Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Increasing Efficiency with Synchronized Systems

Every manufacturer is faced with the decision at some point: is it time to upgrade equipment and expand my capabilities? […]

Recommendations for Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a necessary activity in the modern industrial world. Rather than mount a defense against those who label […]

Take a PEEK at Polymer

Much has been written about PEEK polymer’s ability to withstand extreme temperature environments and other key properties including strength and […]

Troubleshooting Gear Noise

NVH engineers are used to measuring things. Any NVH—for “noise, vibration, harshness”—lab you visit will likely as not be stuffed […]

A Solution for Gear Bore Accuracy

Did you hear about the amazing new technology that enables gear makers to achieve bore accuracies measured in ten-millionths and […]

A Seal of Approval for Gearboxes

Fixedstar Power Transmission Group, the leading small sized worm gear reducer manufacturer in China, has extended the performance of a […]

Analyzing Bearing Failure

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is imperative to prevent repeat failure and additional expense. Rolling bearings are precision […]

A New Edge On Gear Milling

What does a new generation of indexable inserts mean to the gear manufacturing industry? Minimizing lead times in gear production […]

Noise Reduction in Plastic Gears

Gear noise reduction is best addressed in the design phase. Establishing optimized tooth counts, ratios, pitch, pressure angle, helix angle, […]

Induction Heating for Low-Cost Quality Gears

The gear market is looking for increased gear performance, reduction in gearbox package size, and longer gear life. Industry drivers […]

Relative Curvature of Worm & Wheel with Straight Line Generatrix

The contact on single enveloping worm gear drives is the line contact. The changing form of the worm across the […]

Microgeometry and Bias in Helical Gear Noise Excitations

The prediction of gear noise may normally be treated as a classical source/path/receiver problem. Usually the excitation occurs in the […]

Direct Design for High-Performance Gear Transmissions

This paper presents a unique methodology for designing gears to enhance strength and life while allowing size and wear reduction. […]

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

Surface densified powder metal gears and conventional wrought steel gears were tested using a pulsator and a back-to-back gear tester […]

A Proven Process for Plastics

It’s an old problem: the common condition of misaligned mating parallel-axis (spur and helical) gear tooth surfaces. The solution—new to […]

Tips for Tougher Molded Plastic Gears

Molded plastic gearing is rapidly becoming a real contender in moderate power gearing applications. Custom gear design, precision molding equipment, […]

Calculating the Inverse of an Involute

The involute tooth form is the only tooth form that provides true conjugate action normal to the tangency of the […]

Reverse Engineering the Right Way

Reverse engineering — the deconstruction and analysis of an object for the purpose of constructing a copy or replacement of […]

An Animated Approach to Plotting Profiles

Trochoid Spiral (TS) and Epitrochoidal Spiral (ETS) curves and special flash animations were developed by the author in 2004 and […]

Making a Case for PVD Recoating Systems

Muncie Power Products, Inc., of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been in the auxiliary power business since 1935 and started manufacturing Power […]

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