Mandrels with Air Supply Control from HAINBUCH


HAINBUCH—the clamping device manufacturer based in Marbach, Germany—is introducing a new generation of segmented mandrels for series production to the market. The clever aspect in this regard is that the old mandrels can be conveniently replaced by the new ones since the connection geometry, length, end-stop, and segmented clamping bushings are precisely the same. The air sensing control is new, and so are the optimized inner workings, which now have also been externally adapted to match the current HAINBUCH look.

The new MANDO segmented mandrels have what it takes, in the truest sense of the word. It is not just the fact that the user is required to change neither zero point nor NC program when changing from old to new, but thanks to the air supply control the user also profits from greater process reliability, longer machine runtimes, and longer maintenance intervals. And this is offered at a cost structure that is approximately one fifth of the cost structure of comparable mandrel systems previously offered. In this regard the new HAINBUCH MANDO standard mandrels are not more expensive than their predecessors, yet they offer significantly more.

The mandrel system is available in two variants: one with air sensing control system, and another with prepared air sensing control system. The latter is fully compatible with the HAINBUCH modular system and can be changed over to the air sensing control system within two minutes. The optionally available threaded adapter makes it possible. It can be replaced with just a few easy steps, with a simple tool, and without a major expenditure of force.

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