Wardwell continues refurbishing, upgrading programs


Wardwell Braiding Co., Rhode Island, a leading manufacturer of wire braiding equipment for more than 100 years, wants to extend its support to customers during this uncertain time and will continue to operate at full capacity. Wardwell understands that many companies have a hold on their budget for new equipment and will continue to offer its refurbishing and upgrading program on all Wardwell Braiding machines with original, new parts as a more cost-effective option.

As machinery ages, it begins to decline in performance and consume more replacement parts. Wardwell’s braiding machines are excellent candidates to be refurbished with new parts and updated features. Options can include high-efficiency motors, drives, broken wire detection, empty bobbin detection, core run-out sensors, and longitudinal taping systems. The advancements in mechanical and electronic components make retrofit a cost-effective option to improve performance on existing machines. 

Retrofitting is a safer option than purchasing used equipment and offers the additional benefits of reduced machine downtime and increased output, often at a lower cost. Reconditioning is particularly suitable for Wardwell machines because wear is, generally, limited to the braiding head and rotating parts. These are easily removed, shipped to Wardwell for refurbishing, and re-installed when complete.  The work is carried out by Wardwell’s trained technicians, who evaluate the machine’s mechanical components and advise customers on the condition and options available. Electrical and safety systems are replaced with factory-original parts and modernized to comply with current standards. Machine functions are tested and validated after completion.

Retrofitting reduces or eliminates the costs associated with acquiring and evaluating used equipment, purchasing of additional replacement parts to achieve the required performance, plus the training needed by operators and maintenance personnel.

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