The Fall Technical Meeting Comes to the Nation’s Capital


Once again, the heat of summer will break and the beautiful fall season will transform nature with stunning and splendid colors. As if all the beauty were not enough, the season brings with it yet another excitement for us “gear folks” in the form of the AGMA Annual Fall Technical Meeting.

For decades, around the same time when we are blessed with nature’s colorful displays, AGMA displays the latest gear research and innovations at its Fall Technical Meeting. This year the FTM once again brings the best experts in gearing from around the world to present their latest findings to the industry. The 2014 FTM will be held October 12-14 at the Westin Crystal City in Arlington, VA only a stone’s throw away from the “Seat of Power,” our Nation’s capital.

In preparation for this FTM, we have received a good number of abstracts, and the Technical Division Executive Committee and others have worked assiduously with the authors to select the 25 best papers for presentation at the 2014 FTM. In only two and half days, you will learn, share ideas, and network with others on design, analysis, manufacturing, and application of gears, gear drives, and related products, as well as associated processes and procedures.

This year’s FTM will have five sessions, each different in subject matter. The sessions are:

• manufacturing and inspection

• gear drive design and application

• design calculations

• gear drive components

• gear design

A complete list of the papers that will be presented on each topic can be found on AGMA’s website,

In addition to the regular sessions outlined above, attendees will also benefit from two special presentations on topics affecting your operations:

• “An Analytical Model for Real-Time Design Evaluations of Spline Couplings,” by Yi Guo and Jonathan Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Robert Errichello, GEARTECH; and Chris Halse, Romax Technology

• “ISO 1328-1:2013: The New World Standard for Spur and     Helical Gear Tooth Accuracy — What is New, and How it Differs from Previous Standards,” by John Rinaldo, Atlas Copco Comptec 

Attending the FTM affords you an intimate setting for learning and networking. The conference is designed for attendees to take in all the presentations and take home practical information that may ultimately affect your company’s bottom line. Additionally, AGMA prides itself on the ample time allowing participants to question the authors on the technical aspects of their papers and research, which often leads to interesting and thought-provoking discussions. But the meeting is also designed to afford invaluable networking time between sessions and in the evenings to interact with colleagues and meet new experts in the industry.

While I would encourage you to take advantage of all the great papers during the Fall Technical Meeting, we understand that you may not have two and a half days to attend the event. Each session is designed to cover a particular subject area, so if you only have a few hours, you can still make it for a few papers that you are particularly interested in by registering a la carte for the sessions. For more information on all of your registration options, visit To get the most value, make sure you register before the “early bird” deadline of September 12th. Plan early and save hundreds of dollars!

The Fall Technical Meeting is your best opportunity to learn the latest gear research from the best experts in the industry.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Strategic Resources Network to Hold Regional Event in Chicago

AGMA’s Strategic Resources Network gives gear professionals the opportunity and knowledge to become proficient leaders within the industry and provides “take-away” practical tools from meetings that can be shared within the attendee’s companies. This fall, September 23-25, the SRN will hold a regional event open to all gear industry professionals that is packed with information and two plant tours of Scot Forge and Overton Chicago Gear.

In addition to the plant tours and networking events, there will be seven speakers covering heat treating, apprenticeship programs, getting involved with AGMA, customer relations and more. The speakers include:

“Successful Gear Heat Treatment Approach”
Bill Andreski, President MetConsult, LLC

Join Bill as he explains how the proper planning for heat treatment can improve the gear manufacturing process. Topics will include when to initiate the planning process, what factors need to be considered, and what timeline is appropriate. Bill will help you understand the importance of heat treatment in the overall process and how to improve the probability of meeting the job’s metallurgical requirements.

“Planning For and Executing A Successful Apprenticeship Program”
Don Williams, Apprentice Administrator, Rock River Valley Tooling and Machining Association  (RRVTMA)

As a leader in a gear manufacturing company, no doubt you have been involved in several discussions regarding workforce development. The apprenticeship model is one form of workforce development that seems overlooked and misunderstood these days. With Don’s guidance you will learn about the apprenticeship models and how to assess the benefits of this opportunity. He will also provide an example of how apprentices are being integrated at Forest City Gear.  Finally, you will leave with information on how Don connected the NTMA, local community colleges, and a company’s training needs to the benefit of all three.

“Steel Market Update”
Robert Weidner, President and CEO, Metals Service Center Institute

The global steel industry has twice the excess capacity of 2001, and the surge in steel imports to North America are approaching record levels and sparking trade complaints citing the need for import tariffs. Bob Weidner, president & CEO of the Metals Service Center Institute, will discuss the current state of the steel industry in North America, including the economic outlook for major end-use markets. Bob will also comment on other factors which impact the supply and demand for steel in North America, including the impact of China’s steel exports which are surpassing their highest levels since 2008.

