Zagar combination can increase die cast turning productivity

Zagar 22c CNC collet chuck and collet offers quick-change and secure holding of die cast parts for turning operations. (Courtesy: Zagar)

Zagar Inc. increases design and engineering services for customers otherwise seeking custom workholding for lathe operations. Zagar 22c CNC collet chucks are offered along with standard collets that are modified to mate exactly with unique die cast part configurations. These parts can be held securely on either ID or OD surfaces, providing increased machining access.

One CNC collet chuck holds each modified collet. Working together with a draw-bar spindle and coupling with the back of the collet chuck, the clamp mechanism is actuated inside to securely locate and hold the part in a single step. The setup helps to ensure machining performance while providing very low runout as well as quick changeover to keep machine uptime high.

CNC collet chucks and collets are an alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic workholding devices and are well-suited for high production runs. Standard shapes such as round, square, and hexes can be held accurately and quickly compared to a three- or four-jaw chuck.

“Through design and engineering, we can help customers with virtually any special need,” said Brian Zagar, vice president of sales for Zagar Inc. “And oftentimes the solution is simpler than you’d expect, with measurable reduction in man hours and increases in machine utilization.”

Improving American productivity for more than eighty years, Zagar Inc. manufactures and distributes multi-spindle drill and tap heads and machines, a range of workholding solutions, feed units, and robotic end effectors. Zagar also supports customers with services including design and engineering, contract manufacturing, and equipment repair. The company’s expertise is machining both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, and high-production drilling and tapping.