Emuge adds new Softsynchro® tap holder to tooling lineup

Emuge Softsynchro Xtension collet holder. (Courtesy: Emuge)

The Softsynchro® tap holder with minimal length compensation technology is available with a new adjustable length feature called Softsynchro Xtension. The Xtension holder allows for quick length adjustments up to 50 mm and eliminates the need for specially made holders or extra length taps. A slim design allows for deep pocket reach in difficult to tap applications. The holder is available in HSK 63 and HSK 100 versions.

Emuge has created other ways to improve manufacturing. Almost every hole that is tapped requires some type of countersink operation to improve the functionality of the threaded feature. Emuge offers the industry’s most extensive offering of stocked standard coolant fed carbide chamfering step drills with the exact tapped hole diameters. The EF Drill-C program has more than 900 diameter/step length variations for cut and form taps. These drills are made with a double margin, high penetration rate design with a 90˚ chamfer angle. The program is great for customers who want to reduce cycle time without having to purchase large quantities of special drills. If a step size is not available from stock, it is quickly manufactured in less than three weeks.

Emuge Z-Taps are designed with an advanced chamfer geometry and rake/flute form that produces consistent, controllable chip formation that is released smoothly for fast and efficient chip removal. This series of high-performance taps enables higher cutting speeds while reducing tap breakage and is now available in a powdered metal PM substrate for increased wear resistance. Expanded offering with 2B and 3B class of fit tolerance tools as stocked standards.

Users can often increase the life of Emuge taps. The reconditioning of end mills and drills is a common practice. Regrinding tools is a great return on investment and can produce instant cost savings for manufacturers looking to maximize productivity. Emuge operates a state-of-the-art reconditioning facility in W. Boylston, Massachusetts, that reconditions not only carbide drills and end mills but also high performance Emuge taps in sizes over 1/2” or M10. Some restrictions apply.

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