“AGMA for You, Your Company, Your Profession, and Your Employees”
Joe Franklin, President, AGMA, and Thomas “Buzz” Maiuri, Chair Technical Division Executive Committee (TDEC) and Senior Project Manager, The Gleason Works

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is quickly approaching our milestone centennial celebration in 2016. Over the past 100 years, AGMA has seen dramatic changes in membership, technology, and our overall business model.
The speakers will provide an in depth look at the current infrastructure of AGMA, including how you and your company should be utilizing this member-driven organization. Find out what committees will be beneficial and how to become instrumental within them. You will return to work armed with this knowledge and ready to share and stimulate both your business and technical employees.

“Coatings 101”
Bernie Janoss, Global Segment Manager Foaming & Molding, IHI Ionbond, Inc.

Several coating processes will be reviewed that will increase your awareness of the overall coating procedures and offer case studies that apply directly to the gear manufacturing business. Bernie will highlight the PVD process, its applications and strengths with a look towards the future of this type of coating. The case studies will cover hobs, shapers and stick blades as they relate to the gear manufacturing applications.

“Delivering Customer Delight”
Steven Zipkoff, President and CEO, Zipkoff Solutions

Steve will delight you with his “laugh, learn and listen” approach as he guides you toward understanding the importance of delivering internal and external customer delight, identifying customer needs and give you the working tools of customer delight to build sales, profits and employee retention. A delightful company will lead to profitability.

For more information about this event, and to register, visit AGMA online at

Why Exhibit at Gear Expo 2015?
For three days at Gear Expo, gear buyers and manufacturers network and build relationships that benefit their respective companies. Gear Expo was recognized by Trade Show Executive magazine as one the 50 fastest growing shows in 2013, and space is already running out for 2015. The 2015 Gear Expo will be in Detroit, October 20-22, and more than 130 companies have already committed to exhibiting.

For more than two decades, gear professionals — including CEOs, owners, presidents, engineers, marketing and sales managers, consultants, and other executives — come to Gear Expo to learn the latest industry information and see firsthand technology, products, and services that help them expand and streamline their business.

Attendees represent a variety of industries including defense, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, and construction. They come from around the United States, international manufacturing hubs, and emerging markets to conduct profitable business transactions and collaborate on the innovations that make their operations more streamlined. And the co-location of the Heat Treating Society’s Conference & Exposition and expansive marketing to end users offers an ever-expanding audience of potential new customers. The success of this co-location brings an additional 1,700 buyers to the show floor.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with attendees and other exhibitors, and will display more than 750,000 pounds of machinery on the show floor!

The conference programming, sponsored by AGMA, ASM, and other allied associations, also adds to the attendee base. We will also continue to offer high-impact networking and programming to the core audience of gear buyers and manufacturers, including the end user segments.

Gear Expo has what you need to develop profitable partnerships:

• The only trade show dedicated to the complete gear manufacturing process.
• One of the world’s most affordable machinery shows for exhibitors.
• Face-to-face meetings with a concentration of quality prospects.
• A opportunity to demonstrate products and services and get immediate feedback.
• Customers who are excited to see the latest advances in gear technology.
• An energetic atmosphere that helps strengthen relationships with customers and colleagues.

Why Detroit?
Detroit, the location for Gear Expo 2015 is located in the heart of the gear and heat treat industries. Historically, the ASM Heat Treat Exposition and Gear Expo see their largest attendance when the shows are in Detroit. The city was also the birthplace of the Heat Treat Society and will be the kick-off location for AGMA’s 100th anniversary in 2015. Both shows were last held in Detroit in 2007, and with so many positive changes occurring at Cobo Center, 2015 is a great opportunity to return.

Metro Detroit is undergoing a complete transformation, with billions of dollars being invested in new industries, attractions, and meeting facilities. A renovated Cobo Center, new and renovated hotels, and new restaurant and entertainment options all make 2015 the ideal time to return to Detroit. The area is growing with 21st Century industries that include defense, green technologies, medical research, transportation logistics, and a revitalized auto industry.

Detroit’s Cobo Center is investing $300 million in renovations, giving the building a face lift with a glass exterior, expanded exhibit space, new parking options, and upgraded loading docks. Most of the construction is underway or completed, and all of the construction will be complete in January 2015 — in plenty of time for our events in October. New features include new labor rules allowing exhibitors more leeway in setup, a three-story atrium overlooking the Detroit River, a new food court, and concession options. 

Plan today to be in Detroit with your prospects, customers, colleagues, and competitors next October and secure your exhibit space now. Visit for more information.

AGMA Announces New Advanced Bevel Gear Design Course
This fall, AGMA will debut a new course as part of its Advanced Gear Engineering Academy. The course, “Bevel Gear System Design, Manufacture, Heat Treatment, Inspection & Application: A Practical Approach for the Design Engineer,” will be taught by gear expert Raymond Drago in Arlington, Virg. immediately following this year’s Fall Technical Meeting, October 15-17th.

This seminar addresses every aspect of the design and application of bevel gear systems including: a brief review of bevel gear history; the types of bevel gears and selection criteria for particular applications (straight, zerol or spiral); design optimization of the gear set including root tilting, cutter size considerations, integral blank configuration, etc.; manufacturing methodology and the relation of these processes to gear set application; quality control, inspection, and interpretation; lubrication and maintenance; system design, application mounting, and bearing support; and installation — pattern setting, backlash determination, adjustment, and control.