Toyoda Presents New Vertical Pallet Pool at Eastec


Toyoda Machinery will showcase a new pallet storage system at Eastec. The compact Vertical Pallet Pool (VPP) is an economical option for expanding storage and automating production on one machining center. It will be shown with an FH450S horizontal machining center. Also on display will be Toyoda’s SelectG universal grinder.

Pallet pools can greatly increase manufacturing efficiencies by automating redundant tasks such as machine loading and unloading. The machining center maintains spindle utilization well over 90 percent while reducing operator involvement. The basic model has six buffer stations and one loading station. The two- or three-level VPP accommodates 11-15 buffer stations without consuming any more floor space. Easy to use Windows software automates production scheduling, cuts set-up times, reduces labor costs, and improves throughput.

SelectG is an economical universal grinder designed for flexible, precise, small-lot work. The machine’s wheelhead rotates from 90 to 60 degrees to accommodate either a straight or angle wheel. This feature creates easier manual changeover from straight to angle grinding wheels. Single-machine capabilities are expanded without the added investment of a full CNC-controlled wheelhead or a second dedicated grinder. In addition to simple change-over, guides ensure precise positioning. Grinding specific controls, automatic wheel dressing, and a variety of built-in grinding and dressing patterns are just a few SelectG features designed to speed set up.

Visit Toyoda Machinery at Eastec booth #1253 for demonstrations or more information. Also call (847) 253-0340 or go to [].