IMAGINiT Technologies earns Autodesk CAM specialization


With Autodesk’s CAM Specialized Partner designation, IMAGINiT Technologies now offers manufacturers a complete CAD/CAM solution that connects and automates the entire design and manufacturing process. Dedicated CAD and CAM experts make IMAGINiT a good choice to support manufacturing companies who are looking to leverage advanced CAD and CAM software solutions to generate toolpaths that increase the productivity of their computer numerical control (CNC) machines.   

 “As an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Premier Service Provider, we’re excited that IMAGINiT has demonstrated proficient knowledge in CAM to earn the Autodesk CAM Specialization,” said Joe Bailey, sales manager, Advanced Manufacturing Division, Autodesk. “With this designation, manufacturers will be in good hands with IMAGINiT regardless if they’re looking to improve their CNC mill-and-lathe-programming, create complex mold and die components, or focus on optimizing and automating their overall workflow.” 

 “Our CAM specialists have undergone rigorous training from Autodesk experts and are ready to bring their skills into the shops of our customers to help them modernize their complete tooling and machining workflows,” said Scott Hale, vice president consulting solutions, IMAGINiT Technologies. “Through the use of Autodesk’s CAM solutions, our customers can now generate high-speed machine toolpaths that reduce cycle times and create less tool and machine wear, resulting in faster and more accurate production of parts.”