Surface Hardening

Induction Heating: A Guide to the Process and Its Benefits

Induction hardening is being increasingly used within the gear industry. However, before looking at the advantages of the method, it […]

Cryogenics Comes of Age

Manufacturing innovations that impart better performance, cost savings, and longer component life are typically expensive, require new equipment, and new […]

Processing New Gear Steels

Carburized steel gears are widely used for power transmission in rotorcraft, transportation vehicles, agricultural and off-road equipment, industrial rotating equipment, […]

Cryogenic Treatment of Gear Steel

Case carburized steel (En 353) is the material commonly used for making crown wheels and pinions. The reasons for the […]

Contour Hardening Bevel, Hypoid, and Pinion Gears

Traditional gear heat treatment involves gas carburizing in batch or continuous furnaces for an extended time, and then oil quenching. […]

Integrated Heat Treating

For decades the gear industry has faced the challenge of producing high performance components in a cost-effective manner. To meet […]

Precision Electrolytic Machining

Engineers and manufacturers looking to create gears with high tolerance, precision, and a smooth surface finish have a new technology […]

Black Oxide Finishing for Gears

The True Cost of Outsourcing Due to the hazardous nature of most black oxide processes, manufacturers haveĀ  traditionally been forced […]

Cryogenic Treatment of Gears

Most companies are looking for a secret that can help them keep a step ahead of the competition… a little […]

Retained Austenite Stabilization

The phenomenon of retained austenite stabilization in tool steels is well documented [1,2]. When a steel with a martensite finish […]

Abrasiveness of Boron Carbide Coatings

Hard coatings, such as boron carbide (B4C), can quickly polish the surface of the mating material during sliding contact. The […]

The Power of Pulsed Plasma

There has been much discussion regarding the surface treatment of gear power transmission systems using the nitriding process. Much of […]

Induction Heating for Low-Cost Quality Gears

The gear market is looking for increased gear performance, reduction in gearbox package size, and longer gear life. Industry drivers […]

Oil Quenching Technologies For Gears

Oil quenching is a logical choice for gears. Atmosphere and vacuum carburizing carbonitriding of gears followed by oil quenching is […]

Surface Enhancement: The Mikronite Process

Friction and wear can be found in every moving object, from the cars we drive to the lifesaving devices used […]

Coating Applications for Spur Gears

Introduction The power density of a gearbox is an important consideration for many applications and is especially important for gearboxes […]

A Green Light to the Future

Imagine curing the coatings on your gears with the flip of a light switch, and being able to handle and […]

Harnessing the Horsepower Thief

Microscopic examination of the traditionally ground tooth surfaces of automotive transmission gears reveals a micro-roughness and unidirectional pattern corresponding to […]

Proven Processes for Improving Parts

It’s rare to come across a manufacturing process or method that first promises multiple increases in productivity, and then delivers […]

Making a Case for PVD Recoating Systems

Muncie Power Products, Inc., of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been in the auxiliary power business since 1935 and started manufacturing Power […]

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