Global Innovative Products launches EDM wire online store

A wide variety of EDM wire is now available for immediate purchase at the new online store on the GIP website. Shown center is the proprietary and patented Plasma line, a hybrid-coated brass wire, which is said to yield more than 20 percent faster cutting than conventional brass wire. (Courtesy: GIP)

Global Innovative Products (GIP), a recognized leader in EDM wire technologies, has launched its EDM wire online store. High-performance EDM wire provided by GIP enhances EDM operations, efficiency, and performance for all types of EDM machines on the North American market today. As Ramesh Malhotra, owner of GIP, said, “We are taking some very bold steps with this venture, but we did so for a very practical reason. Namely, our customers were often telling us they needed faster response to their wire needs and the convenience of an online store seemed a natural next step for us.”

The new GIP online store promotes the company’s full line of EDM wire types, including many patented and proprietary technology EDM wires, manufactured globally and made exclusively for GIP. Products offered here are produced by Thermo Compact and Bedra, two of the largest manufacturers of EDM wire in the world. Available products include brass wire (Bedra Boline Brass) and coated wires (Plasma, Kleen, Gamma, Blaze, and Epsilon). GIP Plasma™ is a hybrid-coated wire designed to improve cycle times and reduce operating costs. Customer testing has confirmed it is 20 percent to 30 percent faster vs. premium brass wire and is competitively priced.

All pricing is shown for the products in the GIP online store, something unique to the EDM industry, plus all major credit cards are accepted for fast, easy purchasing. In addition, GIP offers trial spools at discounted rates to all participants in the company’s GIP Wire Test Program, which can be engaged at the company’s website.