Saturday, October 24, 2020


A Field Case Study of ‘Whining’ Gear Noise in Diesel Engines

This paper describes the work performed to reduce first order gear mesh vibration, which was the root cause of an […]

Two Case Studies in the Mining Industry with the KISSsoft Gearbox Variant Generator

When designing gears, the size, weight, and manufacturing cost can be influenced to a great extent by both strategically splitting […]

Epicyclic Load Sharing Map-Application As a Design Tool

One of the main advantages of planetary transmissions is that the input torque is split into a number of parallel […]

International Calculation Method for Micropitting

The first edition of the international calculation method for micropitting, ISO TR 15144-1:2010, was just published last December. It is […]

Thin Rims for Internal Gears

In today’s applications it is increasingly important to use space and resource-saving gears. One possibility is to design the rim […]

Comparing AGMA and FEA Calculations

Current AGMA standards provide information about the calculations of loose gears and gearbox components, with recommendations primarily based on the […]

A Software Solution for Gear Noise Problems

Finnish-based tractor manufacturer Valtra’s continued drive toward innovation remains imperative for its future success. With tractor sales falling worldwide in […]

Predicting Hypoidcontact Conditions

Problems are often encountered in the design of automotive drive axles, since hypoid gear sets are very sensitive to the […]

Epicyclic Gearing: A Handbook

Recent articles in Gear Solutions have discussed epicyclic gearing, but often in the context of experienced engineers. As more and […]

Heat Treatment Simulation Can Help Avoid Process Problems

Heat treatment is an indispensable step in the manufacture of steel products, as mechanical properties such as hardness, static, and […]

New Technologies in Analytical CNC Gear Inspection

The value of analytical gear measurement grows as advances in technology allow gears to be measured in ways that help […]

Special Report: AGMA Objectives

During the Fall Technical Meeting held in Orlando last October, members of the AGMA’s board of directors took time out […]

Calculating Tooth Form Transmission Error

The variation of the tooth meshing stiffness is a primary source of noise. In production lines for gear manufacturing in […]

Gear Mesh Misalignment

Gear mesh misalignment may result in shifts in the load distribution of a gear pair that results in increasing contact […]

Calculating the Inverse of an Involute

The involute tooth form is the only tooth form that provides true conjugate action normal to the tangency of the […]

Cylindrical Gear Conversions: AGMA to ISO

The rational use of the addendum modification coefficient is one of the topics better known by specialists of gears working […]

The Case for a Common Standard

This article is an open invitation to all gear designers and others who specify gear manufacturing tolerances, and those who […]

Guarding Against Gearing Deviations

In the June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions magazine we presented an article entitled “An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection,” […]

Reverse Engineering the Right Way

Reverse engineering — the deconstruction and analysis of an object for the purpose of constructing a copy or replacement of […]

Control Solutions for Maximized Manufacturing

American gear manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to maximize productivity while reducing cost and obtaining consistent quality parts in […]

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