large selection of screw gears are suitable for a very wide range of applications, including conveyors with light loads, and are offered in many materials, modules, and numbers of teeth.

KHK stock screw gears are available in economical S45C carbon steel, as well as rust-resistant SUS303 stainless steel suitable for food machinery. Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant CAC702 (formerly AlBC2) aluminum bronze is also available.

The KHK catalogue of stock screw gears also includes lightweight MC nylon screw gears that can be used without lubrication. Other plastic materials are available, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), which has excellent abrasion resistance. A single piece order is acceptable and will be produced as a custom-made gear.

Screw gears are crossed helical gears with helix angles of 45 degrees. As such, they are the only helical gear pairing that can be used in either a left hand—left hand combination or a left hand—right hand combination. When used in a left hand—left hand combination, the gears operate with non-parallel and non-intersecting axes. In this fashion they operate in a similar manner to miter or bevel gears. When used in a left hand—right hand combination, they act like traditional helical gear pairs.

All KHK screw gears allow for secondary operations such as opening the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduction of the hub diameter to be performed. The catalogue includes products which have already had some of these secondary operations completed. These products are identified by a “J” in their part number and they are available within 10 calendar days.